Monday, 19 November 2012

Autumn Blessings

Day 9

I love Autumn days when the leaves lose their lush green and turn those brilliant shades of brown, yellow and red, gently falling to the earth.  There is a definite fragrance upon the air of the change that a new season offers, you can feel the temperature drop and the Sun King goes to bed far too early.  Autumn has always been my most favourite time of the year and this is due to the feeling of being able to cast out those unwanted energies, to put to rest emotions that cannot have any purpose in my life and to finish up projects that are over due.

My altar has the colours most associated with this time of the year such as your earthy blends and I do like to keep a altar for every day of the year so for this season I decorate as follows;

**Candles in reds, oranges, yellows

**Cloths in earthy colours (I like to have a few in case I need to wash one quickly)


**Dried leaves


**Autumn vegetables such as squash although I don't leave it on the altar for long as it ends up in a stew


I might be out and about and see something that I know will be perfect to place upon my altar and it doesn't have to have a season theme either, naughty of me I know lol.  Dress your sacred space as you so wish but most of all enjoy it, make your blessings for the months to come such as health, happiness, a table filled with food and drink and good company.

Rachel x

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