Monday, 28 July 2014

Feeling Recharged

We've had a lovely weekend why is why I'm playing catch up, I'm on my two week holidays and hubby had the weekend off so we took off to Malvern in Gloucester and to the steam rally.

The weekend was hot and I did get a little sunburnt, it's surprising how quickly too but with my trusty silver shawl, hat and sunglasses I managed to protect myself.

There were lots of steam engines big and small and although oily and smelly the workmanship that goes into these beauties is amazing.  There was a huge selection of American war transport as well as a small amount of British, tanks etc.

We took off to the farmers field where there were loads of tractors and young men working the field, don't envy all that hard work in this weather but watching them was much preferable.

There were stalls selling whatever you could think of and we had to have a slushie but without the alcohol, food galore, strawberries yum but at the end of the day I was so glad to come home and sit down because there aren't many seats :(

So all in all a lovely time spent with hubby, the kids are at that age when they really don't want to go, I feel refreshed but am planning next weekends capers :)

Rachel x

Friday, 25 July 2014

Spoken Words

I feel that words we speak can be more powerful than the words we think, once spoken they are out in the universe and then they manifest.  It's so important to try to keep positive even though some days it isn't possible, life happens and it doesn't always play nice.

I have a mirror in my hallway that I like to look in every morning and say outloud a positive word or two just to get my day started on a positive note, why not try it, I'm sure you have a few words that are uplifting.  Let's try it.....

I am powerful

I am loved

I am confident in all that I do

I show kindness

I can achieve whatever I put my mind to

I will follow my dreams

I am me

Now you try, every morning make it a part of your morning ritual and throughout the day if you feel the day isn't going to plan speak those positive words out loud.

Rachel x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Just A Moment

Just a moment please..........there are some days when I feel I need to say this to those who are asking too much of me.  A day can be so busy with not a moment to spare as we rush around getting everything organized and we forget to just take a moment to catch our breath.  Five minutes can make such a huge difference to recharging our body and mind and we do need regular breaks for a cuppa and especially when the weather is as hot as it is here in the UK at the moment.

Remember you are human and your body needs fuel such as fluids and food whereas your mind needs to shut down and be still.  Rushing round to the point of exhaustion won't do you any good, your whole being is likely to crash out or you'll feel run down and ill.  We aren't super humans running on empty but people doing what needs to be done while nourishing our soul throughout the day.

Just a moment please is going to be used more often I think.......

Rachel x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Today, may you be blessed with what you need.

May you be blessed with love, laughter, friendships, giggles, a helping hand, guidance, family, success, miracles, a way forward.........

Take the blessings and share them with those around you and help make someone else's day a little lighter.

At the end of today take a moment to reflect on what has past, appreciate what others have given you and find the gratitude in what you feel you have been blessed with today.

We can not change what has been done but we can change what is to come, look to the simpler things in life to be grateful for such as being able to breathe, being able to get out and about, having someone who loves or cares for you, being able to see the beauty of Mother Earth's nature, hearing something that makes you smile.

May you always be blessed with what you need.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Give A Little Love

I don't condone bad manners or anger but it does get me thinking as to why someone is acting in a way that is not nice for them and those around them.  Maybe they are having a bad day so instead of letting them get your back up and turning away from them ask them what is wrong and sprinkle them in a little love.

Some people might not feel comfortable talking or making the first move to communicate any issues and on that particular day friendships and love might be a little thin on the ground due to their attitude so allow the love from your soul to float out towards their soul.

Love cannot conquer all but it can be given and received making your day feel much better, in some cases once a person can see that you have some time for them and patience they calm down and breathe.  We all have off days with sadness and mood swings and how grateful do we feel when someone shows us kindness and the love flows gently from their heart to ours.

Rachel x

Monday, 21 July 2014

Butterfly Angel

Butterfly Angel

The sun shone down brightly from the sky
and the wind, a gentle breeze,
somewhere in the distance upon a small hill
where trees grow, great oaks and elm,
and the flowers blossom in array of colours,
she stood so still,
her hair so fair and flowing
with her arms outstretched,
her beautiful wings in all their glory.

She held so precious in her hands, a butterfly,
there he sat so silent and calm.....waiting.
She whispered soft words that carried in the air,
in an instant he fluttered his wings of such magnificent colours,
silver and lilacs with small dots of black,
and off the butterfly soared, higher and higher into the sky,
still being watched contently by the angel of the butterflies.

 Rachel x

Copyright Rachel Curtis

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Meditation Within Stone Henge

To begin we shall ground ourselves to the energy of the stones in order to make our soul connected to the Earth, we should feel balanced and strong.

Grounding ~ Circle of Stones

Imagine you are sat upon the green grass of mother earth, all around you in a circle stand tall stones. You close your eyes and relax your hands which are open and resting on your knees. You draw upon the energies that live within the stones. The wisdom, love and protection that oozes from these stones now enter you, you feel them start at the top of your head. The wisdom swirls within your mind, they now move slowly downwards and the love takes hold of your beating heart. Draw the energies down through your stomach, thighs, ankles, out of your feet where they pass deep into the warm earth, until they eventually find a strong anchor. Now pull those energies back up to you, feel them shoot through the grass, the wisdom and love re-enter your body while the protection wraps itself around the outside of your very being. You are now grounded.

Meditation~Stones & Spirit Guide

You are stood within the circle of stones at Stonehenge. The sun is warming upon your face, the air feels pure as you breathe in and out, the stillness around you makes you feel at peace and one with the universe, you feel the energies that flow, gentle whispers from many who have walked here before you can be heard before being carried off on a breeze. Still within the stones you find a place to sit and you now feel comfortable. You close your eyes and let your breathing slow down until you find a rhythm that works for your whole being.

 You call upon your guide or an angel to come forth, call twice. As you open your eyes, you notice small butterflies in many colours gently floating in between the stones, slowly, they all come together as one and proceed towards you, the colours are magical, as they disappear you can see the outline of your guide or angel. Your guide/angel smiles and sits down by you. You feel a burst of love and a mutual understanding. This is time for you to ask for guidance, to be shown a path in which you would like to walk, it's also time in which you can feel your guide/angels's vibration, to understand what it is they want to help you with. I shall leave you here for a short time......

It is now time to thank your guide/angel for all that they do, you both stand, you gently nod your head and when you feel ready open your eyes.

Rachel x

Copyright Rachel Curtis

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Time Waits For Nobody

Time waits for nobody and that's the truth.  As we get older the weeks turn into months and before we know it our birthday knocks at the door and we're another year older.  I think it is a case of time whizzes by rather than flies by and I know it leaves me feeling wiped out.

How many of us have a filled day full of work and chores that need to be done, we wonder how on earth are we going to get our list of things to do done in just one day and can we have an extra pair of hands please.  I can make my list which I swear is getting longer and longer and yet at the end of the day I haven't crossed off everything and that means extra chores added to the following day's list.

For me, housework seems never ending but I have a plan and it's called delegation.  We tend to do everything ourselves don't we because maybe we think we are the only ones who can do it properly or it's easier if we do it but I'm pretty sure other people are capable of helping out so, every day draw up a list and delegate.

By doing this it will give you more time for yourself and you might be able to sit down and have that cuppa rather than multitasking while trying to slurp your coffee/tea plus you'll discover that people are quite ok with being asked to help out.

So, from today onwards my word of the day is delegation and I'm going to try my hardest to remember to do it, after all, I'm always willing to help so it's good to have the favor returned.

Rachel x

Friday, 18 July 2014

Magikal Storms

Last night the UK was hit with some powerful storms and there are lots being shown recorded on Facebook.  We didn't have any here in my part of Wales and I feel a little left out.

As a child I loved being outside and being outside meant being free and I had this knack of being able to smell rain that was on it's way or a storm that was brewing.  I would have a song I would chant and it would get louder and louder until a clap of thunder or fork of lightening appeared.  "Thunder thunder come to play, lightening lightening strike today" still brings back childhood memories and even when there was no chance of a storm it seemed that when I would chant these words one would not be too far away.

You can feel the power and magick within a storm, the energy builds up and up and being in the middle of it you have this surge of emotions, you feel a little scared but oh so powerful, like you could you fly through the sky and alongside that storm.  The excitement of counting in between loud bangs and the anticipation of that flash across the sky, there is nothing quite like it to get the blood pumping through your veins.

Maybe light a few candles and harness some of that power that Mother Earth is releasing,  sit in front of your candles and ask that Mother Earth shower your soul in the magick, strength, determination, power of the storm that has arisen and once you feel it's breathe upon you blow out those candles, you'll also feel uplifted and energized.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What Am I Grateful For

The day has a habit of just whizzing by without me having time to sit back and think of what I am grateful for so today I have a list....

Today I am grateful for:

My funny and talented family

My new red car that works

The flowers in my garden that cheer me up

The birds singing in the garden early this morning

My daughter's birthday cards on the mantlepiece from the 12th for her 12th

Family time on the sofa watching Supernatural with my 3 kids

The rain falling on my face and refreshing my soul

Breathing in the fresh air and feeling very much alive

What about you, what are you grateful for today?

Rachel x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Little Help From Archangel Michael

For those of us who believe and connect with angels the chances are you have already worked with Archangel Michael.  He is known for his strength and protection and is associated with the colour blue.  Whenever I see him he is surrounded by a lovely blue haze, his golden locks fall to his shoulders and he carries his sword.  He is by far my favourite Angel and I often work with him and I want to share with you a few things.......

Sometimes in our life we feel we have no strength and every day can be a struggle, it might be a work load, caring for someone who is ill or just that we are not getting enough sleep and this can lead to a very long day.  Calling upon Archangel Michael to give you the strength you need to get you through the day and night can help you feel uplifted and as though you have a friend to lean on.  All you need to do is  just ask him to shower you with his strength and also remember to take some time out to relax and have a cuppa.  We should never be too busy that we do not eat, drink or rest properly.

You can connect to Archangel Michael for a little protection as well, maybe you are off to the dentist and feel a bit vunerable under the dentist's light but be warned Archangel Michael cannot stop any fillings that may be needed but he can help you to feel in control.  Whatever you feel you need protection for he can help your emotions feel secure, stronger etc but it is down to us to be aware of any dangers and to keep ourselves safe.

Archangel Michael Affirmation

Archangel Michael~Archangel Michael, the angel of protection, light a blue candle and the crystal Lapis Lazuli can be used by placing it by the side of the candle (always be careful with lit candles). You may want to take a few moments to write a affirmation, think about what it is you need and let those words flow onto the paper.  By writing the words down you are infusing them with the energies that are surrounding you and they will feel stronger.  You can keep the affirmation or you can bury it in the soil out back.  The crystal can be carried in a pouch and on your person, in the car etc.   This gem is excellent for psychic protection, inspires trust from others, brings contentment and is good for animals who are highly strung. 

I think sometimes  the very thought that we have angels with us who nurture, nourish and love us helps us in more ways than we know, they will not interfere with our life and the decisions we make but when we ask them for guidance it can come in various ways as well as emotions.  They may give feathers or pennies or a song that will mean something to you may answer a question you have or they might show themselves to you.  Enjoy connecting with those who want to connect to you.

Rachel x

Monday, 14 July 2014

Count Our Blessings

Counting our blessings can be hard especially if we have had a bad day, sad news or have the case of the grumps but we just need to turn things around and see life in a different perspective and maybe we will feel differently.

We all have problems in our life whether it be illness, family, work etc but by taking some time during the end of the day to look back on the day and count what we are blessed with it can leave us feeling a little comforted, uplifted etc.

I know it isn't always easy to see past what is going on in the here and now and that when we cannot see the end to a situation it can leave us feeling lost, alone and scared but at times like those talk to someone who can perhaps give you guidance and take it from there.

For me, every evening I mentally or sometimes I write down what I am grateful for in my life, they can be from my family to a kind word from someone during the day.  Sometimes life is so busy we don't take time to sit and think about what we do have rather than what we don't.  I'm grateful that I am alive and have a wonderful family and often when we are out in the car driving through the countryside and I see the leaves turning in the Autumn or the yellow fields in the summer I say out loud "Today I feel  blessed to be alive" and I breathe in the air.

Making small changes to the way we think can help tremendously on our outlook on life, even if you start with just one thing you are grateful for, feel blessed for then it is a start to what will become a life filled with counting our blessings.


My wild flowers in our garden......they are everywhere and give me such pleasure x

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Art Of Communication

I always thought the art of communication was a two way thing and that everyone involved in a conversation was meant to contribute but that's not always the case.  Some people just like talking more than others and you're very lucky to get two words in, once you leave the room you're left wondering why your ears are ringing and your head hurts but I've come to a conclusion.....

Some people will talk for their country because maybe they live on their own and don't have anyone to talk to so that when they hook up in work or social events they enjoy the company so much that they feel relaxed and will talk or perhaps they feel you are a good listener and that is really important to them at a particular moment in time.

I do feel that it is important for all parties to join in a conversation otherwise it can just be one sided and that's no good but sometimes we just need to listen to what the person is talking about and ask ourselves whether they need a shoulder to lean on, guidance or just need to get a heavy load off their chest, so listening and being a good friend is important.

I know that when something is bothering me I tend to talk more but I'm more of  listener and although I do like to add my voice to a conversation I am more than aware of the other person's energies and whether they need a friend to talk  to.  Find a balance between talking and listening so that everyone has the chance to join in, what you don't want is to meet up and to always be the listener, it does have to work both ways but on occasions when your friend needs to get anything off her/his chest then sit back preferably with a glass of wine, some nibbles and listen.

Rachel x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Season Magick

Just a quick post today for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.......

I love all the seasons each with their personalities that sometimes gets mixed up, I love Spring for her rebirth and all the potential of the colour that is too come, I love Summer with her warmth and harvest, I love Autumn with her beautiful colours and the changes to Mother Earth that she makes and I love Winter with her chillyness and bareness that gives us hope of the warmer months ahead.

At the moment we are in full flow of Summer and we are lucky this year because we've had mostly warm days with a blue sky and it's a pleasure to sit outside and listen to the birds singing, the bees buzzing, the butterflies dancing and the flowers blooming, it makes me feel good to be alive and although some of the leaves on my Oak trees are turning red I'm going to still cling on to Summer for as long as I can because sometimes we just don't want to let go just yet.

Rachel x

Thursday, 10 July 2014


A wish of mine is that more people believe in themselves, we tend to be missing that part of the jigsaw piece in the puzzle of our life.  To me, having belief in who you are and your abilities is important, belief helps us grow as a person, it allows us the freedom to create a environment that represents us.

Without belief we shy away from challenges and from society and bury our heads in the sand refusing to put ourselves out there.  We might slowly shrivel away and lead a life that our full potential will never know and that is such a shame.

All you need to do on a daily basis is to encourage your positive side to come out more often, tell yourself that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.  Build up your confidence and don't shy away from life but instead grab it with both hands and try those hands at creating.  Live life to it's fullest and take all the opportunities you can at having fun, being creative, being you.

I know you can do it because it resides within you....believe.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Today I'm connecting with the Angels via the deck of angel cards I have and the key topic is communication.

Communication is an important part of life, it allows us to convey our emotions, desires, what we would like others to do and it can help relationships run smoothly but too often communication is neglected and it is assumed that others know what it is we want.  

We seem to be really good at keeping quiet and we just moan to ourselves about it when infact we haven't given ourselves a voice and therefore we silence ourselves.  Yes communication can be scary especially if there is a problem you need to sort out but sitting down with others or that one person and discussing a situation or problem means you are at least releasing yourself of stress, negative energy or it enables you to delegate appropriately.

Take a deep breathe before communicating and think about what it is you plan on saying, if you can, find somewhere quiet where you and the other party can sit and be comfortable.   We can get our point across without shouting or speaking unkind words and you can guarantee that the other person didn't even realize the way you were feeling or what it was you wanted.  If you feel unable to make that first move then why not write down what it is you need to say and give it to the person/people instead, this could then open the door for them to approach you to discuss the situation, do what you feel is right for you.

It's a good idea to touch base a couple times a week, make communication top of your list of priorities,  whether you make time at the table during lunch or go to the park for half hour to get some fresh air,  communication is the key to a good work, partnership or friendship relationship.

We want to find a healthy balance within our life and communication is the way to go, speak kindly, smile and be positive because this will encourage others to do the same too.

Rachel x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Let It Go

Letting go of past or ongoing situations isn't always as easy as just letting go, the emotions that comes with sadness, anger, feeling lost can take over and leave us drained.   It can lead to depression and our lives can be altered dramatically, so what can we do?

Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling and about the situation should you feel you want to discuss what is happening or has happened.  This could be your Dr or friend etc.

Take each day as it comes and don't put pressure on yourself to get fixed overnight.

Maybe you like to have a yearly plan so you can set your goals and work towards them.

Write down how you feel, sometimes letting it all flow onto paper can be a huge release, you can always burn or shred the paper if you don't want anyone to see it.

Be more positive towards yourself, how often do we blame ourselves for something we had no control over, how often do we put ourselves down.  By thinking these negative thoughts we eventually become them.  Even if just once a day you compliment yourself on something you like about yourself or what you feel you are good at.  You'll be surprised at how your confidence will grow over time.

Just remember to be kind to yourself, life isn't always easy and sometimes crap happens and we get pulled in without a lifeboat.  Don't feel like you have to suffer because there is help out there and it's important to get that help, here in the UK we have the Citizens Advice Bureaux for advice and of course your Dr, maybe you have a good friend or family member that can be there for you.  The one thing we need to learn to let go is not giving ourselves enough credit for the positive and good things we have achieved so far in life, you are stronger than you think and I have every faith that you are able to make the changes you need in your life...... learn to love you, you are worth it.

Rachel x

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Magick Of Naz & Her Crystals

I had the pleasure of interviewing a lovely friend of mine who is passionate about crystals and so much so that in September she will see her first book published on the subject close to her heart.  Please do visit her page on Facebook as there are lovely daily quotes and messages.  I want you to meet Naz and read her story.......

When did your love for crystals first begin? 

My love affair with crystals began when I watched Breakfast at Tiffanys as a little girl and saw my first diamond. I was instantly mesmerised by its beauty, and vowed there and then to own my own one day. One day, while I was visiting my favourite childhood spiritual shop, I picked up a crystal, and prayed I’d get a book published and necklace from Tiffanys before I was 30. And this year, one week before my 30thbirthday, I got both. 

By that point, I’d been writing a monthly crystal column for Soul&Spirit magazine for three years, and was utterly mesmerised by their captivating beauty, magical powers and enchanting mythologies. I no longer merely loved crystals – I’d fallen madly in love with them.

First crystal you ever bought?  

Would you believe I’ve never bought myself a crystal? Although my little flat’s full of them, I’ve never bought one for myself. They’ve always been sent, or bought for me by others, and always at the right time for the right purpose. That’s the great thing about crystals; we don’t choose them, they choose us, and the right ones always come along at the right time. They send us signs too, and can touch our lives from afar even if we can’t touch them.  

Your top 5 must have crystals?  

Gosh – that’s a difficult one; I love them all, and truly believe every crystal – like every person – has its own exquisite beauty and power. But if I had to narrow it down, I’d pick a rose quartz to help me (and everyone in the world) open their hearts to each other – like the petals on the beautiful flower it’s named after – an amethyst to prevent us all from feeding ourselves toxic thoughts, relationships and habits sabotaging our happiness and a ruby (one of my personal favourites) to remind us that – like Dorothy with her ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz – we all hold the power within us (as Ghandi said) to be the change we wish to see in the world. I’d also pick a diamond to encourage us all to shine our light as bright as one, and a jade to remind us to see the best in each other. 

You've written a book on crystals which is out soon, could you tell us about your book and the journey you have taken while writing it?  

Absolutely! Although I’d wanted to write a crystal book for some time, it wasn’t until I had a past-life regression last year that I realised it was something I was destined to do. During the session, I’d seen myself as a little girl in Paris, where I worked on my poor father’s market stall. Each day, I’d watch a gem trader nearby setting up his stall, and pray I’d own my own one day. One day, he dropped one, and was so touched by my honesty when I returned it to him that he let me keep it. I slept with the gem under my pillow every night, and would talk to it – like a doll – every night. The last thing I remember is the little girl’s voice telling me to write a crystal book. I sent my proposal off the next day.
The book – The Essential Guide to Crystals – is a modern-day guide to crystals, written by a true crystal lover for true and new crystal lovers everywhere. 

What do you have planned for future projects? 

Crystals, crystals and more crystals!!! There are so many wonderful things I’d like to do, and writing this book has healed, liberated and empowered me in so many ways. When I first started writing this book, I just wanted it to warm people’s heart and make them smile, and if it does that for at least one person, and helps them believe in themselves and magic for even a moment, that’s enough for me.

About the author: 

Golnaz Alibagi was the deputy editor of Soul&Spirit magazine for three years. She has written for a range of publications, including Chat It’s Fate, and interviewed some of the leading figures in spirituality, including Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Marianne Williamson. She currently gives psychic/crystal readings at Psychic Sisters in Selfridges. The Essential Guide to Crystals is available to pre-order from

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Publicly Judging

No one is perfect but most of us try to be as good a person as we can with the odd mistake thrown in, this mistake is something we usually learn from and then we move onwards but we have to be careful what we say about other people and moreso when it is public and online.

Most situations are best sorted out between the people involved rather than posting on a social media site for the world to read, some personal goings on are not for everyone to know about and it saddens me when people rant online knowing the other person involved cannot even have their say.

This rant opens the door for everyone who has read the post to then judge one side of the story because let's face it all they are reading is one side of the story.  I always feel that it is best to communicate with the person involved, sit down and chat or speak on the phone and sort it out, that might involve agreeing to walk away from each other or even to be polite to each other if both parties do not wish to be friends any more but think about the words you are writing for all to see, what does it say about you that you are willing to slate someone publicly and how would you feel if it was your name being ripped to pieces.

Be a good person that has kindness and love within your heart enough to keep personal situations private and just between the people involved.

Have a wonderful day my friends and may you be blessed with love, laughter and the kindness of special friends.

Rachel x

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Magick Of Old Photos

A couple of years ago I visited a beautiful grand house where Lord and Lady someone had lived, I love the history of the house and especially love the furniture and nik naks.  While walking into the round sitting room (yep it was round) there in the fire place something caught my eye so over I went to investigate and that's where my passion started.

The fire guard that covers the fire place so that it looks tidy was decorated with old Victorian photos, there were women, men and children and it was so unusual that I went away with the intention of creating one for our home but I had no idea where to buy the photos from so it got put on the back burner.

My husband and I like to visit antique fairs so a few years after visiting the grand house we took off for the day and to the antique fair, soon my heart began to thump with excitement because there on the table was a pile of Victorian photos and the rest is history.

I now have a wonderful collection which is still growing, my collection consists of Victorian albums as well as loose photos.  I love to connect with the people looking back at me and do wonder what kind of a life they had, where they lived and in particular I love the clothes the women wore.  It is quite sad to think that some of these people had a hard life and with a lot of the photos it shows.

I like to give the photos a loving home where they will be cherished by me and looked after, it is hobby that connects me with the past and since I love tracing my ancestry it gives me an insight into how my ancestors lived.  I get excited when names are written on the back or a postcard type of message, the very thought that I'm reading a message that was written all those years ago by someone who might have been in service, who was happy or were trying to better their life makes me wonder what became of them.

It is a hobby, a passion and one I will continue because these old photos have a sprinkling of magick within them.

The last two photos are of the same couple, I bought the photos at different antique fairs, one was in Wales and the other in England, what were the chances of that!.....this is a very small part of my collection and soon I'll add more photos.

Rachel x

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Joys Of Being An Earthie

I'm sat here in my living room looking out onto my back garden and to the woodlands which are directly behind me and it makes my heart flutter a little and even though it is raining I want to go barefoot out into those woods and converse with the energy that is there.

I've been a Earth spirit since a baby, I've loved crawling on the grass and picking daisies to roaming the mountain that surrounded my childhood home.  I've always felt a deep connection to Mother Earth and am at my most content when walking through woods as I can pick up on the trees energies, the smell of moss that lingers in the air and watching for the little woodland creatures as they scurry away with their food finds.

I feel so blessed to live where I do because in any direction and in no time at all I am able to walk through wooded areas, along a beautiful and secluded canal where I can watch dragonflies, spot pretty flowers pushing their way up through the earth, collect nuts from the tress and elderflowers.  This gives me so much joy and I feel as one with my surroundings, it is as though Mother Earth shares her energy with me as I immerse myself in her greenery.

For some of you, you might feel a deep connection with water, being up in the air or around fire....which are you connected to......

Rachel x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Magick Of Summer Holidays

I'm talking about the summer school holidays which I know there are parents who love em or hate em and I'm in the love em category.

There are only 2 weeks left for the kids in school and by this time of the year I am shattered, I can feel my energy drooping and the longing to stay under the duvet get stronger and stronger to the point where I dangle my legs over the side of the bed while laying down still and hope that is enough...alas not lol, so not a fan of the alarm clock when it goes off at 6.20am.

I have 3 children and as much as I do love doing the school run it seems to be going on forever and I have quite a few more years left (I am counting down) plus I work shifts which can mean no lay in on a weekend for a few weeks and I do appreciate a lay in but the school holidays have always had a magick sparkle to them even when I was a kid, they seemed to last forever and I loved that because I was an outdoor kid.

The summer holidays for me means no routine yay, spending time with the kids although being kids they have their own interests eg tablets, mobile phones so I don't get much of a look in unless there is food and a family dvd involved.....oh yes and a shopping spree but even though I still have to work through the holidays it just means we aren't living dangerously to a dead line with time, no stress first thing in the morning with "Have you brushed your teeth" and "Have you had breakfast" to "Where's your coat, you'll need it" and trust me this lasts until they are well into their teens!

You'd swear it was me breaking up from school and I guess in a way it is because some days I still feel like that child that has the magick of the summer holidays around the corner.

Rachel x