Monday, 7 July 2014

The Magick Of Naz & Her Crystals

I had the pleasure of interviewing a lovely friend of mine who is passionate about crystals and so much so that in September she will see her first book published on the subject close to her heart.  Please do visit her page on Facebook as there are lovely daily quotes and messages.  I want you to meet Naz and read her story.......

When did your love for crystals first begin? 

My love affair with crystals began when I watched Breakfast at Tiffanys as a little girl and saw my first diamond. I was instantly mesmerised by its beauty, and vowed there and then to own my own one day. One day, while I was visiting my favourite childhood spiritual shop, I picked up a crystal, and prayed I’d get a book published and necklace from Tiffanys before I was 30. And this year, one week before my 30thbirthday, I got both. 

By that point, I’d been writing a monthly crystal column for Soul&Spirit magazine for three years, and was utterly mesmerised by their captivating beauty, magical powers and enchanting mythologies. I no longer merely loved crystals – I’d fallen madly in love with them.

First crystal you ever bought?  

Would you believe I’ve never bought myself a crystal? Although my little flat’s full of them, I’ve never bought one for myself. They’ve always been sent, or bought for me by others, and always at the right time for the right purpose. That’s the great thing about crystals; we don’t choose them, they choose us, and the right ones always come along at the right time. They send us signs too, and can touch our lives from afar even if we can’t touch them.  

Your top 5 must have crystals?  

Gosh – that’s a difficult one; I love them all, and truly believe every crystal – like every person – has its own exquisite beauty and power. But if I had to narrow it down, I’d pick a rose quartz to help me (and everyone in the world) open their hearts to each other – like the petals on the beautiful flower it’s named after – an amethyst to prevent us all from feeding ourselves toxic thoughts, relationships and habits sabotaging our happiness and a ruby (one of my personal favourites) to remind us that – like Dorothy with her ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz – we all hold the power within us (as Ghandi said) to be the change we wish to see in the world. I’d also pick a diamond to encourage us all to shine our light as bright as one, and a jade to remind us to see the best in each other. 

You've written a book on crystals which is out soon, could you tell us about your book and the journey you have taken while writing it?  

Absolutely! Although I’d wanted to write a crystal book for some time, it wasn’t until I had a past-life regression last year that I realised it was something I was destined to do. During the session, I’d seen myself as a little girl in Paris, where I worked on my poor father’s market stall. Each day, I’d watch a gem trader nearby setting up his stall, and pray I’d own my own one day. One day, he dropped one, and was so touched by my honesty when I returned it to him that he let me keep it. I slept with the gem under my pillow every night, and would talk to it – like a doll – every night. The last thing I remember is the little girl’s voice telling me to write a crystal book. I sent my proposal off the next day.
The book – The Essential Guide to Crystals – is a modern-day guide to crystals, written by a true crystal lover for true and new crystal lovers everywhere. 

What do you have planned for future projects? 

Crystals, crystals and more crystals!!! There are so many wonderful things I’d like to do, and writing this book has healed, liberated and empowered me in so many ways. When I first started writing this book, I just wanted it to warm people’s heart and make them smile, and if it does that for at least one person, and helps them believe in themselves and magic for even a moment, that’s enough for me.

About the author: 

Golnaz Alibagi was the deputy editor of Soul&Spirit magazine for three years. She has written for a range of publications, including Chat It’s Fate, and interviewed some of the leading figures in spirituality, including Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Marianne Williamson. She currently gives psychic/crystal readings at Psychic Sisters in Selfridges. The Essential Guide to Crystals is available to pre-order from


Francene Stanley said...

I love crystals too. They are scattered in peak spots around the house. I've written novels about an ancient star moonstone ring, which has powers to create visions. But that's fiction. I've never experienced such a thing. haha.

Rachel Curtis said...

Aren't crystals magical :) what are your favourite crystals Francene around the house? x

Suzy said...

Very interesting post. I love crystals too, but don't own any. I think crystals are powerful so need to be treated carefully. Dropping by from UBC.

Rachel Curtis said...

Hi Suzy, they are indeed powerful, thanx for dropping by x

Vinodini Iyer said...

This is such a coincidence. Second time today I come up across the topic of crystals. I had left a comment on someone's blog two days back, which about keeping a gratitude stone. I had left a comment telling her that I've been looking for one but haven't found one. She responded back today asking me to use a crystal till I found a stone. I don't have a crystal either :)

Rachel Curtis said...

Sounds like you are being pulled towards crystals Vinodini, do you have a shop near you that sells them? or maybe buy online, I know buying online isn't quite the same but if you are drawn to a picture of one then that is the one for you....let me know how your crystal finding goes x

Lexi Gunn said...

Thank you for sharing this, Rachel. I've always been drawn to crystals. I love their beauty and mystical-like qualities. I used to have a rose quartz and would carry it around with me, but it went missing during one of our moves. We keep thinking it will turn up, but I really believe that it is sitting in one of our old flats in Birmingham, which is a real shame. I do have my own little ruby though--my daughter was born in July, so ruby is her birthstone.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thanx for stopping by Lexi, I don't like misplacing anything I'm attached to so I hope a Rose Quartz comes your way soon and that the one left in the flat is being loved by someone......I love Rubies, so pretty x

Sophie Bowns said...

I always have crystals on my bedside table!

Rachel Curtis said...

What ones do you have Sophie? x