Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Mabon/Autumn Equinox & The Faeries

Autumn is finally here! my favourite season.  The faeries as you might already know work alongside Mother Earth and at the end of each season the key to the new season is handed over.  The Summer fae have just handed over that key to the Autumn fae, just imagine the most beautiful key, gold, intricate with symbols of the fae, the Summer fae lock the door on their season and the Autumn fae open their door to welcome in the new season.

You might have already noticed some small changes such as the smell of Autumn in the air and the chill, the nights are drawing in and alot of the lush trees and flowers are retreating.  This is all down to the fae and they have a very busy job to do.  We of course can help and do our bit.

To connect to the Autumn fae why not first start with a Autumn altar for the home.  All you need is a small space to create your altar, place a lovely cloth down and add candles, dried fruit, crystals, deities of your choice with all autumn colours in the mix.

Decorate your home with woodland animals, bunting in lovely reds, yellows, golds....bring in twigs and arrange in a jug, place upon the mantle piece and adorn with autumn ornaments.

Make a start on the garden, it will need to be cleared up of Summer stuff and this includes cutting back all those dead or dying flowers, weeding and prepare for sowing those bulbs.

How about making a colourless garden full of colour....take a few pebbles and paint them colourful colours, you could even paint your terracotta plant pots ready for next year....plant a Holly tree.

The Autumn faeries can be called upon for helping us release/let go of what no longer serves us, people, situations etc that are stale and cannot remain in our life.  Write what you want to release on a piece of paper, ask the fae to release you from the person/situation and then rips the paper in to as many pieces as you can, leave the pieces of paper ina covered jar of water until the ink starts to fade...take the water and paper filled jar and dig a small hole in the soil, place the whole contents into the hole and fill.........

The Autumn fae are lovely to connect with, just remember to wrap up warm on those walks in the woods or park and as you walk along take note of the trees that are changing their leaf colour or the hard frost on the ground, the way the streams get stronger and flow faster, the smell in the might even catch the glimpse of a faery too xx

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