Friday, 2 March 2012

Elven Star

Elven Star ~ Pagan Blog Post E

The Elven star is given to those who wish to walk the faery pathway, the star has 7 points and is also known as a Septagram.  Each point represents a Gateway and the best bit about this is that you decide what each Gateway is going to be, so for instance you might want to bring in the 4 Elements and you might want to add "Above", "Below" "Self" etc.  The purpose of these Gateways is to prepare you for your journey to the other realm for as we work with each point our energies begin to fuse together making the connection stronger and knowledge is passed from the Fae to us and we bring them to us at the start of this journey.  When we become ready to take the next step we can then enter the other realms via our Star, by the time this takes place we should be comfortable with how we work on our own and with the Fae.  By going to the other realms we can experience their world first hand as well as use their tools such as the Wishing Well or the Golden Lantern, the one can be used for spell work and the other to guide your way through a dark passage in your life, we can also discover the gifts here that are bestowed upon us by the Fae. 

You can buy a cloth with the Elven Star on or like me have a go at making one yourself.  I'm no professional with the needle, cotton and fabric but there's something really special about making your own creations  I feel as if we are sewing our energies into our homemade items, they become more personal and we appreciate them more.  So, grab yourself some fabric, felt, beads, silver charms, buttons etc and have fun!.

My gateways:


Don't forget that you do not need to work with every Gateway each time you use your Star,  you may feel drawn to only two of the Gateways.  When the Moon is full I will work with the Gateway that represents her or if I am working a spell that requires strength from the Salamanders/Fire Element then I work from that Gateway.  You can decorate your altar as you please or as you normally do and then place your star upon it, next decide which Gateway you want to work with and you can add items around that Gateway point eg North/Earth/Gnomes place some soil there or herbs/flowers as they come from the Mother Earth.  Then work your magick.   Your Star belongs to you so get creative, enjoy and embrace the magick and most important to remember there are no wrong ways of creating or working with your Star, the energies you put in come from within and are wanting to work with love, light and pure energy.

Faery wishes to you all.

© The Faery Enchantress/Rachel Curtis

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