Monday, 6 April 2015

A Love Altar

This is a Love altar and  it is used to attract love into your life or to make the existing bond stronger. We cannot make someone love us with this spell, that isn't how love works, love is meant to be given freely.

As with any spell, when you set up your altar use items you have in your home or garden, you can always collect items you see in shops, out in nature etc.

I have placed a lovely Rhodonite gem in the center, it is used for passion & resonance, Red Rose petals & Red Clover herbs both used for Love. How you use your herbs is up to you, some will sprinkle over the altar and others will put into a pot or even use with charcoal and burn.

"Love blossom, love bloom
love find me soon"

Repeat those words as you set up your altar so that the energy of love is in the air,

I always like to leave the spell up to the person who is performing it, do what feels right for you, light your candles, use your herbs, invoke Pan or Cupid or even Aphrodite and don't forget to speak those powerful words. 


Kristen Campbell said...

Interesting! I've never thought to set an altar up in my home for anything, honestly. But yours is very nice!

Rachel Curtis said...

Hi Kristen,

I do love my altars and you can have one for almost anything, it's a fun way two of collecting bits and pieces from shops, carboots, mother nature.... thanx for stopping by x

emilia.m said...

guess I've been creating them not naming them altars though (as being catholic, altar is kind of reserved in my vocabulary ;) ) - have cute container filled with sand, rocks and findings from the beach of Prince Edward Island... Theme related collage of pictures... :) it is fun to do, kind of like a scrapbook - not in a book form :D

Rachel Curtis said...

Hi Emilia,

I love the sound of collages, a wonderful way to create your space with memories x