Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Positive Mantras

You can never have enough positive energy in your life and the more the better but getting yourself on that ladder to happy energies can seem far off or unobtainable when we are bogged down with daily life and situations that are ongoing.

Firstly you deserve happiness and you also deserve to feel good about yourself and by allowing each of these into your life you will begin to feel the benefits, how motivational would it be to feel positive enough about you as a person to get up in the morning and being unable to wait to start the day.

Positive mental attitude and I know that most of you have heard of this but how many believe it works? words are just words right? well yes words are just words but words are powerful and when start to live them we become those words.  If you can change your thought pattern to become more uplifting instead of sad or forever pulling yourself down then the change will be worth it.

It won't be easy and neither will we constantly be positive, issues in life happen and we need to feel certain emotions in order to understand and heal them.  What we can do though is to help ourselves just feel better about who we are, a few less negative thoughts a day has got to be a far more healthy life process one that might guide us on a path to seeing more of the world, getting involved with our local community more........

So, words are powerful and having a few mantras to help you out is vital, you can say them at any time during the day or night, in any situation etc but more importantly believe them.

* I am beautiful

*I am loved

*I have abundance

*I am hope

*I am passion

*I am blessed with family/friends

*I am blessed with life

*I am love, I am desire, I am powerful

*I am worthy

Discover words of your own that make you feel good and use them often.  Set yourself a goal of saying 10 positive words today, have a positive box where you put in £1 or whatever you feel is appropriate for every positive attitude you have every day and then at the end of the week treat yourself or donate or charity.

Rachel x