Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The 4 Elements

The main Elementals

Fire Elementals~Salamanders~These elementals have a quite a reputation for being tempremental, which is why when lighting fires you need to be responsible, I guess they get excited when called upon. They have a strong personality as well as strength. You will always find them close to you when your passion is alight as they are attracted to this and will help you to drive forward. Drawn to our fears in order to give us guidance. If you look at their essence then you will note they have a fixed thin red essence as well as other colours for their emotions. We can call upon the salamanders and they are always true to their word when you ask for help as long as you show respect back. Why not make some elemental magic, start off with a red candle and your elemental blessing.

Earth Elementals~Gnomes~These elementals have a very fun side to them and you can often hear their laughter being carried through the woods, you may even hear their whispers. Earth elementals help us to connect firmly to mother earth and are very good at helping us to protect and ground. They have a good old sense of loyalty to those who invite them into their world. Wisdom is to be found in abundance so call upon them when you need some. Very hardworking they see what they start through till the end. A lot of colour is to be found where ever they roam so invite colour into your life and they will follow. The colour of their essence is brown. 

Water Elementals~Undines~Most known elementals are the merpeople. They carry a mysterious side to them and can be mesmerizing to the point where we forget time and everything stands still around us.They have a loving nature to them and are friendly, they will offer those in trouble help. They have a powerful mind. Once in the sea/water they connect to you, think back to swimming in the sea, have you ever felt someone nearby but there's no one there?. Their colour is a beautiful blue/green.

Air Elementals~Sylphs~These elementals love the feeling of being carefree and this is obvious in their nature as they come and go as they please, they have quite a mischievous personality, when the wind blows your umbrella inside out guess who! They are great to call upon to take yo back to your past and the memories you hold there, they will help you to clear your mind, to see clearly, they will jump into your mind and help you to remember. Call upon the Sylphs in meditation. Their colour is white.  Known to dwell upon mountains x

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