Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Meditation~Native American Guide

Meditation~Native American Guides

You are stood beside a slow running stream, upon closer inspection you can see the small fish swimming upstream.  There are many pebbles at the bottom of this stream and you can see that many have names written on them. The air is cool and invites you to sit and rest for awhile, surveying your surroundings you see green land with shrubs, large rocks and many trees.  The gentle breeze moves among the trees, they have this energy oozing from them and it is while you are looking at them that you hear whispering, as it becomes more clear you realize it is your name they are calling.

You look around and the most amazing scene unfolds around you. Many generations of Native Americans who lived before you appear. There are men, women all dressed differently, you look closer because with each one there is a animal guide beside them. They all are smiling at you, they want you to feel welcome and a part of their family because they hold family traditions sacred and you are part of this. They start stepping to the side making a long line because making their way down through them is a figure, your emotions begin to ignite, you are encouraged by the others to start walking towards the figure so you do. You feel excited because you know this person will be special to you and hold a place not only within your heart but by your side. You both draw close and hold each others hands, here I will leave you for it is your time to see, hear, become one with your guide...................................

It is now time to thank your guide for coming forth, they will stay with you always, as they walk back so do you, thanking all the others as you pass them by. As you reach the stream you turn back to wave, the figures all begin to slowly fade until you are looking out at the beautiful view once more.  

© The Faery Enchantress/Rachel Curtis 2010

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