Monday, 26 May 2014

Dryads & Fauns

**Many of us have an affinity with trees, they call to us as we pass them by and their soul has breathed in the many secrets of Mother Earth. I would place them as Earth Elementals as their roots take firm hold within the soil and they are known as Dryads. Each tree has a Faun attached to it and to tell you more about them both I've written a little piece about each one 

The beautiful Dryads are tree faeries. Should you find yourself close to a tree you will undoubtedly feel the energy oozing out from every part of the tree including the roots. Being this close allows you to be on the cusp of the otherworld where the elementals reside. Try sitting beside a tree and jot down your emotions etc. It will be magical 

A Faun is a nature spirit known as a tree spirit. They help trees to grow and in a way they nurture them, the Faun will offer his consciousness to help a tree grow in love and to be connected to their place of growth. In return the tree provides an opportunity to experience connection, love, a feeling of belonging etc. A faun is tied to his tree for all his life and is therefore dedicated.

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AmyG said...

Very interesting post! I've heard of Dryads before, but have never really understood what they were.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thank you Amy for replying....Trees have such a wonderful energy, I do like to hug them :) x

Vinodini Iyer said...

Some goof up Rachael...I did leave a comment earlier. Don't know why it doesn't show.
I loved this post and am intrigued by this particular benefit of trees. Never heard of it before. I'm going to try sitting under a tree and write :)

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Vinodini,

No worries, sometimes the internet plays up but thank you so much for leaving a comment, it means a lot.

You'll love the energies when sitting under a tree, let me know how you get on x