Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Buttercup Faeries

Buttercup Faeries

It won't be long until you see the lovely yellow of the Buttercups, my garden is always full of them and Daisies and they invite the Bee's and Butterflies to dance with them.  I love working magick and especially faery magick so I have some Buttercup faery magick to share with you.

Take a yellow candle and light, place a Buttercup by the side as well as a Ametrine crystal.  When using flowers it is always respectful to ask the faery permission before taking and only take what you need.  The Buttercup Faeries are great to call upon when you are feeling low on confidence and need a little boost, maybe you have a exam coming up or have had a set back and your self esteem has been hurt.  Maybe you feel your throat chakra is blocked and needs to be cleared enabling you to speak more freely and to also make communications better between yourself and others.

Ametrine is used to balance and to cleanse your aura, this is important as it helps to keep you running more smoothly.  This crystal can be used to clear away any negativity that is around you so keep one in your bag or on your person if your out and about because a lot of people you come into contact with who are carrying low vibes can pass them onto us without us really knowing.  If you wish to improve communication between yourself and spirit such as mediumship then Ametrine might be the right gem for you.

Think about the words you wish you use with this magick, write them down or let the words flow from your lips at the time of the spell.

© The Faery Enchantress/Rachel Curtis

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