Monday, 2 April 2012

Moon Goddess & Magick

As far back as I can remember I have been enchanted by the full moon. Upon hearing the story of the man in the moon at a young age I would imagine him sat up there looking down upon us on Earth. I would spend hours with my parents binoculars Moon & Star gazing so it was natural for me to progress along my path and in my later teenage years discover the Goddess/Faery Queen associated with the moon. You will find a variety of Moon Goddesses/faery Queens all with something unique to offer and worshipped in different parts of the world. I am going to explain more about the Moon and her phases. Behind every God and Goddess there flutters a lovely pair of wings.

Moon Phases


When the moon is waxing she is growing towards becoming full and her beautiful white crescent will be on the right hand side. This is a perfect time to perform magick where you want attraction, growth and increase.

Maybe you want a pay rise or a boost in your confidence in order to perform well at a job interview. You can also encourage growth within a friendship or relationship if you feel that it hasn't moved along. If your feeling under the weather you can ask for some healing or send healing to someone.

Full Moon

At the time of the full moon she is at her most strongest, more powerful than at any other time. She is round and looks amazing in the sky. Your magick at this time is centred around celebratory magick, protection and if you need to add some extra sparkle/strength.

The full moon is a great time to re~energize your crystals, place them outside in a safe place away from animals and rain. The moon's energies will penetrate the top layer of the crystal and por all her love and strength into each one. You can also collect the rain water to act as your Water Element upon your faery altar.

Waning Moon

The Moon Goddess/Faery Queen is retreating but that doesn't mean she is disappearing, you can still call upon her at this time for guidance and magick with binding and decrease. It is a time for releasing negativity that may be within us or around us, to banish any bad habits we have that are holding us back from our true potential or those that are not contributing to positive health.

Out with the old and make way for the new, working with the Waning Moon is kind of like digging the ground, you get rid of any stones, weeds and set the foundation in which to grow strongly upon. Her crescent will now be bright on the left hand side.

So now you know a little about the Moon and some of her phases I can introduce you to some of her names and personalities. I tend to work with either Diana or Selene and it depends on which Goddess/Faery Queen I feel drawn to and the same it will be for you.

Selene~ I love the energies that Selene has around her for they feel so pure and innocent yet they possess such a huge amount of responsibility. She derives from the Greek and is associated with the full moon and her beauty is very magikal. Selene oversee's us females which include fertility and our cycles so call upon her for some extra support at these times within our lives. Moonstone is great for female issues and Rose Quartz really does work for fertility, well it did for me.

Diana~ The powers that eminate from Diana are very strong, she is on a mission to make us stand upon our own two feet and face the world. She derives from the Greek and is associated with the waxing crescent moon. Call upon Diana when you need to feel and be independent, when you need to break free from constraints. Associated Crystal~Moonstone

Innanna~ She is the Goddess/Faery Queen of the heavens as well as the underworld, she is also a Moon Goddess, quite a lot of work for one but she has much knowledge to share with anyone who requires it. She derives from Asia and is associated with the moon as well as 7 stars in a circle. Call upon her at any stage of the moon for when you are taking exams of any kind and when you feel your inner spirit needs to have some free and fun times. Associated crystal~Lapis Lazuli

Lilith~ She can be quite a tough lady but once you get to work with her you will understand her reasons for why she is like this. She can help to bring out a side of us that challenges others, enabling us to not step down and be shoved to one side but rather be heard. She is known to protect newborns so for me she is a Goddess with a heart full of love. She derives from North Africa and is associated with disc of the half moon. Associated crystal~Turquoise

For beginners keep your magick simple and basic at first until you feel that connection and know that it is working. Set yourself up a small goddess/faery altar, nothing big but where you can decorate your altar and have some time for yourself. Cover your altar with a piece of cloth and place upon it items such as a ornament to represent the Goddess/Faery Queen, my one represents them all, candles, crystals, herbs etc. There are no wrong ways to set up your altar so please don't worry, I would suggest investing in a few books on crystals, herbs, goddess's so you gain more knowledge on what will help make the bond stronger. Goddesses with their faery wings and wands can help to guide us at a time in our life when perhaps we may feel alone, tired and just need some positive energies to flow through our veins.

Enjoy the magick of the Goddesses/Faery Queens.

© Rachel Curtis 2012

Article written for "Silent Voices" Magazine