Sunday, 25 November 2012

De Clutter

Day 15

Over the years we collect items with the good intentions of using them but more often than not we put them to one side and they end up staying put, never being used.  I have this habit, I buy a book or oracle cards and get very excited not being able to wait to get home to take a look and that is as far as I get.

So I have been looking at my stash as I call them and have decided they need to go to good homes where someone can benefit from them, after all it is such a  waste for them to be sat on a bookshelf or inside a cupboard, this was not their purpose.  I do become attached to many of my items but this time I am going to be brave and will part with those that no longer serve me but hopefully will bring happiness and knowledge to others.

They do say that de cluttering is good for the soul and I do believe this, I feel such a release of stale energy and a renewed lease of life springs into action.  Why not try doing the same, you could gather all your items that are unwanted and invite friends over either as a swap item party or where you can sell your items.  Charity shops are always looking for peoples unwanted items or a school fete, whatever you decide the energies you build up will encourage you do de clutter the whole house!

Rachel x

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Day 14

What's this weather all about, seriously Mother Nature is having a bad hair day and no offense meant to her. At the moment here in the UK we are having weird weather, the sun is shining and hailstones are falling thick and furious so really not a good idea to be out in it ouch they do hurt.  We've had so much rain too, in the week I was waiting in my car and the heavens opened, it was so bad you couldn't see clearly and cars were going along at 5 miles an hour, plus going through the village was a nightmare as the main road had flooded.

The weather definitely seems different to when I was a child, back then we had Summer in summer and snow in Winter or maybe that was my view as a child.  I love snow and yep I know it can be a pain but I still get excited watching the first snowflake fall to Mother Earth, it wasn't too much fun the year before when it snowed so bad over night and I had to drive to work, I work in a hospital so we have to try to get in, scary was not the word, my car wouldn't stop at a junction and just kept on going as a car was approaching, luckily he managed to bring his car to a halt.  By the afternoon the snow had melted! typical lol.

I do love the weather just not floods, hurricanes etc, we need rain, sun and yes snow because snow is magick but we just need the correct balance so there are no disasters and everyone is safe, maybe a personal hair dresser for Mother Earth is needed.

Rachel x

Follow Your Heart

Day 13

Sometimes to experience a spiritual moment you need to follow your heart, let that moment take you to where you need to be, to open your eyes and see the view.  We don't really follow our heart enough do we, how often do we shut down and block out moments of magick because we are too busy or can't be bothered.

Spiritual moments can happen at any time day or night, they come upon you when you are least expecting them and take you by surprise but just follow your heart and allow the moment to swallow you up, you will be so happy you did.

Rachel x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Day 12


I love them! my Nana taught me to read from a very young age and boy was I hooked, she had a bookcase full of old books including childrens annuals but my favourite ones were the Catherine Cookson books.  This passion for reading grew as did I and the magick stayed with me.

Books are a very important part of childhood, they take us to a place where magick happens and where we can be the super hero, they allow us to follow our imagination.  I also think books continue to be just as important as we reach adulthood, they contain knowledge to nurture our souls and to guide us to places where we really need to be in order to love ourselves.

Of course there are books for everything you can possibly think of and I want to share some with you that I love and some books that I have waiting to be read.

Books I love

**Hazel Raven "The Angel Bible"

**Alicen & Neil Geddes Ward "Faeriecraft"

**Cassandra Eason "The Crystal Bible"

**Scott Cunningham "Solitary Witch" plus most of his books

**Kelley Armstrong

**Phillipa Gregory

**Alyson Noel

There are way too many to mention as I do like to read quite a lot of books.

Books on my to read list

**J Lyn Studebaker "Switching To Goddess"

**Tanis Helliwell "Take Your Soul To Work"

**Jeanne Achterberg "Woman As Healer"

I also have some books by some of the above authors waiting too.

Whatever you love to read just enjoy.

Rachel x

Monday, 19 November 2012


Day 11

"I accept love because I am worthy of the energies not only from within myself but from those in my life.  I will embrace love and it will have a place to live within my soul, I will cherish it and nurture it."

"I accept who I am for there is a light within me that shines and it twinkles because I am living life to the fullest, always facing challenges that push me to the outer part of my boundaries.  I embrace this light because without it I simply would not be"

Rachel x


Day 10


I love antiques always have because they have a history behind them whether sad or happy.  I particularly love family heirlooms that are passed down and they don't have to be the family jewels or silver either, for me it would be an item any item that was once owned by my ancestor.  I have some lovely crystal vases that I had when my Nana died a few years ago as well as some dresser ornaments and for me they are all heirlooms to be passed on to my children in due course.

So myself and my husband love antique fayres and we love to take care of items that maybe no one else wants.  We have quite a collection and this year saw us redecorating the living room, modern furniture would have cost us thousands but we decided to buy antique and we did, the pieces fit perfectly and look as if they were always meant to be there.  I love the energies that live within the wood, cloth, china etc, they ooze out when you touch them and you can catch a glimpse of a past life of theirs.

This weekend saw us at one of our favourite antique fayres where we bought the most beautiful mirror for our hallway, wood with fabric in amazing colors with wooden flowers, it whispered to us and so we took it home.  One item I bought holds a special place within my heart and that is the Victorian photo album filled with faces of souls long lost, no identities apart from 2 photos but I cannot bear to leave these souls in a shop so they live in my home where they are most welcome.

Rachel x

Autumn Blessings

Day 9

I love Autumn days when the leaves lose their lush green and turn those brilliant shades of brown, yellow and red, gently falling to the earth.  There is a definite fragrance upon the air of the change that a new season offers, you can feel the temperature drop and the Sun King goes to bed far too early.  Autumn has always been my most favourite time of the year and this is due to the feeling of being able to cast out those unwanted energies, to put to rest emotions that cannot have any purpose in my life and to finish up projects that are over due.

My altar has the colours most associated with this time of the year such as your earthy blends and I do like to keep a altar for every day of the year so for this season I decorate as follows;

**Candles in reds, oranges, yellows

**Cloths in earthy colours (I like to have a few in case I need to wash one quickly)


**Dried leaves


**Autumn vegetables such as squash although I don't leave it on the altar for long as it ends up in a stew


I might be out and about and see something that I know will be perfect to place upon my altar and it doesn't have to have a season theme either, naughty of me I know lol.  Dress your sacred space as you so wish but most of all enjoy it, make your blessings for the months to come such as health, happiness, a table filled with food and drink and good company.

Rachel x

Look After A Soul

Day 8

Day 8, 9 and 10 are late because I worked nights over the weekend and had hardly any sleep :( so didn't have the energy to write but I'm catching up now x

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in daily life that we don't take any time for ourselves, we might end up feeling drained if we neglect our soul and this can lead to us catching lots of colds, being tired, grumpiness, having no get up and go.......sounds familiar?

We want to feel on top of the world don't we with lots of drive and the feeling that we can tackle anything life throws at us so we need to look after a soul, our soul.  There are many ways we can do this such as:

**Eat a healthier diet and drink more water


**Express your emotions in a journal every evening

**Take a bath and make sure you relax in the warm water for as long as you need

**Sing happy songs to shake up those positive energies

**Read a book

**Take up a hobby that is just for you

**Put your feet up and have a cuppa

The key here is too release any negative energies that may be clinging to you and we need to be surrounding ourselves with love and positive vibes.  Take time to nurture the beautiful soul you are because you deserve it.

Rachel x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Who Are You Really?

Who Are You Really?

Day 7

You could say the internet has taken off just a bit and to be honest I love the way it enables people to connect with each other, I know I am grateful for social sites like Facebook as a lot of doors have opened for me and the best bit is I've made some wonderful friends and have been so lucky to have met some too at events like those in Glastonbury.

But who is the person behind a profile and are they real?  we really need to take care about information we post online especially private info such as never post your phone number, address and certain photos should be kept private, now I know it isn't up to me to tell you what to do and I'm not I just want you all to stay safe.  One situation that cropped up last year was a chap in America who messaged me wanting to talk because he was having problems, I was more than willing to chat via inbox but he wanted me to give him my phone number, I live in the UK can you imagine the cost plus I don't give out my phone numbers to strangers anyway he got verbally aggressive so I reported and blocked.  Ok so what trouble might I have gotten myself into if I had given him my number, could he be a scammer or who knows something worse.

Truth of the matter is we live in a society where there are people who are not who they say they are and we need to be alert which is why my profile on FB is now subscribe, yes it is full anyway but even if it wasn't subscribe would be the only option available because you have control over the posts, pictures, info they get to see.  If you are not sure about any profile don't add.

I'm not paranoid honestly lol and to those of you that are on my friends list, I really do appreciate our friendship and I love reading your posts.  Stay safe my friends.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ambassador For Mother Earth

Day 6

I had a wonderful meditation last night in a class I attended and it has inspired this blog, I was asked to be a Ambassador for Mother Earth and I accepted.  I believe that each and every one of us has the potential to be an ambassador for Mother Earth if we so choose and in this day and age it's really important to each play our part.

Mother Earth needs people to heal her because right now she is trying to keep her head above the water, anyone can send healing and all you need to do is:

**Light a green candle and focus your energies upon the whole of Mother Earth, imagine a white light that gently embraces her while saying "Healing light embrace her world and heal from within"

Mother Earth needs our love and you can do this in many ways.  Show how much you love  by doing some of these you'll have the blessing of the faeries too.

**Recycling~We cannot keep using the Earth literally to bury our rubbish, it's like sweeping dirt under the rug until eventually the rug can't take no more so put food scraps on the compost, unwanted clothes to the charity shop, newspapers, tin cans, bottle off to the recycling center.

**Keep the environment clean~It really annoys me when people just throw their rubbish onto the ground, there's always a bin somewhere.  Most of us clean up after ourselves and it's important that we teach our little ones to do the same.

**Replenish~Make sure in dry weather that you water plants and flowers, you can use the water from when you wash the dishes.  Sow seeds for flowers or vegetables, Mother Earth loves colours.

There are many more ways in which you represent Mother Earth so are you ready to embrace the energies and become a Ambassador for Mother Earth?


Rachel x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

World Kindness Day

Day 5

Today is World Kindness Day although we should show kindness every day it is a great reminder to have these World Days as they emphasize what we should already know and it allows us to sit up and think about what we can do.  Giving another person some form of kindness isn't always about those who are less off than us, we've all at some point benefited from a caring or concerned person just as we have all repaid that kindness.  As I have said kindness should be shown every day and there are many ways in which we can do this such as:

**A hug

**A smile

**Offering help to another person or animal

**Lending a sympathetic ear to someone who really needs to talk

What about the stressed mother with two toddlers standing behind you at the shopping till who has one or two items but you have a trolley filled to the top, do you let her go before you?  or that gentleman who has lots of shopping bags and is struggling to open a shop door, do you pass by or open the door for him?  it's all about how we would like others to treat us and I know I've been in that queue with 1 item or trying to get through a shop door with a pram.  Of course there will be people who will not say even a thank you for this act of kindness so just thank yourself out loud :) and know you a loving and caring member of society.  Mother Earth needs you and your beautiful soul.

Rachel x

Monday, 12 November 2012


Day 4


Many of us believe in faeries, angels, aliens, god etc but how many of us actually believe in ourselves?  It seems that it is easier for us to accept anything as long as it doesn't include our own self belief.  From a young age we have to deal with what ever life throws at us and not very high on the agenda is standing with both feet firmly on the ground, knowing that we can control how we react and solve problems and most important of all that we have the ability to achieve, to succeed.

Ok I know that we don't always have the support of others and sometimes there are walls in front of us but how about taking a leap of faith right here right now...........throw to one side any emotions of self doubt for they will just talk you out of believing in your ability to be the best you can.  It can take practice to not allow negative thoughts in for they are sneaky and get us when we least expect it and then before we know it we fall deeper and deeper.

What I like to do is to have a few positive words to say to myself and I do like to do this in a mirror as you cannot hide from yourself.  Every morning before you go out the door stand in front of that mirror and say something good, you can say the same words everyday or choose a new one, it's up to you.

**I am worthy of the love within my heart

**I am a soul who is beautiful

**I have a whole lot of potential that is amazing

**I believe in my abilities to succeed

**I am me and that's how it should be

**I am radiant

**I am abundant

**I sparkle with faery dust

**I love you

**I appreciate you

**I trust you

Keep reminding yourself you deserve happiness and you will discover happiness deseves you

Rachel x


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Never Forgotten

Day 3

Today is a day of remembrance and I just want to show a mark of respect for our forces, past, present and future.

My great uncle Clar was only 19 when he was killed during the second world war, he was the youngest brother to my Nana and they were close.  I have a photo of him which I love and growing up he was always talked about so  feel as if I know him.  He was at sea and his ship was bombed, he was last seen swimming to shore and that is all we know.  I am proud of  him just like I am proud of my grandfather and his brothers who also fought in the war, they all came home but probably thought they would never see those who loved them again.

Researching my family tree I discovered many of the men were in the forces, my  great grandfather fought in the 1st world war, his father joined the army as did his father who was in the Navy, he drowned at sea too.

As a medium I have connected with some wonderful young men who served their country with passion and love,  I only wish that they were here breathing the air we breathe.

They will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts.

Thank you  for all you do for the country and for us.

Rachel x

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dryad Energy

Blog challenge~to write a blog everyday for a month

Day 2

I have always loved trees as they have always been a part of my life especially in my childhood.  Growing up all I had to do was walk down the garden path out onto our street and there in front of me was our mountain filled with trees.  You would find my friends and myself playing on the mountain probably everyday, we would climb tress and harvest the nuts, climb up the waterfall when in full flow! and play hide and seek and making dens, what wonderful memories.

So being around trees was natural for me and so the bond grew, I learned to love them and to respect them, I paid particular attention to the way the trees lived throughout the seasons such as how they would begin hibernate mode by shaking off their leaves, the green buds in Spring time that would appear so small before growing into beautiful leaves. So you can imagine how happy I am to have a woods  right on the back of my garden with two huge Oak trees for good measure.

I think the magick circling trees is the fact that a lot of them are hundreds of years old and the stories they could tell would be incredible not to mention the energies they have picked up.  They hold onto these energies of battles, of villages pulling together to get through another harsh winter, of farmers working the land and children laughing as they foraged for berries and nuts so when we draw close or even hug a tree we can pick up on past events, emotions etc.

Trees also have different properties, the Rowan tree is a great protector while the Oak have powerful energies to ground and restore you. but a tree is also known as a Dryad and each tree has a Faun, a Faun is a nature spirit most likely known as a tree spirit and it is their job to help the trees grow by nurturing them.  A Faun offers his consciousness to a Dryad and by doing so the tree will grow, be filled with love and will feel connected to their place of growth.  The Dryad in return provides an opportunity to the Faun to experience love and a feeling of belonging which is good because the Faun stays with his tree for life.

A few years ago I had a very odd experience on my way home in the car, it was late afternoon and I was driving on the main road through a village and to the left of me was a small common with trees and as I approached I saw a pair of legs that looked that of a Faun, all I could see was from the waist down, there was nothing else,  walk from one of the trees and these feet walked to the pavement and stopped at the curb before disappearing from sight.  You can imagine my thoughts at this point but I did shout out to the kids to look but it happened so quickly.  A Faun maybe off for a walk and then realizing he was visible to the world or maybe me being over tired, I like to think I saw something magikal.

So there you have it, my connection to trees or the Dryads and why I talk to them and take photos which brings me onto the next section, Dryads can be seen with the naked eye but really come to life via a camera and I have taken some wonderful photos, take a look and see what you think.

Dryad blessings

Rachel x

Friday, 9 November 2012

A Challenge For The Next Month

I was inspired yesterday by a lovely lady on Twitter who had set herself a challenge of writing on her blog everyday for a month and it got me thinking could I take up such a challenge........yes I think I can so for the next month every day I shall blog.  Now, I'm not sure what each blog will be about until the day and it may be a long blog or a short blog but I am determined so here goes. x

Day 1

Pay it forward

I am a believer that if someone does a good deed for you then you need to pay it forward so that the energy carries on.  It's no good to anyone if only a few keep accepting acts of kindness but yet we never repay them to another person, everyone can benefit from a good deed.

I've always loved to give, to make people happy and feel good about themselves and this I give freely through my writing because I write more confidently than I speak lol.  Helping another person does have a feel good factor about it but it's not really about that it is about helping someone who is vunerable, ill or if they have gotten themselves into a pickle, we all at some point in our life have needed help and chances are someone gave us that help.  Where would we have been without the consideration of another kind soul?.

Pay it forward can be achieved in many ways such as financially, emotionally etc and here are a few ways that I love to pay it forward.

* Give your biggest smile when eye contact is made whether you know the person or not because it may be just what they need to help them through the day.

*Give your seat up for someone who looks like they could really do with taking the weight off their feet.

*It may be someone elses turn to make the coffee but if your work colleague looks stressed make it for them  and add a extra touch, add a biscuit.

*Bake a cake, this is always appreciated!.

*Send a text to family or friends saying you are thinking of them today.

*Do the shopping for someone who is unable to,  maybe they are ill or cannot get out and about.

Paying it forward means you are grateful for being paid so to speak, in times of self  need we hope others will be there for us so in times of  being able to, give some of yourself and do something for another fellow human.

I'm going to pay it forward with lots of hugs for you all.

Rachel x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Faery Roots

Faery Roots

The Faeries belong to a group known as the Elementals. The Elementals are made up of the four elements North~Gnomes, Air~Sylphs, South~Salamanders and West~Undines. Faeries are beautiful beings of Nature although it is said that they used to be fallen angels and they came to help Mother Earth but I think they are quite a blessing to our planet for they look after her well or at least they are trying hard to. They have been around for a very long time and many stories can be found upon the pages of books, they haven't always had a good write up either!.

My interest lays within the good fae and the tireless work they carry out, they always give and enjoy doing that but we too can give back to them and show how we respect and appreciate them. We first need to connect to the fae before we can carry out any work with them, I am going to set you upon a path of your own where you will gain the confidence to call upon them to guide you.

Firstly you can ground yourself by imagining roots coming from the soles of your feet and digging deep into Mother Earth's core, take the roots down to the centre until you find a point where you can wrap those roots firmly round a solid object such as a rock. Now the roots will make their way around the object and back up through the earth and around your ankles. You are now grounded and this is important for balance within ourselves. When you feel ready I want you to take yourself outside as this will be the best place to connect to the fae. Stand still and slow down your breathing all the while looking around you, you will feel drawn to one area, kind of like being pulled and you should follow this pull. Let it take you forward but always be aware of where you step! And eventually when you feel the place you are stood is the right place take a few moments to take it all in.

I want you to sit down upon the ground and cross your legs, place your open hands palm upwards upon your knees. It is important to listen to what is going on around you, everything will start to heighten in sound and colour. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe in and then exhale slowly. The fae will now be curious about you because you are doing something that they understand, you are taking time to connect your energies to your environment. So now is the perfect time to call them forward, speak from the heart and let your words flow with ease and if you want you can write it all down beforehand in case you forget and believe me it happens to us all! My words are just an example as I would encourage you all to discover your own spoken truths.

“I call upon the beautiful fae to come forward and bless me on this day,
Grace me with your presence and let us together discuss the way forward,
That you guide me and show me how to help nourish Mother Earth,
To show her the love and the support she requires in order to continue on.”
“I ask that you work alongside me giving me advice on the smaller issues,
Such as looking after my community, my environment,
Hold my hand and guide me towards a bright and successful future,
Together we can stand tall and spread the magick within to the world.”

Once you have finished and you feel ready to, stand up and thank the fae for listening and stepping forward, the fae do not really like to be thanked but I always do as it is polite, you can also leave them a offering of a little cake, milk......Do not get yourself down if you see, hear or feel nothing the first time for it may take a couple of tries, after all the fae want to check you out, to make sure your intentions are of love and light. I urge you to keep a Journal and in the meantime recycle, sow seeds, water the garden, tidy up litter as this will go towards your seriousness of helping Mother Earth flourish and more importantly have fun and involve the family.

Faery Blessings x


© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress
My article taken from the magazine "The Wand"