Monday, 21 July 2014

Butterfly Angel

Butterfly Angel

The sun shone down brightly from the sky
and the wind, a gentle breeze,
somewhere in the distance upon a small hill
where trees grow, great oaks and elm,
and the flowers blossom in array of colours,
she stood so still,
her hair so fair and flowing
with her arms outstretched,
her beautiful wings in all their glory.

She held so precious in her hands, a butterfly,
there he sat so silent and calm.....waiting.
She whispered soft words that carried in the air,
in an instant he fluttered his wings of such magnificent colours,
silver and lilacs with small dots of black,
and off the butterfly soared, higher and higher into the sky,
still being watched contently by the angel of the butterflies.

 Rachel x

Copyright Rachel Curtis


Francene Stanley said...

I see the scene clearly. How wonderful to imagine a special angel for butterflies.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thanx Francene, been seeing lots of them over the weekend which is always lovely x

Lexi Gunn said...

So beautiful, Rachel. Thank you for sharing this.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thank you Lexi :) x

Viyoma said...

U made me a feel like a flower watching the entire even unfold.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully expressed! Loved reading..
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Rachel Curtis said...

Hi Viyoma, thank you x

Rachel Curtis said...

Hi Taleoftwotomatoes, thank you x