Friday, 9 March 2012

Experimental Paths

I've always been a great believer in discovering a path that works for you in a unique way.  It can be quite difficult to be who you really feel you are,  make it work and run smoothly due to many issues or obstacles in our lives.  I've never been one to follow others and my path is made up of many years of knowledge that I feel benefits myself and makes sense to me, it might not mean anything to you but I guess that's what life is all about sometimes!

From a young age I would read books on many subjects including witchcraft and I love to know how other people came upon their journey in life and what they make of it all as it is important to understand where others are coming from.  But it soon hit me that I didn't want to take a book, read it and follow everything in it because to me the underlying message for witches is to do what you feel you should be doing as long as it harms no one and this is when I really found my feet on that journey of discovery.

Being a witch has always for me been about experiments, all legal of course!.  Whether you experiment with spells/magick, crystals, herbs, how you celebrate the Sabbats etc is all entirely up to you and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.  Sure there are some amazing books out there and I own quite a few, some are my favourites and I do take from them what I need and what feels right but I will adapt alot of it to suit me.  Take for instance spells, they are not just merely spells but rather words that have meaning and a very powerful meaning if you so choose, those words should come from your soul a place where only you have access because within your soul you hold a place full of ancient knowledge that is special and unique to you plus I'm sure there are some secrets in there too!  It's ok to follow other peoples spells but when you want something on a more personal level we have to look within but where do you start?  this is where your herb, crystal etc books can come in handy because you can look for their properties but choose what you feel is appropriate for you at that time instead of following a spell's ingredient list (make your own).  That's the beauty of you, experiment and find what resonates with your body, mind and soul after all how do you think these spells came about in the first place? someone took the time to experiment with what Mother Nature had to offer and after trial and error their spell was made.

Take the Moon for instance, we know about her phases and what they mean but add something more to it, add into the mix a piece of yourself and I'm not talking about chopping off some of your hair or nails I mean add some of what makes you the person you are, think what you can do that makes you different.  If you want to dance outside under the full moon singing to your favourite song then do so as I am pretty sure the vibes will build up the same way as when chanting.

So just like those who have walked this path before us let us walk it our way.  There are customs that are handed down and there are parts of the path we cannot and maybe should not change but what we can do is add our own essence to them so I am in no way saying dismiss it as it is a part of who we are, just experiment a little.  It's a bit like cooking, how many of us follow the recipe to the T?  in time when we feel confident enough we don't need the recipe, we might keep the basics but change some of the ingredients.  Follow a path that makes sense to you and makes you feel alive.

Rachel x

© The Faery Enchantress 9/3/12


AutumnGale said...

Great post! So many of us get caught up in the mechanics of it all and forget to experiment and add a little of our own essence to our workings.
I really enjoy your blog and writing style!

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi AutumnGale,

Thanx my lovely for reading my blog and commenting, really appreciate it. It's great that we can leave our mark on what is important to us.

Rachel x

Kallan said...

LOVED this post, Rachel! Great job :)

The Faery Enchantress said...

Bless you Kallan, thank you.

Rachel x

Polly said...

I completely agree. I found that simply reciting words of another or copying their styles printed in books didn't really bring "me" into the picture. Typically, I write or re-write my own rituals, spells and chants.

And then, there is always the bit of "wondering" as to whether the stuff we find printed is entirely accurate or is it slightly altered on purpose? For example, when I filled in planetary squares (found in one of my books and re-drawn) with various colors, some of the squares "made sense" and some were a messy configuration of nothing. Then there are the very simple differences among many sources as to what the various full moons of the months are "called". An example: some books refer to February as the Storm Moon. But where I live, March is stormy (in like a lion, out like a lamb). After some exploration, I learned that March is named after Mars, God of War. Anglo-Saxons called it Hraed-monat (rugged month), or Hlyd-monat (stormy month). A stormy March was an omen of poor why the weird (sometimes obviously skewed) alterations? Innocent error? Omitted to mislead?

In any event, it is so important to take what we learn and make it our own - in a way that makes sense.

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Polly

I agree with you there and some information can be so confusing too and I'm easily confused lol. Whenever we give from the heart it has a power of it's own and what better way to work than by adding our own little take. I think maybe if text is translated it can be difficult sometimes and words get mixed up or stretched over the centuries. Thanx for commenting angel, really appreciate it.

Rachel x

Merlyn said...

I agree! :)

The Faery Enchantress said...

Thanx Merlyn really appreciate it.

Rachel x

Berny said...

the most important part of the energy is you!!! i agree experiment is life!!!! love your post!!

Madame Molly said...

I completely agree... Even within tradition...there has to be else would you explain the many different traditions?

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Berny, ditto and thanks for commenting really appreciate it.

Rachel x

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Madame Molly, personalization is so important isn't it. Thanx for commenting.

Rachel x