Monday, 12 November 2012


Day 4


Many of us believe in faeries, angels, aliens, god etc but how many of us actually believe in ourselves?  It seems that it is easier for us to accept anything as long as it doesn't include our own self belief.  From a young age we have to deal with what ever life throws at us and not very high on the agenda is standing with both feet firmly on the ground, knowing that we can control how we react and solve problems and most important of all that we have the ability to achieve, to succeed.

Ok I know that we don't always have the support of others and sometimes there are walls in front of us but how about taking a leap of faith right here right now...........throw to one side any emotions of self doubt for they will just talk you out of believing in your ability to be the best you can.  It can take practice to not allow negative thoughts in for they are sneaky and get us when we least expect it and then before we know it we fall deeper and deeper.

What I like to do is to have a few positive words to say to myself and I do like to do this in a mirror as you cannot hide from yourself.  Every morning before you go out the door stand in front of that mirror and say something good, you can say the same words everyday or choose a new one, it's up to you.

**I am worthy of the love within my heart

**I am a soul who is beautiful

**I have a whole lot of potential that is amazing

**I believe in my abilities to succeed

**I am me and that's how it should be

**I am radiant

**I am abundant

**I sparkle with faery dust

**I love you

**I appreciate you

**I trust you

Keep reminding yourself you deserve happiness and you will discover happiness deseves you

Rachel x