Monday, 19 March 2012

The Perfect Familiar ~ Breathes Fire!

For me the perfect familiar a witch could have would be a Dragon.  The purpose of a familiar is to join forces with you the witch, there is a very strong connection between you both.  You will discover that you have a psychic link to each other and together you will work your magick always for the good otherwise you might raise some not nice energies that will put a foot somewhere rather uncomfortable!

So why a Dragon? well you won't ever need to buy matches again or if like me you write them down on your shopping list and then forget to buy them :) your Dragon can light a bonfire if need be in one puff and save you the effort.  They will also come in mega handy if your out at a party and have had a fruit juice or two that someone has added some alcohol too insisting before you put it to your lips that it is alcohol free so by the end of the night your banned from riding your broom and you must take the Dragon's reigns just for holding onto of course while he/she flies you home......again.

Your Dragon will also be the best protector you could have, cause no one is going to be brave enough to play knock your door and run! A perfect way to lose weight too, if you instruct your Dragon to not let you near the biscuit barrel at any cost then let's be honest your really really not gonna try sneaking up on him/her during the night are no definitely not.

But on a serious note a Dragon has a variety of great traits ~

They are great protectors
The strength they possess is amazing to witness
Very brave
Will push you to your boundaries and beyond
Will be loyal
Passion lives within their heart

So you see by you coming together with a Dragon as your familiar he/she will guide you along a path that will never be dull!  you will learn to love and respect them and the friendship will tighten over time.  We entrust unto them a piece of our soul for they are allowed into our lives where we whisper our secrets, hopes, passions and desires.  The bond we share is special and after a short time together you can guarantee the above qualities in your Dragon will be within you towards your Dragon although you might have some trouble pushing them beyond their boundaries ;).  Together you nurture the knowledge, you work your magick always in the light and you both help towards making the world a well cared for and loved place with some scorches here and there!


Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 19/03/2012

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