Thursday, 2 August 2012

Energy Imbalance

I've been having trouble sleeping for the past few days and when I do drop off to sleep the dreams have a sense of confusion, feeling lost and unable to help tinged with a feeling of darkness that holds something not very nice within.............sounds familiar?  it seems a lot of people are experiencing bad dreams, waking up feeling sluggish and out of balance and I've put it down to a lot of energy that is whizzing around us during night time when our body, mind and soul are quiet and we are at our most sensitive.

This energy can pick up negativity, stress, hurt, anger, sadness and quiet level energies from say power lines, pollution, poisons in the air, sea etc and some of the quiet level energies are invisible to the human eye so we might not tend to think about them.  All these build up and then get thrown out into the Universe, circulating, whizzing around Mother Earth and into our dreams and this is why we feel the imbalance the following day.  We can do our bit for the environment such as recycling, keeping our communities clean and looking after the sea but what about the energies we have no control over?

We can protect ourselves when sleeping and also throughout the day while awake so I'll start with daytime first.

*We want to dispel negative energy and we can do this by making noise, I like to use my Singing Bowl throughout the house as the vibrations will push away and break up the energies you don't want.

*It's always a good idea to now and again burn a sage stick and to take it into every room in the house, by doing this you are cleansing energies.  Remember to open the windows as sage can be over powering, I have to be careful as I suffer with asthma and sage doesn't mix well with it.

*Add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to your bath and have a soak, the oil is a cleanser and will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed.

Night time

*Burn some incense such as Lavender so you feel relaxed, slow your breathing till you feel comfortable and then imagine a bubble of light surrounding you, you are aware that this bubble is a protector and will help to keep these night time energies away from you as much as possible.  Wait until the incense has burnt out, dispose of responsibly and then time for bed.

*Place in your bedroom some crystals, I love Amethyst, Tigers Eye and Clear Quartz.  Ideally you want them near you but not directly so no placing under your pillow or in the bed! under your bed, on a chest of drawers etc will be fine.

*Light a white candle and ask the faeries, angels, goddesses, gods whomever you choose to come forward and to wrap their protecting, loving energies around you tonight and to keep your room negative free.

I hope some of the above will help you wake feeling more fresh and able to take on the world and I'm sure you will find other ways to help you tackle these unwanted energies.  

Rachel x


Starr I am said...

Thanks, I too have been feeling out of sorts- will use my singing bowl to clean the house vibes... great idea

The Faery Stitcher said...

Let me know how you get on Starr I am. Thanx for stopping by and commenting x

Gillifrog said...

beautiful advice faery :)

The Faery Stitcher said...

Thanx Gillifrog

Rachel x