Friday, 18 December 2015

The Return Of Yule

Yule is almost upon us and I am getting so excited.  It feels different this year but I have no idea why and all the ponderings as to why are not revealing anything so I guess I just have to go with it.

Yule is the time for the return of the light, the sun and it is the shortest last we can say hello and embrace the sun king in his return, I love the dark evenings but I am always happy to wave them goodbye for another year.

Yule has memories of the Snow Queen, lots of snow, trees that are green covered with the snow, robins and those amazing silvery and blue, grey colours.  I'm planning my altar for Yule and have been busy making some items for it, I ordered some lovely cotton and crocheted a Mandala by Wink.  The Mandala will be the main focus on my altar along with some candles, gems and of course the Sun God himself.  Once my Yule altar is set up I shall write up another blog with photos.

I wrote an article on the Yule Faeries a few years ago, Christibelle and Felixius made an appearance and you can read about them here

Rachel x