Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring Has Sprouted

Good morning everyone and what a beautiful day it is, blue skies and a warm sun.  After the school run I decided to go out into the garden and do a bit of pottering about, we haven't really had nice weather and what with Jack Frost paying us regular visits attention to the garden has been thin.  So I decided to clear some dead leaves and acorns complete with tiny slugs attached *shudders at the thought,  yeah I know I'm a Witch and I do love all animals/insects etc but I'm not keen and usually my head garden Gnome Bertie encourages them to move on but I guess now and again he misses a few.

Next I decided to plant some Lilies and I really hope they sprout because they look so pretty on the package, unlike last year when what I planted out of a packet was nothing like what actually grew out of the ground!  If they are successful then they should flower as a circle but knowing me and my circles they'll flower as a square :)

For Mother's Day I had some beautiful plants bought for me, hubby took me to a garden center where I can happily spend hours just walking around, touching the plants and flowers whilst having a chat with them, no I'm not crazy well yes I might be but talking to plants is important because you need to work out which ones need to come home with you and that's an excuse I'm sticking to!  I have a photo below.

Hebe Blue Star, Scabious Butterfly Blue Beauty & Hebe Bronze Glow

I love taking care of my plants,  flowers and herbs so my next job was to clear out the top layer of soil within my tubs, I can't get over how some of them have grown since last year.  My Thyme is thriving really well and I love this herb, I have some at my front door and one at the back of my house as it is used for protection to your home.  My Chives which I love to pick for my salads are a lovely green and smell wonderful will surely keep the Vampires at no just been told that's a myth it's actually Garlic mind you Chives can be so strong I'm pretty sure one whiff and they'll be gone!.

So I'm just so excited to be wandering around my garden looking at the new buds and the green colours that are pushing through.  We have a woods on the back of our garden and if you look closely at the trees you can see brown or black buds and inside them are tiny green leaves just waiting to push through, not long now. My baby Sycamore has already got the cutest green buds.  

my baby Sycamore

I love Honeysuckle, it looks so pretty especially when it climbs over a archway and the smell is so sweet.  it encourages the Bees so that is a extra plus.  I have it in tub at the moment until I can complete my faery garden, when I bought her last year she was small but boy has she grown! must be because I'm talking to her :)


I do have many more photos but another time.  For now I can happily announce "Spring has sprouted" and there's lots of evidence around us, look after your garden and fill with plants, flowers, shrubs, herbs, ornaments and love and you can guarantee to attract the fae as well as the insects......."No, not you Slugs, there's plenty of food for you too eat which doesn't include my plants!"

May you be blessed by the Goddess and the Fae on this beautiful Ostara Eve, embrace her love and spread it onto your garden to encourage the new to grow.  We can also embrace the new in our own lives, don't be afraid to breathe in the air of the Spring Equinox and let it refresh you and re~energize your soul.

Ostara Blessings

Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 19/03/2012


Aepril said...

I am think'd like to try a first-time garden this year. Your post has encouraged me! Blessed Spring!

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Aepril,

You'll love it, there's nothing more relaxing than gardening. Would love to see photos when your done. Thanx my lovely, Ostara blessings x

Shamanic Winds said...

Mmmmm, I'd love to have that sweet-smelling plant in our yard! Have you ever 'Bottled Up' any of its 'Essence' before? Last year, a friend on FB had posted about her Honeysuckle, I was working with making my first Flower Essence with some of the lovely Peonies by our house my mom had left on the land that still grows every year after she passed away -- and I told my friend she should try her hand at making a Honeysuckle Flower Essence with the blooms; it must've turned out lovely, 'cause she continued with making a Honeysuckle Elixir!

I have lots of work to do here in our neck of Michigan woods...raking leaves to clear the area for our Goldenrod that grows in the Autumn/Fall season, and clearing some big branches away that fell last year from a very old Oak Tree...then I can see what exactly is growing there, and make some more Garden Sanctuary space for what I'd love to plant this year!

Thank you for this inspiring garden piece you shared in your writing with us -- so Fae Enchanting...xo!

)O( Shami

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Shami,

I haven't tried that before but I must say it sounds wonderful to have a go at making your own Honeysuckle Flower Essence, I do have a book on the how's so might give it ago one day.

What a lovely gift from your mam to have the Peonies come up each year, I can imagine the memories they must bring.

Thank you for reading my blog and I'm so pleased that you like it. Thank you my lovely.

Rachel x

Hedgefaery Herbals said...

Gorgeous Honeysuckle! Thank you for allowing me upon that wonderful tour of your garden space...I might leave the little slugs to you though! =) Much Faery Light to you upon this beautiful Spring Day. Ostara Blessings to you...
In Faery Light,

The Faery Enchantress said...

Your very welcome Joanna, hoping the slugs will find a new home :) Ostara blessings to you and your family my friend.

Rachel x