Friday, 30 March 2012

Goddess Magick

Goddess Magick

The word Goddess can be found almost everywhere these days , we see images of beautiful women who appear to have it all, looks, wealth, adventure, handsome men but what is a goddess and how can we call upon her to help guide us. The term goddess derives from the latin meaning Dea and means female deity and the word deity means supernatural immortal being, in some cultures Goddess is associated with motherhood, love, war, death and people believed they had special powers.

There are many stories on both Goddesses and the Gods and there are some great books out there on them but what I want to do here is to introduce a few of the Goddesses and how we can embrace their energies into our daily life and work with them. There are many ways in which you can invoke the energies of the Goddesses and how you decide is up to you, maybe you like to set up a Goddess Altar laidened with your tools or perhaps you prefer to just sit quietly and call to her. For me I do like to set up my Goddess Altar, it becomes a ceremony for me where I can focus on the task ahead and really dedicate my energies to where they need to go but on saying that there have been times when I have just whispered her name and asked for her guidance, they both work.

If you wish to set up a Goddess Altar the basics you need:

White cloth (can be used for any magick)
North ~ Earth ~ Soil (place in a small container)
East ~ Air ~ Incense or Feather
South ~ Fire ~ Candle (white or a colour that corresponds with your requirement)
West ~ Water ~ Water

Athena ~ Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Intelligence & Skill.

How often are we presented with a new challenge but feel unable to carry it out because we have no experience or skills to offer. We may also worry about not being able to grasp these skills and don't wish to look a fool but with guidance from Athena we can put aside those worries and actually enjoy the new project whether it be a hobby or a job opportunity.

Bring in the colour yellow as this is used for learning and the mind.

Goddess Athena with your great ability at skill,
help me to gain the confidence not only within my thoughts
but within my soul to carry out the task ahead,
I know not what I am capable of giving at this moment
and I feel unable to commit myself,
I ask for your guidance in my showing of courage & determination
along with the ability to learn the new skills that will be expected of me”

Frigg ~ Nordic Goddess of Marriage, Childbirth & Motherhood.

All of the above can be overwhelming and they come with many questions, how many of us feel not worthy of love or think we will not cope. Firstly don't keep your emotions to yourself, talk to someone you trust and find yourself the support that will benefit you and your family. I want to guide you towards some motherhood magick simply because being a mother is one of the most important jobs there is and sometimes no matter how hard we try we can feel lost and even a failure, again if you are feeling overwhelmed and need help don't feel embarrassed to ask for it. Frigg cannot make everything brilliant but what she can do is to guide us, love us and let us know we are doing a grand job of raising the next generation.

Bring in the colour Pink for emotional love

In these times of unfamiliar ground, a time of change
I call upon you Goddess Frigg to gently wrap your energies around me,
help to raise my own energies a little higher,
open my eyes to the love and nurturing given unconditionally,
I ask for the strength I know lives within me,
I ask to be able to do the best I can to encourage my children to
grow & blossom, to love, be kind, have confidence, to be themselves,
my children need laughter, hugs, kisses
and lots of love and I promise to myself that this is what they will receive always,
Goddess Frigg I thank you for your guidance”

Maat ~ Egyptian Goddess of Truth & Justice.

There are times when the truth is covered up or when we wish to speak it but we cannot for many reasons. If the truth cannot be revealed you might feel like your going to burst with frustration but know that justice has a way of being served.

Bring in the colour white for Truth.

Goddess Maat who see's the truth and deals in justice
give me the strength to know that one day the truth will be revealed,
but for now help me to release the energies that are building up inside
making me feel unable to move forward,
take the words from my thoughts, the pain from out of my heart
as one day justice will be served, a lesson to be learned,
Goddess Maat wrap them in love and guide them in truth & respect”

We have to try our best in life, give it our all, there are always family, friends or someone to talk to about what we are going through. The Goddesses play a part within our lives if we so choose but they cannot bring about the changes, we have to do that, we have to help ourselves to make our world a place of love, respect, courage, happiness and the Goddesses just let us know that we can unburden our load, ask for extra guidance and even be a confidant. They cannot make life rosy or dandy but instead make the path a little more clear for us to see ahead or we may feel their presence by our side which gives us the support we need. Let's celebrate the Goddesses out there and the Goddess within.

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 2012

Friday, 23 March 2012

Faeries & Witches

Faeries & Witches

Pagan Blog Post 

Most witches work very closely with Mother Earth and in doing so are working with the Fae.  The Fae are little beings of light, of nature and you will discover them all around you even in the most unusual places.  If you think about it we both have the same goals such as healing others as well as Mother Earth,  looking after our planet so our children have a healthy and cared for home and it is said that faeries have been friends of witches for a very very long time............but there are more ways in which you are connected to the fae than you may think.

I am a witch walking a faery pathway, faery is my craft and has been since probably before I was born.  Now how many of you love your garden?  I love my garden and often can be found out there in all seasons pruning, clearing away leaves, sowing seeds and generally pouring the love within my soul in the soil.  I get excited when the first buds start to show and I love the colours Autumn brings.   Every flower has a faery as does every herb so when we use flowers and herbs to make our medicine we are calling upon the faeries to help with the healing process, their energies are within the soil, within the plant/herb and will be transferred to the person who takes the medicine.  I love to work Faery Magick and I have a perfect one for Ostara:

  "DAFFODIL~As Ostara (spring) approaches us, these lovely faeries will help bring a new start to your life. They will help you to realize your full potential by way of a dream. The Daffodil faery will show you exactly how beautiful you are, each and every one of you.   A yellow candle is required, a Daffodil and the gem Amber, then make your affirmation, you may want to ask for a dream visitation or that you can open your heart and eyes and see how beautiful you really are. (if you don't have any Amber that's ok)"

I don't know about you but I think it is so important to look after Mother Earth, if everyone invested a little time in doing this then we will see so many positive benefits.  The faeries work tirelessly to keep Mother Earth free of pollution both on land and the great Oceans but they do struggle and really need our help so when your recycling or planting trees, picking up rubbish and your own dog's poop in a bag then you are helping the Fae and they will be ever so grateful to you.

Faeries have a big heart and they do care for not only humans but animals too.  Looking after each other is something a lot of us do not just as a witch but as a human being but we also need to be looking out for the animals and the wildlife because they add so much to our world.  There are the Bees, Butterflies, Birds, yep even Slugs & Spiders that need protecting, just think about what it is they do.  By filling up the bird feeder, leaving the odd web in your home (well you are a witch :) sowing some seeds that when in bloom will attract the insects to feed all of these actions will help the Fae, why because it is what they try to do themselves only you can imagine how hard it is.

 What about trees? do you feel a pull towards them, Tree Nymphs or Dryads are beautiful and we can work with them too, I bet you hug a tree or more so a Oak when you get the chance and we have to look after our trees don't we.  The fae together with the Dryads try to protect them and themselves but our forests are being hacked down and what would a world be without trees? exactly.  Dryads is a subject I love and am learning so much about, so I want to share some Dryad Magick with you:

"The Rowan Dryad is most helpful and thinks highly of this world. She will protect against superstition and enhances a positive attitude. She is stronger around stone circles and barrow mounds. Rowan trees are planted near homes for protection and insight.  You can perform the magick near a Rowan Tree or if there is a small branch that has fallen which can be made smaller for your altar.  Place a white candle upon your altar along with a small bowl of water, crystal of your choice and some incense, say your affirmation."

When we care for our local park or woods, when we walk out in nature and pick Blackberries that we will use for a spell (yep you've guessed it there are Blackberry fae) they are connecting to our energies as we connect to theirs, they come closer to us when they feel that we have hearts filled with love and respect for each other and the world around us, when they know that we work in peace and our light shines brightly.  So you might not think you as a witch actually have anything in common with a faery or that you have even worked alongside them but quietly you have been and you don't even had to have acknowledge them, they will be drawn to your passion for human kind and Mother Earth.  So next time you pick some herbs or feed the birds think about the little folk who will be close by.


Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 2012

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Ostara Altar

What a fantastic start to Spring/Ostara, the sky is blue and the Sun King is making his presence known.  There is the most energizing fragrance upon the breeze, a fragrance that always makes me feel excited because I know of what is to come.  When we follow the different seasons and we begin to understand how important each one is we can heighten our smell, how many of you can smell a storm brewing or the rain?

I wish for you all to blessed by the new start ahead whether you are about to embark on a new life, project or job, may it bring you a passion for life and to be all that you can be.  May you find it possible to release the old and look forward to embracing rebirth into your life.  Making one change or even turning our lives completely around can be hard but we know it can be done, believe in the possibilities before you and offer them your attention.  Make Ostara the turning point in your life.

My Ostara Altar.  The flowers are so beautiful and I love the brightness of the pinks.  With my Altar I always place my items where I feel they should sit.

I love this small dish, found it at a carboot few years ago.  I saw it and knew it would represent Ostara perfectly.  There are no markings so have no history on it.

I love to see other peoples Altars because we all collect items that are unique or we may have items that we or friends have made.  Hope you all had a lovely Ostara.


Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Perfect Familiar ~ Breathes Fire!

For me the perfect familiar a witch could have would be a Dragon.  The purpose of a familiar is to join forces with you the witch, there is a very strong connection between you both.  You will discover that you have a psychic link to each other and together you will work your magick always for the good otherwise you might raise some not nice energies that will put a foot somewhere rather uncomfortable!

So why a Dragon? well you won't ever need to buy matches again or if like me you write them down on your shopping list and then forget to buy them :) your Dragon can light a bonfire if need be in one puff and save you the effort.  They will also come in mega handy if your out at a party and have had a fruit juice or two that someone has added some alcohol too insisting before you put it to your lips that it is alcohol free so by the end of the night your banned from riding your broom and you must take the Dragon's reigns just for holding onto of course while he/she flies you home......again.

Your Dragon will also be the best protector you could have, cause no one is going to be brave enough to play knock your door and run! A perfect way to lose weight too, if you instruct your Dragon to not let you near the biscuit barrel at any cost then let's be honest your really really not gonna try sneaking up on him/her during the night are no definitely not.

But on a serious note a Dragon has a variety of great traits ~

They are great protectors
The strength they possess is amazing to witness
Very brave
Will push you to your boundaries and beyond
Will be loyal
Passion lives within their heart

So you see by you coming together with a Dragon as your familiar he/she will guide you along a path that will never be dull!  you will learn to love and respect them and the friendship will tighten over time.  We entrust unto them a piece of our soul for they are allowed into our lives where we whisper our secrets, hopes, passions and desires.  The bond we share is special and after a short time together you can guarantee the above qualities in your Dragon will be within you towards your Dragon although you might have some trouble pushing them beyond their boundaries ;).  Together you nurture the knowledge, you work your magick always in the light and you both help towards making the world a well cared for and loved place with some scorches here and there!


Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 19/03/2012

Spring Has Sprouted

Good morning everyone and what a beautiful day it is, blue skies and a warm sun.  After the school run I decided to go out into the garden and do a bit of pottering about, we haven't really had nice weather and what with Jack Frost paying us regular visits attention to the garden has been thin.  So I decided to clear some dead leaves and acorns complete with tiny slugs attached *shudders at the thought,  yeah I know I'm a Witch and I do love all animals/insects etc but I'm not keen and usually my head garden Gnome Bertie encourages them to move on but I guess now and again he misses a few.

Next I decided to plant some Lilies and I really hope they sprout because they look so pretty on the package, unlike last year when what I planted out of a packet was nothing like what actually grew out of the ground!  If they are successful then they should flower as a circle but knowing me and my circles they'll flower as a square :)

For Mother's Day I had some beautiful plants bought for me, hubby took me to a garden center where I can happily spend hours just walking around, touching the plants and flowers whilst having a chat with them, no I'm not crazy well yes I might be but talking to plants is important because you need to work out which ones need to come home with you and that's an excuse I'm sticking to!  I have a photo below.

Hebe Blue Star, Scabious Butterfly Blue Beauty & Hebe Bronze Glow

I love taking care of my plants,  flowers and herbs so my next job was to clear out the top layer of soil within my tubs, I can't get over how some of them have grown since last year.  My Thyme is thriving really well and I love this herb, I have some at my front door and one at the back of my house as it is used for protection to your home.  My Chives which I love to pick for my salads are a lovely green and smell wonderful will surely keep the Vampires at no just been told that's a myth it's actually Garlic mind you Chives can be so strong I'm pretty sure one whiff and they'll be gone!.

So I'm just so excited to be wandering around my garden looking at the new buds and the green colours that are pushing through.  We have a woods on the back of our garden and if you look closely at the trees you can see brown or black buds and inside them are tiny green leaves just waiting to push through, not long now. My baby Sycamore has already got the cutest green buds.  

my baby Sycamore

I love Honeysuckle, it looks so pretty especially when it climbs over a archway and the smell is so sweet.  it encourages the Bees so that is a extra plus.  I have it in tub at the moment until I can complete my faery garden, when I bought her last year she was small but boy has she grown! must be because I'm talking to her :)


I do have many more photos but another time.  For now I can happily announce "Spring has sprouted" and there's lots of evidence around us, look after your garden and fill with plants, flowers, shrubs, herbs, ornaments and love and you can guarantee to attract the fae as well as the insects......."No, not you Slugs, there's plenty of food for you too eat which doesn't include my plants!"

May you be blessed by the Goddess and the Fae on this beautiful Ostara Eve, embrace her love and spread it onto your garden to encourage the new to grow.  We can also embrace the new in our own lives, don't be afraid to breathe in the air of the Spring Equinox and let it refresh you and re~energize your soul.

Ostara Blessings

Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 19/03/2012

Friday, 16 March 2012

To Be Or Not To Be........... A Friend That Is

Making friends can be hard for a lot of people and it seems that keeping them can be even harder!.  It takes time and effort on both parts to come together and spend time getting to know the person and the friendship may take months or years to blossom.  In the early stages people need to feel they can trust you and they might disclose something to you in private so keep your word always when you say it won't go any further.   Let them also see the real you,  you might not like your laugh and feel embarrassed about it and you hold back, if someone is going to judge you on the way you express funny then maybe they aren't what you are looking for in a friend.  I guess the first few months of a friendship are a test, trust, honesty, kindness, looking out for each other etc.

Friendships will be on different levels, we can stay at knowing each other enough to say hello and a quick chat to those that run deep, those who become family.  So what makes it work, well I feel that you have to have respect for each other, enjoying each others company helps in a big way lol but also being able to gain  knowledge that you both have discovered over the years.  There are other mixes to add to the friendship pot that I know you will be thinking about right now, it's all about what works for you and your friend/s as to how much of a bond you have.

I do believe that we have Soul Families where throughout our many reincarnated lives we come together,  be it family, friends or someone we are just aquainted with and somehow we always find each other.   For example you are in your 30's and meet someone for the first time and it's like you've been best friends for years, you just click and everything falls into place, could be a Soul Family.

So what about those who are no longer our friends, whats that all about, well I do think that people come into our life for a reason and it usually involves lessons!.  Everyone will add something to your life whether it be a positive and wonderful experience or a negative one but it is how you deal with it that makes the difference.  We can outgrow relationships and I know it might sound awful to say it but we do.  It's about growing as a person, having a different outlook on life etc and there might come a point where your not the same  person you used to be and the connection becomes weaker.  It usually is sad when this happens but maybe you can still keep in touch.

Some will leave because they have issues to deal with in their life and you end up being in the fore front of their actions, we can't tell others how to deal with their world we can only give them our shoulder and let them know we are there for them but sometimes emotions take over and we see a side to them that is not acceptable and it is then that we need to think about walking away because no matter how much nonsense is going on in your life no one has the right to be nasty to you and spit feathers.  Talking doesn't always work either so for the sake of your sanity it might be best to say goodbye.

I've been blessed to have a few friends in my life who mean the world to me, I do believe we are Soul Family.  We respect each other and you can feel how deeply we care.  We've been there for each other when times have been unkind, given each other a shoulder to cry on and a ear to listen when we need to get off our chest things that irritate, sadden us.  Those who are true friends will love and care for you as you will them so hold them close to your heart like the treasures they are and let those go who wish to leave and take from them the lessons they have shared along the way.

Here's to Friends

Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Healing With The Faeries

Afternoon my friends,

Just a short blog to share today with regards to healing and how the faeries can help.  I have to say first though that if you are feeling unwell in any way you must go and see your doctor, what the faeries offer us is something different but it can be worked alongside anything that your doctor/hospital prescribe and not as a alternative.

The faeries work in many ways and some of these ways are known to us as they might have been passed down through the generations, are buried within our soul or are shared in the here and now.  They can be called upon to guide us through certain times in our life when we feel depressed, have flu or a broken limb etc, no they cannot cure or even mend but what they do is to let us know they are with us, helping to carry us at times when we cannot lift ourselves up or they sprinkle us with energy so that we gently feel like the world is not against us and we can put a foot in front of the other and take tiny steps.  Sometimes their healing penetrates us and wraps itself around the area that needs attention infusing love, protection, positive energy, a spark that will ignite our will to fight and they also can help us to release negativity, stagnant emotions......they tend to work on our emotions because doing so will allow us to open up to the positive which in turn gives us a boost.

There are times when the fae will know that we need to rest and they try to get us to understand that, the healing process is different for each of us so take your time and don't rush.  To call upon the fae for healing requires only a few words from you such as "I call upon the fae to come to me on this day, to guide me through the days ahead and to take my hand and heart and nourish me" the words you use can be whatever you wish but sometimes we might want to use tools as well and below are just a few that you can use.

Writing down on paper how you feel can really help you to release emotions, how often do we get sad or annoyed because we cannot find a way of dealing with how we feel.  We need to go through the many emotions in order to move on or away so by writing it down you are releasing freely and you don't even have to show anyone.  Next you can burn your paper (please be careful with fire) and collect the ashes burying them deep into Mother Earth where she will disperse of it all.

Green is a very lovely colour to have around you for healing, even if you have a few cushions and throw in green to keep for times of healing.  The colour seems to bathe you in a wonderful and soft energy.  These are the colour faeries.

The crystal faeries are lovely to work with, Amethyst is one of  the best crystals to have for healing, it is particularly good for emotional problems.  Place a few around the home, carry one in your handbag or place in the bath with you just be careful you don't stand or slip on it.

Clear Quartz is another great all round crystal used for any healing.  I place one under the bed itself on my side sometimes and while I sleep it begins it's work.

There are other things we can do as well such as a vase of fresh flowers, they always bring a smile or playing your favourite music, I swear that drinking tea makes you feel much better.  I do think it is important for us to embrace anything that can help us on the road to a brighter future and I'm sure you have your own ways which work just perfect for you which is wonderful.  This is just a small snippet of how the fae can help heal, it's a gentle introduction and soon I shall bring more of the healing to you but for now stay warm, safe and know you are loved.

Rachel x


Friday, 9 March 2012

Experimental Paths

I've always been a great believer in discovering a path that works for you in a unique way.  It can be quite difficult to be who you really feel you are,  make it work and run smoothly due to many issues or obstacles in our lives.  I've never been one to follow others and my path is made up of many years of knowledge that I feel benefits myself and makes sense to me, it might not mean anything to you but I guess that's what life is all about sometimes!

From a young age I would read books on many subjects including witchcraft and I love to know how other people came upon their journey in life and what they make of it all as it is important to understand where others are coming from.  But it soon hit me that I didn't want to take a book, read it and follow everything in it because to me the underlying message for witches is to do what you feel you should be doing as long as it harms no one and this is when I really found my feet on that journey of discovery.

Being a witch has always for me been about experiments, all legal of course!.  Whether you experiment with spells/magick, crystals, herbs, how you celebrate the Sabbats etc is all entirely up to you and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.  Sure there are some amazing books out there and I own quite a few, some are my favourites and I do take from them what I need and what feels right but I will adapt alot of it to suit me.  Take for instance spells, they are not just merely spells but rather words that have meaning and a very powerful meaning if you so choose, those words should come from your soul a place where only you have access because within your soul you hold a place full of ancient knowledge that is special and unique to you plus I'm sure there are some secrets in there too!  It's ok to follow other peoples spells but when you want something on a more personal level we have to look within but where do you start?  this is where your herb, crystal etc books can come in handy because you can look for their properties but choose what you feel is appropriate for you at that time instead of following a spell's ingredient list (make your own).  That's the beauty of you, experiment and find what resonates with your body, mind and soul after all how do you think these spells came about in the first place? someone took the time to experiment with what Mother Nature had to offer and after trial and error their spell was made.

Take the Moon for instance, we know about her phases and what they mean but add something more to it, add into the mix a piece of yourself and I'm not talking about chopping off some of your hair or nails I mean add some of what makes you the person you are, think what you can do that makes you different.  If you want to dance outside under the full moon singing to your favourite song then do so as I am pretty sure the vibes will build up the same way as when chanting.

So just like those who have walked this path before us let us walk it our way.  There are customs that are handed down and there are parts of the path we cannot and maybe should not change but what we can do is add our own essence to them so I am in no way saying dismiss it as it is a part of who we are, just experiment a little.  It's a bit like cooking, how many of us follow the recipe to the T?  in time when we feel confident enough we don't need the recipe, we might keep the basics but change some of the ingredients.  Follow a path that makes sense to you and makes you feel alive.

Rachel x

© The Faery Enchantress 9/3/12

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Mermaid's Plea

A Mermaid's Plea

A mermaid sat upon the sands,
Her hair long and silky,
Jewels adorned her smooth, fine hands,
her beautiful skin so milky.
A majestic sight was to behold,
The sunbeams glistened upon her being,
A harp she held, a story to be told.
She spoke of how the oceans needed healing.
How we must pay attention to her pleas,
To look after all that lives within,
Help Mother Earth up from her knees,
Let us give our love unconditionally and not spread it thin.
The Oceans and planet will in turn flourish,
Every living thing will benefit,
She knows survival is gained by nourish,
if we all stand together and do our bit.

The Faery Enchantress © 2011

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Buttercup Faeries

Buttercup Faeries

It won't be long until you see the lovely yellow of the Buttercups, my garden is always full of them and Daisies and they invite the Bee's and Butterflies to dance with them.  I love working magick and especially faery magick so I have some Buttercup faery magick to share with you.

Take a yellow candle and light, place a Buttercup by the side as well as a Ametrine crystal.  When using flowers it is always respectful to ask the faery permission before taking and only take what you need.  The Buttercup Faeries are great to call upon when you are feeling low on confidence and need a little boost, maybe you have a exam coming up or have had a set back and your self esteem has been hurt.  Maybe you feel your throat chakra is blocked and needs to be cleared enabling you to speak more freely and to also make communications better between yourself and others.

Ametrine is used to balance and to cleanse your aura, this is important as it helps to keep you running more smoothly.  This crystal can be used to clear away any negativity that is around you so keep one in your bag or on your person if your out and about because a lot of people you come into contact with who are carrying low vibes can pass them onto us without us really knowing.  If you wish to improve communication between yourself and spirit such as mediumship then Ametrine might be the right gem for you.

Think about the words you wish you use with this magick, write them down or let the words flow from your lips at the time of the spell.

© The Faery Enchantress/Rachel Curtis

Friday, 2 March 2012

Imbolc Faeries

The Faeries of Imbolc have just begun their job upon the earth of our Mother and they are working alongside the beautiful Brighid the Irish Fire Goddess/Faery Queen who is known as the midwife to Spring. The task ahead is a mighty one for Brighid and her Imbolc Faeries for they now help to transform the soil from being bleak and almost dead to re~awakening the land. Imbolc is a time where winter feels more yesterday than today and this is very much evident in nature, you will notice some shoots starting to push their way through the ground ready to embrace some magick that has been sprinkled upon the land by Brighid herself, it is also a time when we sow seeds ready for our harvest, new lambs are born and we have a sense of new life being breathed not only into the soil but into us as well.

The Faery Queen Brighid is a giver of life, she encourages us as well as nature to grow and to blossom. We can call upon her at any time of the year but at Imbolc she will be at her strongest. Some of Brighid's attribute's include healing, inspiration to poets and she preside's over the Element of Fire as well as being the patron to Metalworkers/Blacksmiths. She will guide us with the start of a new project or venture, how many times do we have an idea but are unsure of how best to get it up and running? Below I have some Magick for calling upon Brighid and all you need to do is to light a candle as this is enough to draw her attention to you.

To be blessed by Brighid

“Brighid O giver of breathing new life into the world,
I ask that you bless my soul,
shower me in kindness, love, protection and a way forward,
renew my energies and let me breathe new into my life”

To ask Brighid for guidance

“Imbolc is upon us and I ask for Brighid to come into my life,
help me to re~discover the passion within my heart,
let inspiration be found within the new life that is all around me,
guide me to a path that I have not yet walked,
let that path be a joy to experience,
I embrace all the new energies, new life and give thanks to you”

I do like Brighid's energies, they feel so fresh and will leave you invigorated. You could write a poem celebrating her and her work as a thank you for her guidance to you.

The Imbolc faeries include the Snowdrop faeries who spring into life at this time of the year. Snowdrops are so beautiful and look like snow has fallen when in a cluster, they are also known as “Maids of February”. They bring with them a feeling of hope, that all is not lost and if we accept the love within us instead of doubting it we can turn certain parts of our life around. The Snowdrop Faeries can bring with them a warmth which they like to place within our hearts. These are lovely and gentle fae to work with, take a white candle and if you have some snowdrops in a pot place them beside the candle. Breathe the white energies of the Snowdrops in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth releasing any energies you do not need or want.

“I whisper to you the Snowdrop Faeries,
come to me and bless me with your hope so that I can feel a new way is an option for me,
to know that there is light waiting to take me forward gives me peace,
touch my heart and let the warmth from within you flow within me,
help me to melt any ice that surrounds my life so I can glow with love,
I call out to you and know that you will guide me”

Don't forget to give thanks to the faeries for working with you.

Imbolc for me is like the start of a New Year, I usually start a new project around this time and the energies I feel are so much more stronger and by calling upon Brighid and the Imbolc Faeries those energies become stronger again and the ideas flow so easily. So why not set yourself a goal, it might be that you and a friend have had a misunderstanding and it needs to be cleared up or you are thinking about learning to drive, she will sprinkle you in confidence to make that first move as sometimes an idea/thought/impulse sounds great at the time but when we are about to do something about it we can lose our nerve and a little support goes a long way.

I send blessings to each one of you and hope your Imbolc brings about the opening of another door within your life.

© Rachel Curtis

My article from "Silent Voices" Magazine

Elven Star

Elven Star ~ Pagan Blog Post E

The Elven star is given to those who wish to walk the faery pathway, the star has 7 points and is also known as a Septagram.  Each point represents a Gateway and the best bit about this is that you decide what each Gateway is going to be, so for instance you might want to bring in the 4 Elements and you might want to add "Above", "Below" "Self" etc.  The purpose of these Gateways is to prepare you for your journey to the other realm for as we work with each point our energies begin to fuse together making the connection stronger and knowledge is passed from the Fae to us and we bring them to us at the start of this journey.  When we become ready to take the next step we can then enter the other realms via our Star, by the time this takes place we should be comfortable with how we work on our own and with the Fae.  By going to the other realms we can experience their world first hand as well as use their tools such as the Wishing Well or the Golden Lantern, the one can be used for spell work and the other to guide your way through a dark passage in your life, we can also discover the gifts here that are bestowed upon us by the Fae. 

You can buy a cloth with the Elven Star on or like me have a go at making one yourself.  I'm no professional with the needle, cotton and fabric but there's something really special about making your own creations  I feel as if we are sewing our energies into our homemade items, they become more personal and we appreciate them more.  So, grab yourself some fabric, felt, beads, silver charms, buttons etc and have fun!.

My gateways:


Don't forget that you do not need to work with every Gateway each time you use your Star,  you may feel drawn to only two of the Gateways.  When the Moon is full I will work with the Gateway that represents her or if I am working a spell that requires strength from the Salamanders/Fire Element then I work from that Gateway.  You can decorate your altar as you please or as you normally do and then place your star upon it, next decide which Gateway you want to work with and you can add items around that Gateway point eg North/Earth/Gnomes place some soil there or herbs/flowers as they come from the Mother Earth.  Then work your magick.   Your Star belongs to you so get creative, enjoy and embrace the magick and most important to remember there are no wrong ways of creating or working with your Star, the energies you put in come from within and are wanting to work with love, light and pure energy.

Faery wishes to you all.

© The Faery Enchantress/Rachel Curtis