Friday, 2 March 2012

Imbolc Faeries

The Faeries of Imbolc have just begun their job upon the earth of our Mother and they are working alongside the beautiful Brighid the Irish Fire Goddess/Faery Queen who is known as the midwife to Spring. The task ahead is a mighty one for Brighid and her Imbolc Faeries for they now help to transform the soil from being bleak and almost dead to re~awakening the land. Imbolc is a time where winter feels more yesterday than today and this is very much evident in nature, you will notice some shoots starting to push their way through the ground ready to embrace some magick that has been sprinkled upon the land by Brighid herself, it is also a time when we sow seeds ready for our harvest, new lambs are born and we have a sense of new life being breathed not only into the soil but into us as well.

The Faery Queen Brighid is a giver of life, she encourages us as well as nature to grow and to blossom. We can call upon her at any time of the year but at Imbolc she will be at her strongest. Some of Brighid's attribute's include healing, inspiration to poets and she preside's over the Element of Fire as well as being the patron to Metalworkers/Blacksmiths. She will guide us with the start of a new project or venture, how many times do we have an idea but are unsure of how best to get it up and running? Below I have some Magick for calling upon Brighid and all you need to do is to light a candle as this is enough to draw her attention to you.

To be blessed by Brighid

“Brighid O giver of breathing new life into the world,
I ask that you bless my soul,
shower me in kindness, love, protection and a way forward,
renew my energies and let me breathe new into my life”

To ask Brighid for guidance

“Imbolc is upon us and I ask for Brighid to come into my life,
help me to re~discover the passion within my heart,
let inspiration be found within the new life that is all around me,
guide me to a path that I have not yet walked,
let that path be a joy to experience,
I embrace all the new energies, new life and give thanks to you”

I do like Brighid's energies, they feel so fresh and will leave you invigorated. You could write a poem celebrating her and her work as a thank you for her guidance to you.

The Imbolc faeries include the Snowdrop faeries who spring into life at this time of the year. Snowdrops are so beautiful and look like snow has fallen when in a cluster, they are also known as “Maids of February”. They bring with them a feeling of hope, that all is not lost and if we accept the love within us instead of doubting it we can turn certain parts of our life around. The Snowdrop Faeries can bring with them a warmth which they like to place within our hearts. These are lovely and gentle fae to work with, take a white candle and if you have some snowdrops in a pot place them beside the candle. Breathe the white energies of the Snowdrops in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth releasing any energies you do not need or want.

“I whisper to you the Snowdrop Faeries,
come to me and bless me with your hope so that I can feel a new way is an option for me,
to know that there is light waiting to take me forward gives me peace,
touch my heart and let the warmth from within you flow within me,
help me to melt any ice that surrounds my life so I can glow with love,
I call out to you and know that you will guide me”

Don't forget to give thanks to the faeries for working with you.

Imbolc for me is like the start of a New Year, I usually start a new project around this time and the energies I feel are so much more stronger and by calling upon Brighid and the Imbolc Faeries those energies become stronger again and the ideas flow so easily. So why not set yourself a goal, it might be that you and a friend have had a misunderstanding and it needs to be cleared up or you are thinking about learning to drive, she will sprinkle you in confidence to make that first move as sometimes an idea/thought/impulse sounds great at the time but when we are about to do something about it we can lose our nerve and a little support goes a long way.

I send blessings to each one of you and hope your Imbolc brings about the opening of another door within your life.

© Rachel Curtis

My article from "Silent Voices" Magazine


Homelight said...

The snow drops have peaked their heads up from my soil. They make me smile - at how cute they are.

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Homelight,

They are such beautiful flowers aren't they, so small and pure.

Rachel x