Sunday, 20 July 2014

Meditation Within Stone Henge

To begin we shall ground ourselves to the energy of the stones in order to make our soul connected to the Earth, we should feel balanced and strong.

Grounding ~ Circle of Stones

Imagine you are sat upon the green grass of mother earth, all around you in a circle stand tall stones. You close your eyes and relax your hands which are open and resting on your knees. You draw upon the energies that live within the stones. The wisdom, love and protection that oozes from these stones now enter you, you feel them start at the top of your head. The wisdom swirls within your mind, they now move slowly downwards and the love takes hold of your beating heart. Draw the energies down through your stomach, thighs, ankles, out of your feet where they pass deep into the warm earth, until they eventually find a strong anchor. Now pull those energies back up to you, feel them shoot through the grass, the wisdom and love re-enter your body while the protection wraps itself around the outside of your very being. You are now grounded.

Meditation~Stones & Spirit Guide

You are stood within the circle of stones at Stonehenge. The sun is warming upon your face, the air feels pure as you breathe in and out, the stillness around you makes you feel at peace and one with the universe, you feel the energies that flow, gentle whispers from many who have walked here before you can be heard before being carried off on a breeze. Still within the stones you find a place to sit and you now feel comfortable. You close your eyes and let your breathing slow down until you find a rhythm that works for your whole being.

 You call upon your guide or an angel to come forth, call twice. As you open your eyes, you notice small butterflies in many colours gently floating in between the stones, slowly, they all come together as one and proceed towards you, the colours are magical, as they disappear you can see the outline of your guide or angel. Your guide/angel smiles and sits down by you. You feel a burst of love and a mutual understanding. This is time for you to ask for guidance, to be shown a path in which you would like to walk, it's also time in which you can feel your guide/angels's vibration, to understand what it is they want to help you with. I shall leave you here for a short time......

It is now time to thank your guide/angel for all that they do, you both stand, you gently nod your head and when you feel ready open your eyes.

Rachel x

Copyright Rachel Curtis


Jenn Brockman said...

I will share this with my mom who does ritual with her group. It might come in handy for her.

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Jenn,

That's a lovely idea, thank you x

Lisa said...

I usually do Buddhist meditations, so this was a bit different thanks :)

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Lisa, It's great to meditate x