Monday, 20 August 2012

Paranormal Investigators From Birth?

I've come to the conclusion that many of us are born paranormal investigators and it is something we do all our lives whether we are aware of it or not.  I can hear some questions in the air on this so let me explain a bit more.  As young children we seem to be in tune with the world of spirit so we communicate and interact with them also seeking them out when we want to, usually at this stage though we are not aware fully that it is spirit  around us as opposed to "real" people.  I know I used to tell my mother from around 2 years of age that I had been talking to my grandfather upstairs not knowing that he had passed over years previously.  Imaginary friends or are they, from personal experience mine were not! as so many others will tell you too.

Next we turn into teenagers and our fascination grows, at this point the desire to scare yourself and your friends senseless so that you end up not sleeping for the next week or won't go upstairs unless everyone else in the house has accompanied you turns us to the Ouija board.  Now, I'm not going into the right & wrong of the board personally I don't like or use them, my choice but we reach an age where we want to explore where our parents or other people have told us not to.  So we set ourselves up to communicate with spirit, seeking them out and what happens? the glass moves, a few creaking noises in the house and then you leg it!  maybe spirit don't want to be bothered by youngsters so they spook them into leaving well alone at least for a few years at least.

Late teens and the usual spirit is served in a glass with communication on the drinkers part off to say the least, late nights are definitely not vigils......well ok vigils of the nightclub scene perhaps.  A few years later and one of your friends has had a experience of the spirit kind and shares it with you all, you might shudder at the thought of a spirit being in your home but over the following years you find yourself in places such as castles, stately homes etc wondering about the energies that are there, so you start your own little investigation by taking photos for orbs, touching basically whatever you are allowed to touch to pick up on events that took place and the part that gets you excited more than anything is connecting to the people that were in the building, you stand in rooms, looking, from experience a few interesting things happen in the above places such as:

*While touching a piece of furniture, taking deep breaths and talking out loud about what you feel to your family when you come across silence and look around you only to realize that your family have abandoned you and legged it because you are acting all strange.........again.

*Your given a wide berth by strangers while standing in the middle of a room with your arms stretched outwards to embrace the energy, feet slightly parted for balance because your eyes are closed

*After half hour of the above one you really feel like you are connecting to spirit, you can hear words that you know are not yours and just as you feel ready to open up and speak someone usually a member of staff steps into your zone chatting away about the history of the room! and that blows the whole scenario for you because now you know the full history and not through spirit either.

But we never give up do we, we join organized events or if like me become a team medium and spend nights in dark, cold places with never enough batteries for the torch.  So you see, for the most part of our lives a lot of us seek spirit but a few pointers:

*Respect is always given to spirit, the place you are visiting and the people you are with.

*Grounding & protecting not only you, guests but also spirit because after all you are stepping into their energy and space and we might be the ones to release negativity etc onto them.

*A thank you goes a long way, spirit do still have manners and expect the same back.

I'm always on high alert for spirit connection and lots of happenings occur but again it is vital that you research the source when investigating activity and by that I mean:

*You hear a swooping above you and something gently touches your head, could there be bats flying around, one location we went to had bats and yep they dived, you ducked!  spirit was very strong in this old building and the results at the end of the night were excellent.

*You see a light flashing in the room, it might even move around, check for torches, car lights coming in through the window or even room sensors as these days even the old places have them.  A few of us were in a room with two windows and a red light was zooming around so we investigated the possible source, no sensors, no road anywhere near or cars outside, torches and any other light turned off.  Very interesting indeed.

*Everyone walks into a room and there in the corner you see someone, in fact you all see it, everyone jumps because lets face it your never prepared to come face to face with spirit.  A torch goes on and everyone starts laughing because it's a prop in armour!

Paranormal investigation outcomes vary depending on the job of the people involved, mediums communicate with spirit to give proof of the afterlife while the historian takes no part but takes all notes for collaboration at the end of the night to the guests who go home slightly spooked, extremely tired but hopefully having had a experience they have enjoyed.  During my time as a team medium I have experienced quite a lot of unexplained as well as explained doings and have enjoyed every minute of it, everything you have read has happened to me or to others in my presence and I do have a few stories to share further down this blog but the main point I want to share is to be open minded and enjoy the night, keep connecting to spirit when your out and about and think of all the years experience you have gained.

*Important~you have to take responsibility for your safe keeping, be aware of your surroundings, be aware of grounding, protecting, make sure you have the correct equipment such as torches not like me who tends to forget that although I have eaten my fair share of carrots I still can't see in the dark so forgetting my torch isn't a good idea!.

I was lucky enough to see a spirit of a little girl at Margam Park, it was afternoon and hubby and I were walking up the steps chatting away.  As we reached the top and headed towards the house a young girl stood staring at me from inside one of the rooms, she was as visible as hubby was so I just assumed that the doors to these rooms were open and got excited at the prospect of looking round.  She kept staring at me and didn't take her eyes off of me and I thought it might be a tad rude to keep staring at someone, there was no expression on her face but stare she did until we rounded the corner and entered the building to be presented with locked doors! we walked back out to the window, no one there and she would have to be tall to reach up over the window.  A spirit yes I think so, sometimes you have to be there to know, to feel it.

Another time we were in Carew castle, beautiful place and lots of energy, we were in the main hall, pitch black asking spirit to give us a sign.  Now as it happens I was stood with my back to the stage quite blissfully unaware of the conversion that was ongoing (I was talking to spirit myself) I did catch the word monkey and give us a sign when there was a huge noise behind me like someone jumping from a very high height, well being the professional that I am and doing what anyone else would have done I shot forward taking half the circle with me as we were all holding hands and I nearly broke a world record for the high and long jump over a long wooden table that I forgot was there.  Spirit, yes that was a very active night to say the least lol.

Of course this blog is only my take on it and others may disagree and thats ok, we're all different.....or are we.

Rachel x


Monica said...

We are all one, but some are awake and open to spirit and some are still wondering if we have lost the plot, only to discover some years later they also are interested in the spirit world after they awaken. A great blog Rachel my friend xx

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Monica,

It's great to come together with like minded people. Thanx angel for the lovely comment.

Rachel x

SoLuna said...

Hi, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi SoLuna,

Thank you so much my lovely friend, will do likewise

Rachel x

Lexi Gunn said...

That was very interesting to read. Thank you for sharing. I've always been one to believe that the spirit world exists, as my gran raised me that way. She always said that there was a little old woman who looked after her while my parents were in Canada (she was in the UK) after my grandfather's death. Knowing her as a person, she wouldn't have made it up to get people talking. She genuinely believed that someone was there.

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Lexi,

There are so many people who have had experiences with spirit, I've always believed that everyone can connect and what your gran believed to be true is definitely a interesting subject....thank you so much for dropping by x

Eco Gites of LĂ©nault said...

This is not something I have ever experienced but it does make an interesting read.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thank you x

Carol Cassara said...

This is a world I feel very comfortable in, so I'm glad to have found your blog.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thank you Carol, lovely to connect x