Monday, 7 November 2011

Warming Spell

A great spell to use on days when Jack Frost is about.

4 red candles
Red crystals such as Carnelian, Jasper....

Place the 4 candles in a Arc shape & light.  Next take the crystal/s and place into the centre of your Arc.  

"I call upon the Salamanders who breathe warmth into this world,
 I ask that you fill my soul with passion,
 Let it live within my veins and give me enough warmth so that the cold is kept away,
 I want to feel the heat glow from within me and outwards,
 Let it touch the souls of all those around me,
 May we all be the flame that burns bright."

You can of course use Essential oils that make you feel warm & cosy as well as laying down a red cloth or anything that would represent the Fire Elementals.

© The Faery Enchantress