Friday, 10 April 2015

Time For Me

I went into town today and picked up 3 books, all different books and it made me wonder if these books could tell people what kind of a person I was....

It also got me thinking that most of us work hard most days and it might be that you work and have a family and home to look after like I do so it is important that as hard as I work I must remember that it is important to take time out and do things I love to do, to embrace my creative side which I do passionately.

Firstly, I've always loved psychology and the way society works, I took a As level course last year in psychology and it was a real eye opener, at the moment I am also doing a CBT diploma course but downtime has always played a big part in my life even if I only get 5 minutes to pick up my hook and crochet or as I discovered today going back to my childhood and my love of what you love everyone, it helps to refuel your soul and can help you to appreciate the small and free things in life.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Connecting To Merpeople

Merpeople ~ Making A Connection.

When we hear the word Merpeople we have this image within our mind of a female with a tail swimming in the ocean collecting pearls and having fun and you're not far wrong but there is so much more to learn about these magical and wonderful beings. The Merpeople are connected to the Water Element also known as the Undines. They have powerful minds and often use telepathy in order to communicate with us humans although they are known to let their voices be carried along the breeze of the ocean. If you find you need to balance your emotions or need to explore them deeper then the Merpeople will help to guide you. They are intune with their own emotions, very loving and will serve those who show them respect. They are focused and know what it is that needs to be done, they can help bring about concentration to your life, maybe you are taking a exam or need your mind on the ball at work. Oh and there are also Mermen!.

There are many ways in which we can connect to the Merpeople and for many reasons. Maybe you are feeling sad and need some up liftment, you could be stressed with work/home and need to release this emotion.  I will show you how to connect with the Merpeople, it may take a few weeks or more until you are at a stage where you feel confident within yourself to work alongside them. It's a good idea to make a connection on a regular basis to build up the energy.

By The Sea

One of the most powerful connections you can make to the Merpeople is by being near the sea, their home but don't worry if this is not possible as I will show you other ways later. Firstly, find yourself somewhere comfortable and safe to sit, facing the sea look out upon her vastness and beauty, steady your breathing before calling gently to the Merpeople. The Merpeople with their powerful minds will hear your voice whether it be from your lips or from your mind and they will tune into your energies. You will know intuitively when you have made a connection with them as this is an emotion you will experience from deep within. Then when you feel ready you can ask them to come to you, don't be afraid to ask for a sign or even that they give you a glimpse of themselves for they will be happy to do this knowing that your intentions are pure. A gift of thanks when by the sea should be one of seaweed or some shells, make a little mini altar on the sand. Another place to sit and connect is on the rocks, just be careful as rocks can become dangerous when wet and always be aware of your surroundings/tide times etc.

Outside Altar

It isn't always possible to get to the sea, a Merperson's essence can be found anywhere water is found so how about creating your own Merpeople Altar outside? To create your altar outside you will need a water feature, you can make your own and this is a great way of getting children involved!. You will need a ceramic plant pot, decorate with mosaics, sparkly items, gems, shells, driftwood, rope etc. Once you are happy with your creation decide where in your garden to best place it and then fill with water. Place some shells inside your pot, plain or painted. I like to use colours that make me feel connected to the sea such as turquoise, blue & green. Place some sand around your pot so that it feels like being by the beach and arrange more driftwood, shells upon the sand. Of course this is just a guide and you can let your creative juices flow. The pot can also be covered or emptied if you are worried that children or animals might gain access to your altar.

Inside Altar

Make a sacred space for your indoor altar, a small coffee table will do nicely. Place a cloth with colours that represent the sea over the top and then you can decorate with items found along the beach or sea themed such as pebbles/shells, merpeople ornaments, pictures, You could even use a small ceramic pot and decorate just like the bigger pot outside!. How about making a candle with small shells embedded within the wax? I have seen some lovely lamp shade bases with shells as well. Make your altar personal to you and one that will reflect your personality.

Your Affirmation

Upon your altar place a blue or green candle, anoint with a Rose essential oil by adding a few drops near the wick before you light it, take a few moments to quiet your mind and to become relaxed. Next say your affirmation....”I call upon the Merpeople, from deep within their magical world, I ask that you come forth so that we may begin our work together. This candle's flame represents the pure love & light that surrounds me, let us join hands and open our hearts.” You can now begin to ask for their guidance and of course the words you choose are entirely up to you. Once you have finished, thank the Merpeople for their help and as you blow out the candle visualize the Merpeople returning to their home, the sea.

Once you are happy with where you are on your path with the Merpeople, you can take the relationship to a new level, one of Merpeople Magick where you will be able to enhance the communication and love through using gentle magick through use of crystals, essential oils, poetry etc.  I recently made this lovely bunting to hang in my bathroom, decorated with buttons it will help me to connect when in the bath to the Mer x 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cleansing/Purifying Herbs (Spellwork)

Herbs are such an important part of your magick, the properties within those herbs can help your spell go that little further and can help to bind the spell together.  When we use magick we want to use tools that will enhance the spell, make it stronger so tools such as herbs infuse their intentions into your work, making it more stronger.

Fresh herbs are at their strongest and you can grow them in your garden or home and there are two options, use them fresh or dry them,  you can buy dried herbs from a shop/online (I buy mine at the moment as I haven't the room for the drying process, bought them online).  It's important you keep them labelled with the name and the property.  I would also suggest you invest in a book of herbs so you know which ones are poisonous/harmful as you really want to stay well away from those ones, a good book such as Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs will tell you everything about the herb, magikal properties etc.

Thyme, Peppermint, Wood Betony and Rosemary are excellent herbs for cleansing not only yourself but your tools and altar space, you can sprinkle them over the altar or you can burn as a incense (in the mentioned book Scott tells you how to use as a incense, he also has a rather excellent book Oils & Incense which has many recipes and is rather handy to have) It's important to get things right when using oils, herbs etc to burn and you should above all think about safety to you so I highly recommend a good book)

Monday, 6 April 2015

A Love Altar

This is a Love altar and  it is used to attract love into your life or to make the existing bond stronger. We cannot make someone love us with this spell, that isn't how love works, love is meant to be given freely.

As with any spell, when you set up your altar use items you have in your home or garden, you can always collect items you see in shops, out in nature etc.

I have placed a lovely Rhodonite gem in the center, it is used for passion & resonance, Red Rose petals & Red Clover herbs both used for Love. How you use your herbs is up to you, some will sprinkle over the altar and others will put into a pot or even use with charcoal and burn.

"Love blossom, love bloom
love find me soon"

Repeat those words as you set up your altar so that the energy of love is in the air,

I always like to leave the spell up to the person who is performing it, do what feels right for you, light your candles, use your herbs, invoke Pan or Cupid or even Aphrodite and don't forget to speak those powerful words. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Past Life Connection

**A altar to connect with past lives via your soul as this is where I believe the memories of past lives reside..... 

The yellow candle is to aid wisdom & visions,
The key is to unlock your soul, 
Clear Quartz will enhance all other crystals near it and also it can help to release blocked emotions and bring about calm, 
Turquoise will enhance intuition and will protect, 
Flourite will help you to master this new skill of unlocking your soul. 
The herb used is Coltsfoot and it is used for vision (place with charcoal and burn or sprinkle over your altar). 
I've used the wood for grounding and the Acorn & Owls are for protection, strength and wisdom. 

Maybe you just want a glimpse of a past life or maybe you want to go back and stay there for a while......Sit quietly before your altar and clear your mind as this will allow past lives to form within your mind, here is your spell.....

"With this key I unlock thee, what lays deep inside will now come alive, as I connect to my soul and the past that once was old, I ask now that it becomes clear and near" 

Always be careful with lit candles, I shall leave you to dress your altar how you feel it should be x

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Colour Magick~Release or Embrace

Colours play an important part in our life, a colour can reveal much about us and what is going on in our life.  Take a look at the candles in the picture, take a deep breathe, take your time, let your eyes wander over each colour until you feel one colour calls to you.

It might be that you need to bring something into your life or release something from your life with regards to the colour you have chosen, only you will know which.

Colour Meanings

Black~ Consistency, Changes, Banish Bad Habits
White~ Protection, Peace, Spirituality
Green~ Healing, Finances, Fertility
Yellow~ Visions, Psychic Powers, Wisdom/Knowledge
Red~ Power, Passion, Strength
Orange~ Success, Legal Issues, Energy
Purple~ Meditation, Time For You, Release
Blue~ Sleep, Calm, Daydreams

You might want to take the candle colour you are drawn to and light it asking for release or embrace.  Words are powerful so why not write down what it is you want to say, for example if you are drawn to Red and you feel that the passion you have had for the artwork you have been creating has waned, disappeared and you keep putting it off then your Red candle might ignite that passion you once had for your creative side or maybe you are drawn to Yellow and wish to learn more but college or a online course seems out of your reach, light the candle and ask for confidence, ask for knowledge to grow as a person.......I usually do this kind of magick as a one off which is why I like to write what I need to say down on paper so that I don't forget anything, I then take a few moments to visualise what I want or need before blowing out the candle.

 **You don't have to light a candle, you can if you so choose just work on the part of your life that you might feel needs working on.  **This is meant as a guide to what colours mean, it isn't to replace medical assistance so if you feel you need to seek your Dr then do so.  **Always be careful with lit candles and don't leave unattended.

Stones Of The Godesses & Gods

Stones of the Goddesses are Diana and Amethyst, Isis and Lapis Lazuli, Hathor and Turquoise, Rhiannon and Rhodonite, Cybele and Jet, Selene and Selenite

Stones of the Gods~Apollo and Sapphire, Cupid and Opal, Mars and Onyx, Ra and Tiger's Eye, Dionysius and Amethyst....I don't have a photo at the moment as the Opal and Onyx are stones I used to own but gave away, I need to replenish my collection and once I do I will add a photo x