Friday, 13 May 2011

Successful Connection To The Fae

Faery blessings on this lovely evening to you all. One question I am asked a lot is how can I best connect to the Fae. There are many ways in which we can and do connect each individual and with varied results. One way which I will discuss here is meditation. Meditation allows us to explore places that are unseen and untouched, a place that holds a special memory, we can see, feel, hear and be apart of something unique to us, the person within the meditation.

We are given the freedom we need to grow, to blossom by means of connecting to the Fae, in meditation they can guide and give us much knowledge without the interruptions of daily life. You can be in the company of Kings, Queens, Fae, Elementals, attend a gathering and listen to stories, poems. I like to go on my own journey, to see who comes to take my hand and whisk me in to the Land of the Fae but if you are just starting out then maybe it is best you purchase a guided Cd.

Preparing your area is very important, you need the correct ambience, you want to be relaxed. Choose somewhere that is quiet and where you won't be disturbed, cleanse the area by visualizing a white light swirling around the room sucking up any energies from the day, these energies once inside the swirling disappear. Light a few candles but make sure they are safe, we don't want them falling to the floor or near anything that can catch fire!. I like to burn Frankincense oil as this helps to connect us spiritually, you can place some drops on a cotton wool ball and place on a warm radiator or you can place in a oil burner being careful again. If you are free styling (no guided cd) with the meditation then play some background music that you know will take you to the Fae.

Make yourself comfy and then ground yourself and then protect, it's important you take time to do these. To ground simply imagine a white light entering your crown the top of your head, it makes its way down every part of your body until it exits at your feet, take the light don into mother earth and go deep until you find a steady rock in which to wrap the light around, then once you feel secure bring the light back up through mother earth, up through your feet and into your body, you should now feel grounded, steady, connected firmly to yourself. To protect yourself ask Queen Mab to place a bubble blue in colour around you, ask her for protection.

If you are following a guided Cd make sure you listen and follow word for word, let yourself go and enjoy every word spoken, feel those words and let them resonate within you. If you are free styling then take in every moment, every sound and enjoy the journey. Meditation can take a few times to really get into it and to feel that you are really experiencing something, don't worry if you don't see much at first, practice will help this. Once you have finished don't forget to thank all those involved, write down your experience in your Book Of Magic and leave some milk outside for the Fae. I have this lovely meditation of mine to share with you, make yourself familiar with it or get someone to read it to you.

The tree's branches cascade down to form a long and winding archway that seem to be never ending,  you wander through.  There is a beautiful warm breeze with a hint of lemon in the air.  As you walk under the branches you can hear a harp, the music is breathtaking and resonates within your whole body.  It gives you a feeling of joy and new adventures to come.  The path you are on holds many wonderful sights, the flowers are majestic colours, the stones are big and decorated with gems that sparkle, there are millions of bubbles floating upon the air, you are certain you catch a glimpse of a faery or two.  The harp music seems to be coming from behind a cluster of green bushes so you walk to them and go around, there before you sat upon a oak carved stool playing the harp is the queen of the Buttercup fae.  She looks magnificent dressed in her royal buttercup colour robes and thousands of sequins, in her golden hair a crown made from leaves, ribbons and buttercups.  As you walk closer she acknowledges you with a smile, her beauty captivates you and her blue eyes are so soft and loving.  You sit down just beside her and the harp she is playing, you feel at peace here.  You lay back upon the grass and relax, your eyes close, I will leave you here for a short while to think about your past, present and your future.  The queen will not speak but will play her harp, I shall leave you now........................(leave yourself around 3 minutes here) Now it is time to gather yourself up, in respect for the queen you gently nod your head towards her and she does the same back, you can almost here her thoughts and know that she enjoyed your company today.  You head back towards the bushes and back onto the path, it leads you to the cascading branches and as you walk through them you are aware of your natural surroundings x