Monday, 14 July 2014

Count Our Blessings

Counting our blessings can be hard especially if we have had a bad day, sad news or have the case of the grumps but we just need to turn things around and see life in a different perspective and maybe we will feel differently.

We all have problems in our life whether it be illness, family, work etc but by taking some time during the end of the day to look back on the day and count what we are blessed with it can leave us feeling a little comforted, uplifted etc.

I know it isn't always easy to see past what is going on in the here and now and that when we cannot see the end to a situation it can leave us feeling lost, alone and scared but at times like those talk to someone who can perhaps give you guidance and take it from there.

For me, every evening I mentally or sometimes I write down what I am grateful for in my life, they can be from my family to a kind word from someone during the day.  Sometimes life is so busy we don't take time to sit and think about what we do have rather than what we don't.  I'm grateful that I am alive and have a wonderful family and often when we are out in the car driving through the countryside and I see the leaves turning in the Autumn or the yellow fields in the summer I say out loud "Today I feel  blessed to be alive" and I breathe in the air.

Making small changes to the way we think can help tremendously on our outlook on life, even if you start with just one thing you are grateful for, feel blessed for then it is a start to what will become a life filled with counting our blessings.


My wild flowers in our garden......they are everywhere and give me such pleasure x


Anonymous said...

So happy I found you - to "start" my day (Well, not really ... so, let's say the UBC day. Looked for you yesterday.)

Indeed, gratitude is powerful. It's a muscle you can easily develop day by day. As you say, the real challenge is to be grateful when times are hard.

Another "game" I play, particularly during difficult times is to see how long I can make my gratitude list. It works. It doesn't necessarily change my circumstances, but at least my attitude.

HUGS, dear friend. Grateful you have come into my life. <3 (Judy - CTCS)

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Judy (Humblyhuman)

Thank you my lovely, I always appreciate your comments.....that's a great game, will have to try it this evening and see how long my gratitude list is x

Suzy said...

Gratitude brings about more blessings and leads to happiness. Great wisdom in your post.

Rachel Curtis said...

THanx Suzy x

zee said...

From here on I'll be keeping a gratitude journal. Gratitude helps us to see life as it is an not worse that it is.

Lexi Gunn said...

Wonderful blog post as usual, Rachel. When I first started doing the UBC I found a blog that was all about gratitude and I started doing something that a blog post recommended: think of 10 things I'm grateful for during the day. I would also put a penny into a jar for each thought I had--and sometimes had more than 10p in the jar by the end of the day. I stopped doing it lately with life being so hectic (and the move) but I will get back to doing it as soon as my new house is all set up and ready (and I find the jar again). Thank you for this lovely post.

Rachel Curtis said...

Let me know how you get on with that journal Zee x

Rachel Curtis said...

Thanx Lexi, it's surprising just how fast our gratitude jar can fill up x