Sunday, 19 August 2012

Discovering Soul Art

Today's blog is about discovering your Soul Art and doesn't have faeries in it or at least I don't think it will!  In the week I decided to join a group on Facebook where everyone is paired with another and you both create something for each other, I felt this surge of excitement at the prospect of creating a piece of my work for somebody and the ideas started hitting me all at once.  So this whoosh of inspiration got me thinking even deeper and that's when it hit me "Soul Art".

Let me explain a little about this Soul Art because firstly I am no artist like the greats that have gone and the greats that are, matchstick men I'm ok with lol.  Whatever creative expression we use it all comes from the same source, a place where magick, inspiration and passion reside together, it's a place that is sacred if you like because not only is it somewhere we create but our words, emotions, experiences live here too.  This place is our soul, only we have access and no one has the key to the door so one way of sharing what lays within our soul is to let it ooze from the deep realms of soul onto paper.

Sounds daunting? well yes it can be as we are allowing others to see a side of us that might be vunerable, after all it can be nerve wracking revealing the happy side of us especially if we are full of energy that tends to work like a spring!  what we must always remember is that "Soul Art" is a big part of who we are and no two people are alike, our tastes, ideas are all slightly different so abandon those thoughts of "I can't" because you probably will listen and not do anything, know you can if you try.  Another issue is that part of our ego that starts winding you up saying things like "No one will like my work", "Is my work good enough" it's so easy for negative thoughts to take a hold and play havoc.  The most important response to your work is you and any positive comments thereafter is a bonus, yes we all want to be praised for our work but we all work in different ways and art that comes from the soul doesn't need to be like certain famous artists as many artists out there have proven already.

Work from your soul and enjoy what you do, I'm going to share some of my work, it's no oil painting.....erm nope it's acryllic, it's not quite finished either as I do feel the edges need a little extra sparkle but if I can pluck up the courage to be creative and share it so can you.  

"Soul Art"

                                                            Phase 1, beautiful bronze paint

Fire Czech beads individually glued on! took ages but I'm so pleased.  Everything sparkles a bit more than in the picture (the shadow far right is me!)

So there you have it, my piece of Soul Art and for my first attempt I'm very happy.  I have so many ideas for my next piece that I can't wait to add the finishing touches to this one and start on my next project.

Thanx for listening.


© pictures & post Rachel Curtis 2012


Monica said...

That's beautiful Rachel well done xxxxx

The Faery Enchantress said...

Thank you Monica, really appreciate your lovely comment x