Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Creative Faery Wiccan

Good afternoon my lovely friends, hope your Sunday is going as well as Sunday's go.  Yesterday I decided I really should invest in a Elven cloth for my faery altar so took myself off to find one online only to discover a lot of faery coins were wanted for a cloth and some ink stains!.  This made me decide to make my own, I have felt, fabric, beads...........oh yes and patience......well just a smudge of patience.  You can now imagine the mess upon my floor! it's my little area known as the magick corner due to it being where the magick lives ready to inspire me, I have felt everywhere, little beads of many colours, needles, pins, more beads (must make sure I am careful where I plonk my bottom incase of sitting on a needle, not nice!).  My Elven star is now starting to sparkle which is always a good thing as the fae love sparkly things and I'm very pleased with my efforts.

The Elven star is given to those who wish to walk the faery pathway, I thought Queen Mab had given me mine but no it wasn't as she revealed to me later on, in fact the lovely Morgan Le Fay kindly put one in my hand and told me of it's many Gateways and how to use it.  She has become very familiar to me and works with me a lot teaching me many things.  Take time with your star my friends, there is so much more to it than first meets the eye, for instance the 7 gateways all represent something different, also you choose what points represent  your elements, kings & queens and you can add colours, crystals anything you feel drawn to.  Mine is still being worked on, there's no rush but I have my elements plus magick, the Sun King and the Moon Queen too.  So for example should I wish to work with the Moon Queen, I concentrate more on her gateway, giving her the attention more than the others.  This isn't to say they are less important just that I need the energy more from her.

Some of what I use to represent my gateways:


For me, what is important is us placing or in this case sewing our energies into homemade items, they become more personal and we appreciate them more.  Once my Star is finished I will set it up and take a picture for you.

Faery wishes to you all.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Is Anybody There?

I have been doing what I love with a passion of late, although I do it on a regular basis for friends I have been given a wonderful opportunity, I should probably explain myself a little more.  You see I am a medium, I have been communicating with spirit since the tender age of 2, I joined a circle a few years ago and did around a year and a half training and it helped me a huge amount.  There are some things you need gently eased out of you and mediumship is one of those things.  It takes practice, dedication, time and love.  I was given the chance to go on the Rostrum at a spiritualist church, something I really enjoyed but I thought it would be scary stood on a platform with eyes peering up at you but you know it wasn't at all instead the passion kicked in and messages flowed.

Last week I was added as a admin to a group on Facebook, newly set up and dedicated to giving messages and readings to those who require them.  My passion was stoked once again and it's been a lovely time with brilliant feedback and the best part of it all is feeling the happiness and comfort from a relative on both sides!  I am also lucky to be a team medium for a Paranormal Investigation group "Thriller Nights" and we have  had many successful evenings and messages and of course it is always a pleasure to sit and chat with spirit from times long gone.

So when you hear the words "Is anybody there" you betcha there is,  all waiting to communicate with you.  So it's important to take time out from your daily doings and to put aside some time to do what drives you in your life.

The Faery Enchantress  

Friday, 5 August 2011

Discovering Your Faery Name

Discovering Your Faery Name

We all have a faery name which includes Elemental names as well. We can go many years without realizing it is there within us waiting for moment when it can be revealed to us. Then one day you have a awakening and just know you have a wonderful name, one which you want to share. Some names maybe hard to pronounce or may not be exactly what you thought it would be but your name is never given lightly, it can take years for your faery/elemental guide to know which one is perfect for you and to let it come your way.

The name will represent you, your personality, your creative side, the things in life you love. But how can you discover your name? Well there are a few ways to do this and I will do a quick note on them but don't forget this is a little guidance and you may have another way that works just as well.

You might hear a name being whispered, usually you are getting on with your daily business when out of the blue you will hear a voice that is a whisper but loud and clear enough. You might even look around for the person but by this time your fae/elemental guide have disappeared.

Another usual way is that a name will keep popping up everywhere. It might be on the TV, radio, magazine or you hear someone speak the name.

Someone might say to you that you look like a particular name or that it really suits you. They might tell you that say for example they saw the name “Lilly” and thought of you.

You might have a strong connection to a place, the name of this place or somewhere within the area might be the key to your name so do a little research on that area. It might have a name that is no longer in use.

Meditation is lovely and good for the soul so during meditation ask your fae/elemental guide to come to you with a name.

Remember that when the time is right you will receive your name and the way in which it is delivered will be special to you. It might take a few weeks so don't become disappointed. It will be exciting whichever way your name is delivered to you.

Most importantly enjoy your name.

The Faery Enchantress ©

How To Read Oracle Cards

There are quite a few ways in how to read cards, what is important is that you find a way that you enjoy. There are no "this is how you have to do it" ways. Tarot cards are different so I am only to going to tell you about the angel etc cards.

Choosing a pack of cards~You will find that you are drawn to one pack in particular, you may feel a strong energy/pull when you are near or hold your hand over them, you will just know the right ones for you, it may you a some time before you find the right ones.

First time out of the box/packet~I always take them out of the pack and will shuffle them for a few days so that my energies are infused within their energies, don't forget that we both have to get used to each other. I then leave a crystal quartz on top of the pack for as long as I feel is necessary to cleanse and charge them up. You can keep your cards in a organza/velvet pouch or maybe you have a favourite piece of fabric, you could could either wrap them up in or make into a pouch.

Protection~As with any spiritual work carried out, it is important you ask for protection. I always call upon Archangel Michael to protect myself, my cards and the surrounding area. You can also imagine a white cloak covering your whole being or maybe stepping inside a bubble of protection. We have to make sure that we don't allow negative energies in.

Grounding~It is very important to ground ourselves before we work with spirit. We want to feel and be anchored to earth, we want to be safe. If we do not ground ourselves what happens usually is that we begin to feel dizzy and spaced out, we will not have that connection and balance within ourselves. Grounding allows us to become calm and to collect our thoughts, emotions and to stabilize them. There are many ways to ground yourself, I use many different techniques but a popular one is to close your eyes, imagine a white light that comes in through your crown (top of head), pull this light energy down through your whole body until it reaches your feet, here the energy will penetrate mother earth and will burrow deep within her, your energy will find a strong rock which to wrap itself around. Your energy will now make its way back up through the earth and back into your feet, up through your body, back out through your crown and the white light will surround your whole being. You are now grounded.

Spirit guides/angels~If you are unsure of your guide then you can call upon the assistance of the angels. Either way ask that they come forth, don't be afraid to ask them for guidance as well as protection. Ask them to communicate through the cards. If you receive a message or piece of information and would like a little more on it, again ask them. Always thank your guides and angels for their help and be respectful.

Reading for yourself~I shuffle the cards and will pick one that I feel a pull towards. I turn over the card and usually pick up a feeling or will hear but its very short as I find it quite hard to psychically/clairvoyantly pick up messages etc for myself so normally I combine what i pick up with the affirmation on the card. You can also shuffle the pack whilst thinking of a question or leave it to chance, the uncanny thing is that no matter what you do the angels seem to know and the card is appropriate.

Reading for others~The person if you are face to face with should shuffle the cards, I then have them choose a number of cards, each card or line of cards needs to represent the past, present and future, unless its a question they want answered and you are only using the one card. Its very important when reading for others that when the messages/information comes through you word it appropriately, sensitive issues are inappropriate to voice such as knowing someone will pass over, illnesses etc this is something I would never mention so please be aware of the information received by yourself.

As you become more used to the cards, you will find everything starts to flow more easily and your confidence will bloom. Try to use the booklet that comes with the pack as little as possible, you could read the card and then see what the book says but importantly it will be your take, your insight that will in the end make you as the reader. Practice makes progression. This is just the way I do mine and may not be the right way for you, the only way to find out which is your way is to read them and practice. Keep a journal and record all your readings, in a few months read back over and see the progress you have made. x

© The Faery Enchantress

8 Ways To Connect To The Angels

8 Ways To Connect.

  1. Poetry~What a great way of communicating with your guardian angel by putting pen to paper. It can be easier for us to pour all our emotions/wishes/hopes etc onto paper. Begin by sitting comfortably with soft music, oil burner, candles and anything else that will help you to become focused. The poem should come from the heart so let the pen flow, don't worry if it doesn't rhyme or is a short poem because your angel will hear your thoughts and will tune into your energies whilst writing, you will become a beacon of light which will draw your angel closer. 

  2. Angel Garden~Your garden can be a special place where you go to sit and meditate or to just relax. It could be space where you can communicate out loud or within your mind the choice is yours. By sitting or working there you can connect. Your angel loves nature so why not invite them into your garden by planting flowers, shrubs, herbs, ornaments, a water feature, wind chimes etc. Don't worry if you only have a balcony, a few flower pots will still do the trick.
  1. Angel Writing~Similar to the poetry but you get a reply!. For this you need to be focused and comfortable in your surroundings. Start your letter “Dear angel” and then write about how you are feeling at this moment in time, maybe you need some guidance etc, whatever it is let it flow from your pen. Then, without stopping or reading what will be written put your pen to the paper, blank your mind and let your hand start writing. Your angel will then communicate through you and the words upon the paper will be your angels and not your words/thoughts. It may sound a little difficult at first but it really isn't, you'll be surprised at what Is on the paper once you stop.  I was totally blown away the first time i did this, the response from my angel was what started my journey alongside them.

4) Angel Secret Box~Choose a box, it may be the colour, design that attracts you. Next write something on a piece of paper, it may be that you need strength for a hospital treatment or a trip to the dentist, you may want a sign as guidance for that decision you need to make etc. Once written put it inside and close the lid, say to the angels "My wish has been placed inside" (you can say whatever it is you feel comfortable saying), place the box back where you always keep it for the angels will come to read your wish.

5) Meditation~There are many meditation cd's out there, you will need to find one that sits right with you. If you have a guided cd this may be easier for you at the start, they will connect you and your angel, talking you through each step. Later on when you feel ready, you can just play soothing music and let your inner voice guide you to your angel. You can be sat on a beach on a warm day or take a stroll in the park when meeting up with your angel for a good chat, ask them anything you want to.

6) Artwork/Dance~Another powerful way of communicating with angels is through your pieces of art and it does not matter if like me you can only draw match stick people, the colour, the content, the thought and love you put in to it will light the way for the angels, the same with dance, the angels will see you dancing for them, all the emotion that will pour out your very being will become a magnet.

7) Angel Altar~It can be small/large, chest of draws, table etc, your angel altar is completely up to you. Some of the items i have upon mine are candles, crystals, angel ornaments, items made by my children, again you can put upon the altar what you feel drawn to. I usually stand before it in the morning, close my eyes and call upon the angels, they hear and feel our voices and thoughts. You can make an affirmation if you like. The altar will build up a wonderful energy that is full of love, peace, i guess you could say its that special place where you can say thank you also to the angels.

8) Dreams~Each night when i go to bed i call upon my angels to come to me in my dreams, to take me on a journey. The journey of course is up to you, sometimes i love to be soaring through the night sky whilst holding the hand of an angel. Its a beautiful experience.

It's important to ask our angels for help/guidance or even just a hug, the spiritual law is that we have to ask. Equally important is to thank them x

© The Faery Enchantress