Friday, 5 August 2011

Discovering Your Faery Name

Discovering Your Faery Name

We all have a faery name which includes Elemental names as well. We can go many years without realizing it is there within us waiting for moment when it can be revealed to us. Then one day you have a awakening and just know you have a wonderful name, one which you want to share. Some names maybe hard to pronounce or may not be exactly what you thought it would be but your name is never given lightly, it can take years for your faery/elemental guide to know which one is perfect for you and to let it come your way.

The name will represent you, your personality, your creative side, the things in life you love. But how can you discover your name? Well there are a few ways to do this and I will do a quick note on them but don't forget this is a little guidance and you may have another way that works just as well.

You might hear a name being whispered, usually you are getting on with your daily business when out of the blue you will hear a voice that is a whisper but loud and clear enough. You might even look around for the person but by this time your fae/elemental guide have disappeared.

Another usual way is that a name will keep popping up everywhere. It might be on the TV, radio, magazine or you hear someone speak the name.

Someone might say to you that you look like a particular name or that it really suits you. They might tell you that say for example they saw the name “Lilly” and thought of you.

You might have a strong connection to a place, the name of this place or somewhere within the area might be the key to your name so do a little research on that area. It might have a name that is no longer in use.

Meditation is lovely and good for the soul so during meditation ask your fae/elemental guide to come to you with a name.

Remember that when the time is right you will receive your name and the way in which it is delivered will be special to you. It might take a few weeks so don't become disappointed. It will be exciting whichever way your name is delivered to you.

Most importantly enjoy your name.

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