Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Who Am I

Mmm you know something I am not entirely sure I know who I am any more, the girl who looks back at me in the mirror has changed so much over the past few months and she isn't who I ever thought she might turn out to be either.

It's a fact that we change over the years, our looks certainly do but the important bit of us, that inner person well they change to don't they, sometimes slightly and other times drastically.  I guess we have to change otherwise we don't grow as person, we don't gain knowledge or even try new things but looking in that mirror I ask her who are you......

She doesn't seem to know either, I mean, there are traces of the old me and now and again the old me just pops up but something new has awoken, there's a new energy, knowledge of an existence and I feel on the cusp of something most amazing that I am fully intending to embrace but there is a small part of me that feels sad and I have to acknowledge that.  There she is, caught a glimmer then in the eyes but the sparkle is deep, more blue, more me, more her, her wings or should I say my wings have opened and need to fly.

She needs to focus more though I think, needs to settle in to her new life that is awaiting her by getting organized, by thinking how, what, why, when.....she knows though she needs to breathe and take it one day at a time, she cannot change her world in one day but she change prepare....I quite like what I see when I look in to her eyes and in to her soul, her journey is about to start soon and whether she is fully ready or not she knows deep down where her heart and soul belong, she has been finally called to go back home to where love, rebirth, hope, dreams, desires, positive, her, me are at xxx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Learning To Love Every Part Of Our Being

When you look in the mirror naked do you love what you see or so do you squirm and think oh my, probably a lot of us think the latter and so we cover up and try not to look in that mirror if we haven't got to.  Withdrawing any love or worth we have for ourselves from our soul leaves us feeling unfed, thirsty, drained and a grey cloud tends to cover us leaving our perspective slightly hazy and not bright enough to see through.

It is so important for us to accept and fully embrace Self love, worth and healing because it allows and encourages us to grow as a person and to be able to function on a level where we can enjoy a well balanced, happy and satisfied life and also be able to give out positive energies to those around you.  When we love or even like who we are our energy changes, our eyes light up and sparkle returns to them, our smile comes alive and our heart and soul sing loudly so that everyone can see and feel us.  This allows us to try our best at whatever life puts in our path, it can help us to do so much more than when we feel shrivelled and almost non existant.

For example you might have started a new relationship and you've both connected big time, time goes by and you start to worry because you are starting to let down those barriers and the person before you is seeing you for the beautiful soul you are but how are they going to react when they see you naked stood before them, in your head they scream and run off for the hills never to be seen or heard from again.  This is our vulnerability coming through because being naked is sacred, something that we share with someone  we love.   We are essentially letting down a wall, revealing what is hidden behind our mask and we want our partner to accept and love our body as much as they have accepted and love our soul and mind but we worry.

Chances are your partner loves you for you and will not run screaming but instead will take you in their arms so that you feel their love as it becomes a part of you and sinks deep into your very soul and together you will nurture each other as well as growing stronger.  I bet you though your partner might have some confidence issues too so maybe discussing how you feel as well is a good start.  I know relationships aren't based on just being naked so loving who you are is a must because if you love yourself then it will show and others will be attracted to your confidence and love of life.

Self healing can be brought in every day and all you need to do is make sure you spend time during the day being gentle with yourself, no negative comments on how fat you feel or how your hair is having a bad day, self healing means you need to heal your soul into seeing you as that amazing and beautiful soul you really are, hard at times yes I know but accept who you are, make some positive changes if you want to but above all know your self worth, feel the self love and embrace the self healing so that you live the life you want to live and feel the way you want to feel without negative getting in and putting a dampner on your day.  Let's celebrate our mind, body and soul as being the most amazing magick.