Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Quick Faery Guide Part 3

In this section we're going to talk about altars and spells.....

**Faery altar

This altar is where you can focus your energy and will become a sacred place for you.  You can connect and work with the Fae anywhere but to have a space dedicated to them and also to the spell work you wish to carry out will keep the energy you want to direct/focus on in one place.

A altar is personal to you, you can dress it up or dress it down, it's all about personal choice.  Sometimes I will lay down a cloth with a corresponding colour to the magick I am going to perform, other items you might want to consider are candles, incense, herbs, faery ornaments, flowers, coloured pebbles, sparkly items, anything that you feel will heighten your spell or if your altar is just for decoration then anything faery.

Again, the layout is totally your decision, you cannot go wrong...why not gather some bits and pieces and have a play about with the layout.

The faery energy surrounding your altar will increase as you raise your faery vibration and soon, you'll feel their energy around you and in lots of places as you become more aware, more attuned to them.

**Faery spells

Spells are personal, that's very important to understand.  There is nothing wrong in using another person's spell but it can have a cold feeling about it and it might not be as powerful as a spell that comes from your soul.

Have a look in Part two and choose a King or Queen you might like to work with...gather your altar items and as you dress your altar, think about what it is you want to ask for, what do you want to bring about in your life...your thoughts and emotions will infuse themselves in the sacred space you are now creating.

You might like to write your spell words down or just speak as they come to you....they can rhyme or not....these are your words so you get to use them as you wish.

Before you work your spell though your altar should be ready, if lighting candles please be careful, accidents do happen! once you are comfortable then you may begin.  Be clear about your intention, be precise, believe the words you speak, the words you have written.  Here is just an example of how to start and finish.

"I call upon the faery queen Caelia" followed by what you are asking and then always finish with some sort of thank you....simple as that.

I blow out my candles, some don't like blowing them but rather snuff them out.

*******before you carry out any spells make sure you ground and protect yourself, see below...


Imagine a blue bubble around yourself, take a few moments to let it completely cover you.  Make sure you spend a couple of mins protecting yourself, you can call in your guides, angels for extra protection.  


“You are sat comfortably upon the green grass, all around you are many different trees, you have great Oaks, Willow, Birch & Rowan, each tree standing proud. You can smell the moss and the scented Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Bluebells, look around you and take in all that you see.

You notice a small Earth Faery walking towards you, take a good look at your new friend, what do they look like, what clothes are they wearing .......the Earth faery now stands in front of you and the faery turns their face to the side and you follow their stare, you are sat within a circle of various crystals. Each crystal is 1 inch above the ground and they each have a different energy. These energies now start to join together, forging a strong single energy, this powerful energy enters at your crown and you can feel this as it engulfs your entire body. As the energy reaches your feet it will dig deep into Mother Earth, finding a anchor in which to wrap itself around twice before making it's way back up through the soil and into your body. You are now grounded.”

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Quick Faery Guide Part 2

In this guide part two I'm going to talk about faery kings and queens, they are few but ones you have probably heard of and many gods and goddesses have their faery wings.  That's the beauty of magick, if you feel a god or goddess has the power of the fae then go with it because you are never wrong when walking your path.

**Calling the Fae

You might know that Angels love us unconditionally and they have to seek our permission to help or guide us, well, with the fae this is different.  The fae will interfere, meddle, guide, help and all with or without our permission.  They know no boundaries a lot of the time and if for example they hear you curse then chances are off they go to meddle with the curse lol.....always be mindful of what you put out there.  They will listen if you put your foot down quite strongly with them though and withdraw any offerings to them (they love honey,  milk, cake and sparkly things) I don't want to frighten anyone because for the most part, the fae are amazing to work and connect with and will do their best for you, just now and again they might do a little naughtyness.  Once you have fully accepted the fae in to your soul your life will never ever be the same again, the strength you get from them, the love, the friendship will be given freely and all they ask is that you help and do your bit for Mother Earth.  It's quite difficult to explain how they affect you but once that acceptance of their full existence hits you, you'll totally get where I'm coming from.

**Faery Queens

Mab~ Call upon Mab for protection, strength, guidance ~colours~blue
Caelia~matters of the heart, pure love, to gain love, to take away love, soul mates, passion, intimancy~colours~pink/red
Argante or Morgan Le Fay~Healing of any kind~colours~green
Morgan Le Fay~Knowledge/Wisdom, exams, learning, spells~colours whatever colour corresponds to your need.

**Faery Kings

Finvarra~Adventure/excitement~travel, hobbies, meeting people etc~colours whatever corresponds to your need.
Oberon~Spiritual~meditation, astral travelling, tarot etc~colours~white or purple
Gwyn Ap Nudd~New/Changes~to bring about any changes that are needed or wanted~colours~whatever colour corresponds to your need.

**Colour Correspondence

WHITE~ Protection, Peace, Purification, Chastity, Happiness, Halting Gossip, Spirituality

GREEN~ Healing, Money, Prosperity, Luck, Fertility, Beauty, Empowerment, Youth

BROWN~ Healing Animals, The Home

PINK~ Emotional Love, Fidelity, Friendships

RED~ Lust, Strength, Courage, Power, Sexual Potency

YELLOW~ Divination, Psychic Powers, Mental Powers, Wisdom, Visions

PURPLE~ Power, Exorcism, Healing

BLUE~ Healing, Sleep, Peace, Protection

ORANGE~ Legal Matters Success

Taken from Scott Cunningham's book The Solitary Witch

And that is part 2, I've tried to cover the basic needs/wants but as a general rule you can just call upon any fae to help or guide you.  I like to connect with specific ones as personally I feel the power is stronger in how they help.  Part 3 tomorrow will be on faery altars and faery spells so the above can be put into practice

Rachel x

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Quick Faery Guide

For those of you who are interested in the Fae whether just starting out or just curious you'll find that there aren't that many books out there on the basics of the Fae and how we can connect to them.  Don't get me wrong, there are one or two faetastic ones but I like to know the nitty gritty stuff so,  I thought why not do a few quick faery guide blog posts for you.  They won't be long but rather a little information on a few topics......I will do a few of these blogs so keep a look out x

**First things first though, walking a faery pathway is different to any other you will walk....the Fae are more personal to you, yes there are general Fae like angels but the Fae energy is felt through our soul and tailors to our needs, wants, are unique so are the Fae and your experiences with them.

**Who are the Fae?

The Fae are quite simply beings of nature....pure beings of nature to be exact (they are also known to some as angels of nature) they work for, with and are nature.  Mother Earth needs all the help she can get and these little folk are the ones who assist her.

**What do they look like?

There are a few forms they take on, orbs that are mostly white but there are colour orbs (will talk about this at a later date) a streak that flashes past you, a contained mist that is located in one area only such as by a herb patch in your garden or as themselves complete with ears yes.  I won't go into great detail about the way they look because you will know when you see one in it's Fae form and I do not want to take that away from you......besides, you probably already have a picture in your mind of how one looks and you are not wrong, don't ever let anyone tell you what you imagine one to look like is wrong.

**Where to find them

At the bottom of your garden, the woodlands, mountains, your home....... anywhere really but they have their favourite places and where there are trees, plants, water you are certain to feel the Fae energy there.  There are times throughout the day such as when dawn or dusk comes forth that the Fae energy is strong, you are more likely to catch that glimpse.  The Fae can be found if you believe in them and the magick.

**Faery rings and doorways

A faery ring consists of an object that forms a ring so for example, you are walking in the woods and come across a load of mushrooms and they form a circle, should you venture inside this circle for the next 7 years you will spend your time in the land of fae, laughing, dancing and drinking! be wary lol.

A doorway is found upon a tree, you've probably already seen a few and it just looks like the bark of the tree has been carved into a doorway.  It's a portal to the realm, I have tried squeezing through but I think a glug of Alice's drink me potion is required! to fit lol......they do look and feel magikal though and you can sit quietly beside one and lap up that energy.

I don't want to bombard you all at once so for now I will end my post but I will be adding more.

Rachel x