Friday, 18 July 2014

Magikal Storms

Last night the UK was hit with some powerful storms and there are lots being shown recorded on Facebook.  We didn't have any here in my part of Wales and I feel a little left out.

As a child I loved being outside and being outside meant being free and I had this knack of being able to smell rain that was on it's way or a storm that was brewing.  I would have a song I would chant and it would get louder and louder until a clap of thunder or fork of lightening appeared.  "Thunder thunder come to play, lightening lightening strike today" still brings back childhood memories and even when there was no chance of a storm it seemed that when I would chant these words one would not be too far away.

You can feel the power and magick within a storm, the energy builds up and up and being in the middle of it you have this surge of emotions, you feel a little scared but oh so powerful, like you could you fly through the sky and alongside that storm.  The excitement of counting in between loud bangs and the anticipation of that flash across the sky, there is nothing quite like it to get the blood pumping through your veins.

Maybe light a few candles and harness some of that power that Mother Earth is releasing,  sit in front of your candles and ask that Mother Earth shower your soul in the magick, strength, determination, power of the storm that has arisen and once you feel it's breathe upon you blow out those candles, you'll also feel uplifted and energized.

Rachel x


Cindy Ackley said...

I love to sit on my back porch during a storm. I enjoy hearing the falling drops as they water my garden. I love the smell of good rain. I also love the thunder and lightening but I enjoy this part from a little further distance. Have a beautiful day and Thank you for sharing!

Viyoma said...

I could feel the words u described. The storm, the calm..Nature's way of flexing muscles ..then relaxing.

Sophie Bowns said...

I quite like storms (so long as I am safely inside!)

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Cindy,

The rain smells good right? I love rain when it's warm too x Have a magikal day too x

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Viyoma,

I agree with you there x

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Sophie, definitely have to be inside lol x

Judy Yaron said...

Love your description of the storm, Rachel. Brought back childhood memories playing outside during a tornado warning watching the sky.
Love storms, when I'm inside, warm and cozy. When there's thunder and lightning and a power cut ... wonderful time for ghost stories ... Being outside during a storm is another experience entirely! Particularly if the rain is warm and luscious or ... cold! Have been through both! HUGS <3

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Judy,

Feels like yesterday I was still a child lol, more storms were had here in the UK last night but boy is it still muggy x