Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mother Earth

I do love to write poetry and first started writing it seriously when I was 15, I have the book with my poems, odes etc and love to look back on my teenage years.

Mother Earth.

All around me I see the beauty,

Mother earth in all her proud glory,
The forests with magical places,
Oceans that portray many faces,
Colours of flowers in full bloom,
Pictures that we see in clouds loom,
The beauty of mother earth.

Copyright Rachel Curtis 2009

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Romance~Message From The Faeries


A message from the fae

It's important to make sure there is a sparkle within your relationship and that we don't get so caught up in daily life that we spend no extra moments on those we love.  The fae wish to guide us upon our path in life and one thing they like to see and feel is laughter, fun and love.

The working week always feels jammed packed with work, school run, shopping and catching up with housework leaving not much time for you both to chill out and relax but you know something we don't have to make a huge deal out of doing something romantic or to show how much we care so here are a few ideas which can be given on a weekday or weekend courtesy of the fae.

* Run your other half a bath and add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to help them unwind from the day, a few candles should also help to lift the mood.

* A cup of tea as they come through the door.

* On your way home pick up some flowers/chocolates or a dessert for teatime

*  Offer to cook a special meal for tea

* A massage will go down a treat and only need be a few minutes

*  A cwtch (hug)

* A kiss and making time to sit down and relax together

It doesn't matter how small you may think some of the above are the point of it is that we take some time to let our partners know we appreciate and love them and  sometimes the smallest things can mean the most.  Romance is what you make it and how you want to make the other person feel so take this week/end let the love flow and enjoy.

Rachel x