Friday, 22 July 2011

About Me

Faery blessings to you all,

I thought I would tell you more about myself and what I do.  I don't know about you but I love to know what makes a person tick.

Spirit entered my life at 2 years old where I would often talk to my grandfather who had passed over some years previously, from there I was visited often by Morgan Le Fay a beautiful Faery Queen. As a child I would astral travel with Morgan Le Fay and we would chat for hours.  I have always been in contact with the fae & elementals, since my childhood right through to now.  They would appear to me as themselves or more often than not as orbs.  My faery name is Snowdrop and I have a beautiful faery guide Moya.

As a child I always knew I was different, I could feel it within.  At the age of 12  I first read tarot, 15 palm reading was discovered and by 17 psychometry. Everything else followed. It is I believe inherited from my ancestors, my great grandmother read tea leaves and tarot and a great grandfather often attended the spiritualist churches. 

I love writing, I produced a one off valentine magazine in school which sold out and I was always to be seen scribbling away in my notebook, poems, songs, proses etc.   I do a lot of charity work as it is important to help where we can, it usually involves card readings and I have organized a few charity evenings which in turn have been very successful.

I am a faery priestess, following a faery wiccan pathway.
I am a Admin Angel for both of Jacky Newcomb's groups on facebook.

I ran a psychic development & mediumship class from June 2010~June 2011.
I was a team medium for a paranormal group for a few years and won team medium for 2010 & 2011.

Faery hugs

The Faery Enchantress x