Sunday, 11 November 2012

Never Forgotten

Day 3

Today is a day of remembrance and I just want to show a mark of respect for our forces, past, present and future.

My great uncle Clar was only 19 when he was killed during the second world war, he was the youngest brother to my Nana and they were close.  I have a photo of him which I love and growing up he was always talked about so  feel as if I know him.  He was at sea and his ship was bombed, he was last seen swimming to shore and that is all we know.  I am proud of  him just like I am proud of my grandfather and his brothers who also fought in the war, they all came home but probably thought they would never see those who loved them again.

Researching my family tree I discovered many of the men were in the forces, my  great grandfather fought in the 1st world war, his father joined the army as did his father who was in the Navy, he drowned at sea too.

As a medium I have connected with some wonderful young men who served their country with passion and love,  I only wish that they were here breathing the air we breathe.

They will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts.

Thank you  for all you do for the country and for us.

Rachel x

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