Tuesday, 13 November 2012

World Kindness Day

Day 5

Today is World Kindness Day although we should show kindness every day it is a great reminder to have these World Days as they emphasize what we should already know and it allows us to sit up and think about what we can do.  Giving another person some form of kindness isn't always about those who are less off than us, we've all at some point benefited from a caring or concerned person just as we have all repaid that kindness.  As I have said kindness should be shown every day and there are many ways in which we can do this such as:

**A hug

**A smile

**Offering help to another person or animal

**Lending a sympathetic ear to someone who really needs to talk

What about the stressed mother with two toddlers standing behind you at the shopping till who has one or two items but you have a trolley filled to the top, do you let her go before you?  or that gentleman who has lots of shopping bags and is struggling to open a shop door, do you pass by or open the door for him?  it's all about how we would like others to treat us and I know I've been in that queue with 1 item or trying to get through a shop door with a pram.  Of course there will be people who will not say even a thank you for this act of kindness so just thank yourself out loud :) and know you a loving and caring member of society.  Mother Earth needs you and your beautiful soul.

Rachel x

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