Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ambassador For Mother Earth

Day 6

I had a wonderful meditation last night in a class I attended and it has inspired this blog, I was asked to be a Ambassador for Mother Earth and I accepted.  I believe that each and every one of us has the potential to be an ambassador for Mother Earth if we so choose and in this day and age it's really important to each play our part.

Mother Earth needs people to heal her because right now she is trying to keep her head above the water, anyone can send healing and all you need to do is:

**Light a green candle and focus your energies upon the whole of Mother Earth, imagine a white light that gently embraces her while saying "Healing light embrace her world and heal from within"

Mother Earth needs our love and you can do this in many ways.  Show how much you love  by doing some of these you'll have the blessing of the faeries too.

**Recycling~We cannot keep using the Earth literally to bury our rubbish, it's like sweeping dirt under the rug until eventually the rug can't take no more so put food scraps on the compost, unwanted clothes to the charity shop, newspapers, tin cans, bottle off to the recycling center.

**Keep the environment clean~It really annoys me when people just throw their rubbish onto the ground, there's always a bin somewhere.  Most of us clean up after ourselves and it's important that we teach our little ones to do the same.

**Replenish~Make sure in dry weather that you water plants and flowers, you can use the water from when you wash the dishes.  Sow seeds for flowers or vegetables, Mother Earth loves colours.

There are many more ways in which you represent Mother Earth so are you ready to embrace the energies and become a Ambassador for Mother Earth?


Rachel x

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Miss Lady Lavender said...

Must get a green candle <3 Thank you for the tip and your lovely post. Perhaps another way we can show her our love is by taking a walk in her beauty and give a big hug to a tree, i love tree hugging, if you allow yourself to really let go and stay with it you will feel their amazing energy fill your soul in return <3