Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Today I'm connecting with the Angels via the deck of angel cards I have and the key topic is communication.

Communication is an important part of life, it allows us to convey our emotions, desires, what we would like others to do and it can help relationships run smoothly but too often communication is neglected and it is assumed that others know what it is we want.  

We seem to be really good at keeping quiet and we just moan to ourselves about it when infact we haven't given ourselves a voice and therefore we silence ourselves.  Yes communication can be scary especially if there is a problem you need to sort out but sitting down with others or that one person and discussing a situation or problem means you are at least releasing yourself of stress, negative energy or it enables you to delegate appropriately.

Take a deep breathe before communicating and think about what it is you plan on saying, if you can, find somewhere quiet where you and the other party can sit and be comfortable.   We can get our point across without shouting or speaking unkind words and you can guarantee that the other person didn't even realize the way you were feeling or what it was you wanted.  If you feel unable to make that first move then why not write down what it is you need to say and give it to the person/people instead, this could then open the door for them to approach you to discuss the situation, do what you feel is right for you.

It's a good idea to touch base a couple times a week, make communication top of your list of priorities,  whether you make time at the table during lunch or go to the park for half hour to get some fresh air,  communication is the key to a good work, partnership or friendship relationship.

We want to find a healthy balance within our life and communication is the way to go, speak kindly, smile and be positive because this will encourage others to do the same too.

Rachel x


Francene Stanley said...

I so enjoy your advice when I read your blog. I agree with you. Without communicating, we might as well be locked in a garret, painting our pictures which nobody will ever see. However, some people don't do well at writing their issues down. My husband is one of those. He doesn't use tact. I guess you're good at communicating, or you're not. The key is to understand the other person's point of view.

Rachel Curtis said...

Thank you Francene, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I think it's always best to be vocal rather than writing it all down at least the person can hear your voice but yes, some people are better at speaking and others at writing x