Friday, 1 June 2012

World Faery Day

June 24th all over the world is known now as World Faery Day.  It is a time when those who work with the faeries or who simply love anything faery can come together and show our love, inspiration, connection to the fae.  You may have noticed here on facebook the great excitement of tomorrow, there are invitations going round to join in.  I have added the link where it all started

There are many ways in which to celebrate and I will add a list here.  Don't forget to take photo's and add them or even to tell myself and others about how you celebrated as we would all love to know.

Bake a cake, decorate with sprinkles.  Leaving some out for the fae.
Paint a pebble and add a faery word such as bubbles, inspire, dream etc, leave in your faery garden.
Create a wind chime with bells, ribbons, shells and hang outside.
Plant some herbs.
Paint a faery picture and hang upon your fridge.
Make a faery door with salt dough and decorate.
Make a faery crown for yourself or for the faeries, the fae love crowns so one for them would be great.
A faery book, a miniature book with drawings, poems, sticky gems added.
Fresh flowers in the home.

For your faery altar~
A pretty coloured cloth.
Small bowl of water with gems placed in it.
Decorated candle~You can add stamped images.
Make your own faery wand.
Rose petals but only those that have fallen off the rose.
A elven star made from sticks fallen from the tree and decorated.

Be creative~
Dedicate a poem.
Write a affirmation.
Make a collage of all faery pictures you love.
Make miniature faery wings.

This is a fab way of getting children involved, get out the glitter and glue and leave them have fun and mess!

Faery blessings.

© The Faery Enchantress June 2011

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