Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The 4 Elements

The main Elementals

Fire Elementals~Salamanders~These elementals have a quite a reputation for being tempremental, which is why when lighting fires you need to be responsible, I guess they get excited when called upon. They have a strong personality as well as strength. You will always find them close to you when your passion is alight as they are attracted to this and will help you to drive forward. Drawn to our fears in order to give us guidance. If you look at their essence then you will note they have a fixed thin red essence as well as other colours for their emotions. We can call upon the salamanders and they are always true to their word when you ask for help as long as you show respect back. Why not make some elemental magic, start off with a red candle and your elemental blessing.

Earth Elementals~Gnomes~These elementals have a very fun side to them and you can often hear their laughter being carried through the woods, you may even hear their whispers. Earth elementals help us to connect firmly to mother earth and are very good at helping us to protect and ground. They have a good old sense of loyalty to those who invite them into their world. Wisdom is to be found in abundance so call upon them when you need some. Very hardworking they see what they start through till the end. A lot of colour is to be found where ever they roam so invite colour into your life and they will follow. The colour of their essence is brown. 

Water Elementals~Undines~Most known elementals are the merpeople. They carry a mysterious side to them and can be mesmerizing to the point where we forget time and everything stands still around us.They have a loving nature to them and are friendly, they will offer those in trouble help. They have a powerful mind. Once in the sea/water they connect to you, think back to swimming in the sea, have you ever felt someone nearby but there's no one there?. Their colour is a beautiful blue/green.

Air Elementals~Sylphs~These elementals love the feeling of being carefree and this is obvious in their nature as they come and go as they please, they have quite a mischievous personality, when the wind blows your umbrella inside out guess who! They are great to call upon to take yo back to your past and the memories you hold there, they will help you to clear your mind, to see clearly, they will jump into your mind and help you to remember. Call upon the Sylphs in meditation. Their colour is white.  Known to dwell upon mountains x

Meditation~Native American Guide

Meditation~Native American Guides

You are stood beside a slow running stream, upon closer inspection you can see the small fish swimming upstream.  There are many pebbles at the bottom of this stream and you can see that many have names written on them. The air is cool and invites you to sit and rest for awhile, surveying your surroundings you see green land with shrubs, large rocks and many trees.  The gentle breeze moves among the trees, they have this energy oozing from them and it is while you are looking at them that you hear whispering, as it becomes more clear you realize it is your name they are calling.

You look around and the most amazing scene unfolds around you. Many generations of Native Americans who lived before you appear. There are men, women all dressed differently, you look closer because with each one there is a animal guide beside them. They all are smiling at you, they want you to feel welcome and a part of their family because they hold family traditions sacred and you are part of this. They start stepping to the side making a long line because making their way down through them is a figure, your emotions begin to ignite, you are encouraged by the others to start walking towards the figure so you do. You feel excited because you know this person will be special to you and hold a place not only within your heart but by your side. You both draw close and hold each others hands, here I will leave you for it is your time to see, hear, become one with your guide...................................

It is now time to thank your guide for coming forth, they will stay with you always, as they walk back so do you, thanking all the others as you pass them by. As you reach the stream you turn back to wave, the figures all begin to slowly fade until you are looking out at the beautiful view once more.  

© The Faery Enchantress/Rachel Curtis 2010

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ostara Faeries

Ostara Faeries

Faery blessings my friends, by the time you read this article we will have just celebrated the start of Spring or as it also known Ostara.  After the initial celebration closes we can top up our energies throughout the Spring after all the Ostara Faeries carry on their work. I'm going to explain a little about this time of the year and how we can connect to the Fae and Mother Earth.

Ostara or the Spring Vernal Equinox (Vernal means Youthful), a time of year when light and dark become equal until we pass that day and then you will notice the light evenings return once more, I don't know about you but as much as I love the dark evenings I cannot wait to have more time to sit out the back garden enjoying the joys that Spring brings. It is a time of growth not only within the world around us but also a time where we might notice our own growth of knowledge, lessons we have had to learn and maybe maturity.

When you are out and about you should be noticing just how much Mother Nature has developed, it is the Ostara Faeries job to assist her and to encourage our land to produce goodness as well as replenishing the soil. The Fae have quite a task ahead of them with the new buds appearing on the trees, seeds being sowed, some plants already making their way through the earth all of these changes have to be over seen by the Fae. We can also do our bit as well and most of it you will be surprised to know are things you already do.

How to help

The ground may still be feeling the effects of frost so think about the Birds at this time. They are nesting and you might have seen their nests high up in the trees so why not have a bird table or those hanging ones that you can put up out of the way of predators. You can buy big tubs of bird seed or you could make your own, apple cores are a favourite as well as bread left over or bacon fat. If you can place the food in a area where you will be able to see them you can quietly enjoy watching them, we have a beautiful Woodpecker or as we call him “Woody” who frequently visits and boy is he amazing. Get the kids involved, they can put the food out and even draw pictures of the birds that come into your garden. We try to name as many species as we can and this is real good fun.

After the Winter you will find your garden is tired looking and the energies may feel stagnant. If you have trees then you will have dead leaves everywhere, Oak trees will have released their acorns which are looking in a very sorry state, lavender bushes need to be pruned as will other bushes, shrubs, herbs etc so there is a lot of work to do. Wait for a nice enough day and then make a start on clearing away what is not needed, don't forget the weeds as they sneak themselves in among the shrubs and herbs. It's all about making a clear way for the new to come through. Take your time doing these, there's no need to rush or have aching backs, enjoy taking the old and replacing with new.

How about a compost heap/tub at the bottom of your garden? Worth thinking about, we are lucky that our council collects food waste instead of it being dumped on the tip.

A water butt comes in handy as well, recylcled water to use on your garden or vegetable patch or you could even use it to wash your car, windows etc.

Start sowing your seeds indoors or in a greenhouse, some will need to be placed in a propergator first to start them off before being transferred to the garden. Keep empty yougurt pots to put the seeds in, again your recycling.

You could begin to prepare your vegetable patch by clearing away dead debris and turning the soil over. I know some will like to mix fertilizer into the existing soil. Everyone has different times as to when they sow their seeds and I am going to wait just a bit longer until mine are placed within the earth. Preparation is key so plan ahead.

You can buy a flower seed mix that attracts the bees and the butterflies, great for them and also lovely for us to watch them in our garden. There's nothing more realxing then listening to the hum of the bee or catching a glimpse of the butterflies beautiful colours and patterns.

A great way to connect to faeries is via your garden and you can make yourself a small area as your faery garden if you so choose. How about painting weathered looking patio furniture in bright colours, garden ornaments scattered here and there, crystals dotted around or painted pebbles. Windchimes to catch the breeze as well as suncatchers to sparkle. Fill your garden with flowers, shrubs and herbs, it can be expensive so why not split the costs with a friend or take cuttings from each others garden. Let your imagination go wild when it comes to outside and if you don't have much room then a few plant pots will do, you could also bring the outdoors indoors.

As well as encouraging Nature to blossom in our lives think about your journey this spring. Are there changes you want to make within your life that you feel would be more beneficial to you and your family maybe. Perhaps you want to try something new like a college course or hobby, this is one of the great times to try and of course you can call upon the Ostara Faeries to guide you. Enjoy the coming months and the connection to the fae and Mother Earth.

Ostara blessings my friends

Article taken from Silent Voices Magazine May edition