Thursday, 18 April 2013

Weather Faeries Are Confused!

I am convinced the Weather Faeries are confused and that they are bustling about bumping into each other.....either that or they are drunk and are playing games.

This morning the clouds were black and heavy and a smell of rain hung in the air so typically it was the school run.  We'd been in the car for 2 minutes when the heavens opened and it was so bad I had the wipers on super speed which to be honest don't really do what you expect and you can't see too good so there I am squinting and driving about 2 miles an hour (not just me but other drivers too) and there are water blockages slowly building up.  I dropped the two older ones off and waved goodbye only to be informed when I picked them up at the end of the day they ended up getting drenched oops.

It's now late afternoon and hubby is fixing my car while I sneaked off to tend to my garden because the sun is shining, it's lovely and warm with a very gusty wind and to be honest watching hubby do mechanics isn't interesting stuff.  I've done well out back weeding, clearing away dead leaves although I have no idea where they have now come from, faeries probably having some fun I think.  I'm really very pleased with how my herb section is coming along, the Mint is pushing up as well as my Lemon, Sage, Chives, Fennel and boy do they smell lovely.  My Thyme has doubled in size outwards not upwards but I use this herb for protection of the home so that's good. 

My Jasmine is budding along with my Lavender, Heather, Carnations and my collection of other lovely flowers/plants, so I am one happy lady today.  So I was reluctant to come in but a cup of tea is calling to me while I settle and watch the news.

I love late afternoons outside, there are the birds who begin their song and the world seems to have slowed slowed down...or is that just me? mmm anyway I still believe the Weather Faeries are enjoying their fun and I have a feeling the weather isn't going to settle down just yet!


Rachel x


Anonymous said...

Living in south Louisiana, I am quite accustom to crazy weather. However, I am even astounded that the temperature will be in the 40's(F) tonight. I am definitely NOT used to such cool temperatures at the end of April in Louisiana!

Rachel Curtis said...

What a lovely place to live. It's cool here in Wales UK for most of the year :( swap you for some sunshine :)

Rachel x