Friday, 1 June 2012

Lemon Faeries

The Lemon Faeries
I love the smell of lemon's, such a clean and refreshing smell which leaves you feeling uplifted. These faeries can help to purify your body and mind, leaving you feel as though you have washed away any negativity that might have clung to you, they can also help with love and with friendships.
I want to talk more about the purification, especially if you are prone to nightmares. By placing a few drops of lemon essential oil in some water in a oil burner you are infusing wonderful cleansing energies and releasing stale and stagnant vibes, leaving your body and mind feeling re~energized and clean just like a fresh slate upon which you can now embrace positive energies within.
"Lemon faeries with your cleansing energies,
take away all that is is not wanted within,
let me be free of stale, stagnant or negative vibes,
I shall start my day fresh and feeling so alive,
ready to face the world, radiant and happy,
filled with love and hope for the day ahead,
thank you"
**Avoid using Lemon essential oil if you have sensitive skin
With all essential oils you need to be careful when using them, I highly suggest investing in a book which will inform you of who should not use them due to certain illnesses or allergies etc or consult a qualified aromatherapist.

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