Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dryad Energy

Blog challenge~to write a blog everyday for a month

Day 2

I have always loved trees as they have always been a part of my life especially in my childhood.  Growing up all I had to do was walk down the garden path out onto our street and there in front of me was our mountain filled with trees.  You would find my friends and myself playing on the mountain probably everyday, we would climb tress and harvest the nuts, climb up the waterfall when in full flow! and play hide and seek and making dens, what wonderful memories.

So being around trees was natural for me and so the bond grew, I learned to love them and to respect them, I paid particular attention to the way the trees lived throughout the seasons such as how they would begin hibernate mode by shaking off their leaves, the green buds in Spring time that would appear so small before growing into beautiful leaves. So you can imagine how happy I am to have a woods  right on the back of my garden with two huge Oak trees for good measure.

I think the magick circling trees is the fact that a lot of them are hundreds of years old and the stories they could tell would be incredible not to mention the energies they have picked up.  They hold onto these energies of battles, of villages pulling together to get through another harsh winter, of farmers working the land and children laughing as they foraged for berries and nuts so when we draw close or even hug a tree we can pick up on past events, emotions etc.

Trees also have different properties, the Rowan tree is a great protector while the Oak have powerful energies to ground and restore you. but a tree is also known as a Dryad and each tree has a Faun, a Faun is a nature spirit most likely known as a tree spirit and it is their job to help the trees grow by nurturing them.  A Faun offers his consciousness to a Dryad and by doing so the tree will grow, be filled with love and will feel connected to their place of growth.  The Dryad in return provides an opportunity to the Faun to experience love and a feeling of belonging which is good because the Faun stays with his tree for life.

A few years ago I had a very odd experience on my way home in the car, it was late afternoon and I was driving on the main road through a village and to the left of me was a small common with trees and as I approached I saw a pair of legs that looked that of a Faun, all I could see was from the waist down, there was nothing else,  walk from one of the trees and these feet walked to the pavement and stopped at the curb before disappearing from sight.  You can imagine my thoughts at this point but I did shout out to the kids to look but it happened so quickly.  A Faun maybe off for a walk and then realizing he was visible to the world or maybe me being over tired, I like to think I saw something magikal.

So there you have it, my connection to trees or the Dryads and why I talk to them and take photos which brings me onto the next section, Dryads can be seen with the naked eye but really come to life via a camera and I have taken some wonderful photos, take a look and see what you think.

Dryad blessings

Rachel x


Monica said...

Is this first tree at the Gnoll park, that one is my favourite tree i love it and visualize it when i ground myself , the second picture i can see a few face's on it, I love tree's myself. One day as i arrived at the Gnoll park i was greeted with a "welcome back" from the Forrest it was wonderful xxxx Love Monica

Monica said...

I just took another look at the first photo and can see faces on it now xxxx Monica xxxx

Miss Lady Lavender said...

What a beautiful post, I too absolutely love trees with a passion, I feel so close to them and take photos when ever possible.
I sometimes feel that if i could live permanently amongst them I'd be quite happy, of course reality doesn't allow me but my imagination sure does:)
Each tree has its own character and feeling and unique bark and growth pattern. They provide us with clear air, fruits to tickle our taste buds, beauty for our eyes and energy for our spirit. Thank you for sharing your joy of trees and the magical pictures...till tomorrow:)

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Monica,

These are not the Gnoll but I do have some of those photos somewhere. There is a lovely energy isn't there from the Dryads, you certainly can hear t hem whispering to you.

Rachel x

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Miss Lady Lavender,

Aw thank you my lovely, so glad you enjoyed my blog. I know what you mean, would love to live within a forest, how magikal would that be!

Thank you for following my blogs as I really do appreciate that.

Rachel x