Monday, 19 November 2012

Look After A Soul

Day 8

Day 8, 9 and 10 are late because I worked nights over the weekend and had hardly any sleep :( so didn't have the energy to write but I'm catching up now x

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in daily life that we don't take any time for ourselves, we might end up feeling drained if we neglect our soul and this can lead to us catching lots of colds, being tired, grumpiness, having no get up and go.......sounds familiar?

We want to feel on top of the world don't we with lots of drive and the feeling that we can tackle anything life throws at us so we need to look after a soul, our soul.  There are many ways we can do this such as:

**Eat a healthier diet and drink more water


**Express your emotions in a journal every evening

**Take a bath and make sure you relax in the warm water for as long as you need

**Sing happy songs to shake up those positive energies

**Read a book

**Take up a hobby that is just for you

**Put your feet up and have a cuppa

The key here is too release any negative energies that may be clinging to you and we need to be surrounding ourselves with love and positive vibes.  Take time to nurture the beautiful soul you are because you deserve it.

Rachel x

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