Past Work For Magazines

In this section you will find all my work that I have done for published magazines as well as online magazines.

**Soul Path Magazine ~ January 2014 & July 2014

**Soul & Spirit published magazine ~ October issue Elemental scopes

**Monthly Angelscopes on Jacky Newcomb's website ~ September 2012 ~December 2013

** I was a guest on Blog Radio 2012 discussing faeries and also giving faery messages.

**Articles written for "Silent Voices" Magazine

Angelscopes 2011 as well as monthly Tarotscopes.
 ~The Earth Faeries & The Year Ahead

**"Silent Voices" published magazine Issue 2 (Sept 2012) Essential Oils article.

**Mermaids & Mythology published magazine

~Mer~scopes issue 3 Spring 2012
~Mer~scopes issue 4 Summer 2012
~Mer~scopes issue 5 Autumn 2012
~Mer~scopes issue 6 Winter 2012

**Articles written for "The Angels and Faeries Magazine

~Faeryscopes for 2012
~Unicornscopes for 2013 published magazine
~Unicornscopes for Summer 2012
~Unicornscopes for Autumn 2012
~Unicornscopes for Winter 2012
~Unicornscopes for Spring 2013
~Unicornscopes for Summer 2013

**Articles written for  "The Wand" magazine ~ Introduction To The Fae

**Articles written for The Spirit Guides:

**Articles written for Spiritforce Magazine:

**Articles written for "Eternal Spirit" Magazine published magazine ~ Angelscopes 2011

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