Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Selenite Faeries

Faery Queen Selene (also greek goddess of the moon) has the Selenite crystal named after her due to it's moon like glow.

The Selenite faeries will help you to unblock any stale energies that lie within or around you and they will help to blow away any darkness you sense in your surroundings.  You may like to use this lovely crystal to remember your dreams and the lives you have lived previously.  These faeries are very big on commitment and it is important to them that we show it in whatever we do.  I also like to use this crystal to aid me in my communications with angels, spirit guides and also the fae themselves.

Always best to call upon these fae during the full moon.  Place a white candle upon your altar and set your Selenite near.  Place a faery ornament and some white flowers (Mine are craft flowers) to your table.  The flowers represent inner beauty, love, hope, rebirth........I have also used a Oracle card with the moon to add extra connection.  The card is from the pack Earth Magic by Steve D Farmer.  

Light your candle and as you do call out to the Selenite faeries, ask them to draw close.  I want you to speak from the heart, let your words flow.  You can write down your affirmation/spell before just incase you forget or get your words in a tangle.  You might want a stronger communication with the fae or perhaps you are needing more commitment from your workplace, whatever it is you want ask the fae to assist you. 

Selenite doesn't do to well with water so please be careful, I personally wouldn't soak it in water but instead I wipe mine with a wet cloth and then dry.

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