Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Healing With The Faeries

Afternoon my friends,

Just a short blog to share today with regards to healing and how the faeries can help.  I have to say first though that if you are feeling unwell in any way you must go and see your doctor, what the faeries offer us is something different but it can be worked alongside anything that your doctor/hospital prescribe and not as a alternative.

The faeries work in many ways and some of these ways are known to us as they might have been passed down through the generations, are buried within our soul or are shared in the here and now.  They can be called upon to guide us through certain times in our life when we feel depressed, have flu or a broken limb etc, no they cannot cure or even mend but what they do is to let us know they are with us, helping to carry us at times when we cannot lift ourselves up or they sprinkle us with energy so that we gently feel like the world is not against us and we can put a foot in front of the other and take tiny steps.  Sometimes their healing penetrates us and wraps itself around the area that needs attention infusing love, protection, positive energy, a spark that will ignite our will to fight and they also can help us to release negativity, stagnant emotions......they tend to work on our emotions because doing so will allow us to open up to the positive which in turn gives us a boost.

There are times when the fae will know that we need to rest and they try to get us to understand that, the healing process is different for each of us so take your time and don't rush.  To call upon the fae for healing requires only a few words from you such as "I call upon the fae to come to me on this day, to guide me through the days ahead and to take my hand and heart and nourish me" the words you use can be whatever you wish but sometimes we might want to use tools as well and below are just a few that you can use.

Writing down on paper how you feel can really help you to release emotions, how often do we get sad or annoyed because we cannot find a way of dealing with how we feel.  We need to go through the many emotions in order to move on or away so by writing it down you are releasing freely and you don't even have to show anyone.  Next you can burn your paper (please be careful with fire) and collect the ashes burying them deep into Mother Earth where she will disperse of it all.

Green is a very lovely colour to have around you for healing, even if you have a few cushions and throw in green to keep for times of healing.  The colour seems to bathe you in a wonderful and soft energy.  These are the colour faeries.

The crystal faeries are lovely to work with, Amethyst is one of  the best crystals to have for healing, it is particularly good for emotional problems.  Place a few around the home, carry one in your handbag or place in the bath with you just be careful you don't stand or slip on it.

Clear Quartz is another great all round crystal used for any healing.  I place one under the bed itself on my side sometimes and while I sleep it begins it's work.

There are other things we can do as well such as a vase of fresh flowers, they always bring a smile or playing your favourite music, I swear that drinking tea makes you feel much better.  I do think it is important for us to embrace anything that can help us on the road to a brighter future and I'm sure you have your own ways which work just perfect for you which is wonderful.  This is just a small snippet of how the fae can help heal, it's a gentle introduction and soon I shall bring more of the healing to you but for now stay warm, safe and know you are loved.

Rachel x


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Miss Lady Lavender said...

What a lovely post Rachel, so comforting and heart warming, the Fae are truly amazing and blessed. Thank you so much for sharing your words and help. your a wonderful, bright shining light:) I wish you and yours a peaceful and joyful weekend.