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Goddess Magick

Goddess Magick

The word Goddess can be found almost everywhere these days , we see images of beautiful women who appear to have it all, looks, wealth, adventure, handsome men but what is a goddess and how can we call upon her to help guide us. The term goddess derives from the latin meaning Dea and means female deity and the word deity means supernatural immortal being, in some cultures Goddess is associated with motherhood, love, war, death and people believed they had special powers.

There are many stories on both Goddesses and the Gods and there are some great books out there on them but what I want to do here is to introduce a few of the Goddesses and how we can embrace their energies into our daily life and work with them. There are many ways in which you can invoke the energies of the Goddesses and how you decide is up to you, maybe you like to set up a Goddess Altar laidened with your tools or perhaps you prefer to just sit quietly and call to her. For me I do like to set up my Goddess Altar, it becomes a ceremony for me where I can focus on the task ahead and really dedicate my energies to where they need to go but on saying that there have been times when I have just whispered her name and asked for her guidance, they both work.

If you wish to set up a Goddess Altar the basics you need:

White cloth (can be used for any magick)
North ~ Earth ~ Soil (place in a small container)
East ~ Air ~ Incense or Feather
South ~ Fire ~ Candle (white or a colour that corresponds with your requirement)
West ~ Water ~ Water

Athena ~ Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Intelligence & Skill.

How often are we presented with a new challenge but feel unable to carry it out because we have no experience or skills to offer. We may also worry about not being able to grasp these skills and don't wish to look a fool but with guidance from Athena we can put aside those worries and actually enjoy the new project whether it be a hobby or a job opportunity.

Bring in the colour yellow as this is used for learning and the mind.

Goddess Athena with your great ability at skill,
help me to gain the confidence not only within my thoughts
but within my soul to carry out the task ahead,
I know not what I am capable of giving at this moment
and I feel unable to commit myself,
I ask for your guidance in my showing of courage & determination
along with the ability to learn the new skills that will be expected of me”

Frigg ~ Nordic Goddess of Marriage, Childbirth & Motherhood.

All of the above can be overwhelming and they come with many questions, how many of us feel not worthy of love or think we will not cope. Firstly don't keep your emotions to yourself, talk to someone you trust and find yourself the support that will benefit you and your family. I want to guide you towards some motherhood magick simply because being a mother is one of the most important jobs there is and sometimes no matter how hard we try we can feel lost and even a failure, again if you are feeling overwhelmed and need help don't feel embarrassed to ask for it. Frigg cannot make everything brilliant but what she can do is to guide us, love us and let us know we are doing a grand job of raising the next generation.

Bring in the colour Pink for emotional love

In these times of unfamiliar ground, a time of change
I call upon you Goddess Frigg to gently wrap your energies around me,
help to raise my own energies a little higher,
open my eyes to the love and nurturing given unconditionally,
I ask for the strength I know lives within me,
I ask to be able to do the best I can to encourage my children to
grow & blossom, to love, be kind, have confidence, to be themselves,
my children need laughter, hugs, kisses
and lots of love and I promise to myself that this is what they will receive always,
Goddess Frigg I thank you for your guidance”

Maat ~ Egyptian Goddess of Truth & Justice.

There are times when the truth is covered up or when we wish to speak it but we cannot for many reasons. If the truth cannot be revealed you might feel like your going to burst with frustration but know that justice has a way of being served.

Bring in the colour white for Truth.

Goddess Maat who see's the truth and deals in justice
give me the strength to know that one day the truth will be revealed,
but for now help me to release the energies that are building up inside
making me feel unable to move forward,
take the words from my thoughts, the pain from out of my heart
as one day justice will be served, a lesson to be learned,
Goddess Maat wrap them in love and guide them in truth & respect”

We have to try our best in life, give it our all, there are always family, friends or someone to talk to about what we are going through. The Goddesses play a part within our lives if we so choose but they cannot bring about the changes, we have to do that, we have to help ourselves to make our world a place of love, respect, courage, happiness and the Goddesses just let us know that we can unburden our load, ask for extra guidance and even be a confidant. They cannot make life rosy or dandy but instead make the path a little more clear for us to see ahead or we may feel their presence by our side which gives us the support we need. Let's celebrate the Goddesses out there and the Goddess within.

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 2012


Ana said...

I am a practical girl and know nothing of fairies and angels and goddesses but there is room for all types of belief and experience in this world.

Waiwai Leung said...

Thanks for sharing. This is something new to me.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thank you Ana, an open mind is so important I think and it's great to get other peoples perspective on life x

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Waiwai, hope you enjoyed and thank you for dropping by x